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Classic Special #2!

When you arrived, I couldn’t say it then… sukashi… right then you looked as beautiful as an angel…

Meiji 12, New Years
That fateful day…

That afternoon, it was extremely busy at the Kamiya Dojo. Preparations for a big party were at hand. Lifting the crates of sake into the staging area, Sanosuke and Yahiko paused to take a breather. “Uhg… so tired!” the boy sighed, “When’s Kaoru gonna get her ass back here and help us?!”

“Ch! Don’t look at me. Ask Kenshin. Where is he, anyway?!”

“Ororororororo…!” They turned to see the dazed rurouni, his arms full of luggage as he collapsed to the ground, “Someone… help…de gozaru!!”

“Arigatou, Himura!” Misao said rather cheerfully, “As Okashira of the Oniwabanshuu, may I say that we are very happy to be invited to your party!” Not bothering to help him, she walked past towards the others, “Everyone else should be on their way over. Where’s Kaoru-san?”

Yahiko blushed. “S-She’s with Tsubame… they went visiting Temples. You know for New Years.” Sanosuke and Misao began leering at him. “W-What?”

“Why didn’t you go with her?? Hm??” Misao teased.

”DATTE!!” he exclaimed, even redder, “I have to do all this crap for the party!! Who’s coming anyway??”

Sanosuke crossed his arms, “Some neighbors of mine, the whole Oniiwabanshuu crew, our friends from the Akebeko…”

Kenshin lifted himself off the ground. “Sessha also heard that Saitou is coming.”

“NAN DE?!” Sanosuke raged, “What’s the f—king cop doin’ showin’ his goddamn face around here?! YAMERO!!”

“Yare yare,” Kenshin stammered, trying to calm him down, “Sessha also got a letter from Shisho that he’ll also be coming de gozaru yo…”

All of a sudden, Omasu and Ochika leaped out of nowhere, screaming, “HIKO-SAMA!?! DOKO?! DOKO?!”

“Oro…” Kenshin sighed, rubbing his head. He paused as the gate opened. “Aa! Okaeri de gozaru, Kaoru-dono!”

Kaoru just smiled, her purse in one hand, a tray of food in the other. Tsubame and Tae were behind her, carrying trays as well. Kaoru stopped right in front of him. “Taidama, Kenshin!!”

“Eto… daijoubu de gozaru ka?” he asked, wondering why she was looking at him strangely.

“Uun! Bezuni!” she replied cheerfully, going towards the house.

As everyone shrugged and went to follow, Sanosuke promptly stopped Tae. “Yo… what happened? What’s with Jou-chan? She seems high or something. What did you do?!”

“It’s really none of your business, Sano-han.” she replied, her eyes squinting. But he wouldn’t move out of the way. “All right, fine! I’ll let you in on the secret… you see, I kind of … told her something…”

He slapped himself in the forehead. “Here you go again, Tae, putting ideas into her head! What is it this time?!”

“Well, it’s harmless actually…” she started, “I told Kaoru-chan of a Western custom… where on New Year’s, if you kiss someone, you will surely be with them for the rest of the year.”

“Eep?! What kind of custom is that?!” Sanosuke gasped, “K-Kiss?!”

“Kiss who?” Megumi popped up between them, looking back and forth, “I hope I’m not interrupting… hm???”

Tae waved her hand, “Oh it’s nothing to worry about, Takani-han. Relax! We’re talking nonsense! Nee, Sano-han?”

Sanosuke glared at Megumi. “Who invited the evil Fox doctor?!”

She simply crossed her arms. “Ken-san did, so there’s nothing you can do about it. But why everyone wants a damn Tori Atama at the party is beyond me.” She lifted up the tray of pastries in her arms and went for the door, “Now, instead of standing around, I think I’m going to help out, unlike some lazy morons around here…”


* * *
In the kitchen, Tsubame, Kaoru, and Misao were getting everything ready to bring into the dining area where the main party would be. Kenshin and the other were already there, setting up. Misao put down a cup and stared at her friend, “You know, you’re like shimmering today. Did something happen, Kaoru-san?”

Kaoru blinked. “Eh? Iie, nothing has happened… not yet that is.” She smiled towards Tsubame, who blushed and giggled.

This only made Misao more curious. “Come on! Kaoru-san, tell me!!” After a signal from Kaoru, Tsubame went over and whispered it in her ear. “Aa? Honto?! Eheheheh, you go, Kaoru-san!”

“Mou, it’s not a big deal.” Kaoru stammered, turning bright red as she arranged the tray in front of her, “It’s just going to be a little one… I mean, Kenshin will barely notice…”

”On the lips right?? A real big smooch, nee??” Misao asked, moving into her face, “Kaoru-san! C’mon! You have to sort out the facts prior otherwise you’ll mess this up! I mean, it IS a big deal. Himura will totally be ‘turned off’ if you don’t do this right…”

Kaoru suddenly filled with nervousness. “H-Honto??”

”Sou yo!” Misao noted, “I think I’ll kiss Aoshi-sama tonight as well! Ehehehe! I can’t wait!” She went off into her own dream world, her leaping up into Aoshi’s arms – them sharing a long and passionate kiss amongst a shower of flower petals. “OOOH AOSHI-SAMAAAAA~!”

Tsubame and Kaoru exclaimed glances and then sighed. Outside, there were some eavesdroppers. Sanosuke pointed at Tae, “Ooh! Look what you’ve done! There’s gonna be some crazy girls at this party tonight!!”

”It’s not my fault, Sano-han!”

Megumi grumbled, “Just what the heck is going on??”

* * *
Everything was ready by the time the rest of the guests came. They all gathered in the main sitting room in the house, a table full of food and sake all set. “Battousai.” Aoshi uttered, wearing his leisure gray kimono, “I was wondering if there was a more quieter room without sake and smoking?”

”Across the hall is where Genzai-sensei and the girls, as well as other guests are having more of a calmer party.” Kenshin explained, “They have tea and cakes over there…”

”Jaa matte.” he uttered, walking out the room.

“Ch! What’s a party without sake!” Hiko grumbled, sipping his cup as Omasu and Ochika dangled on his arms, “Kenshin, you have the weirdest friends…”

”Shishio…” Kenshin uttered, nervously.

Hiko pointed at Sanosuke, “Especially that loser with the rooster hair.”

”NANI?!?!? TEME!!!!!”

”Oro, S-Sano…!”

On the other side of the room, Kaoru, Tsubame, and Misao were adding more food to the table. “Mou, let’s hurry and get out this room. It’s kind of crowded.” Kaoru noted, eying Tsubame’s nervous face, “The party next door is more calmer, and I bet a bit more fun!”

”Hai, Kaoru-san!”

”Chigao!” Misao crossed her arms and shook her head, “This is where all the men are! How do you expect to get a kiss from Himura if you’re in a different party? Ya gotta stick with him, Kaoru-san, or you’ll miss yer chance!”

Kaoru rubbed her head, “D-Demo…”

Misao looked from left to right, “That reminds me – where did Aoshi-sama go?! Aoshi-sama! Aoshi-samaaaa!!”

”Mou, Kaoru-san,” Tsubame uttered, clinging onto her arm, “What are we going to do? There’s a lot of people getting drunk in here…”

”I don’t know, Tsubame-chan. Demo, I won’t let any pervert come after us pretty girls! Just stay close to me, nee?” she replied, looking around for Kenshin.

”What the hell ya doing here, Kaoru, Tsubame?” Yahiko was next to them, a bottle of sake in his hand. He looked rather sickly. “The girly party is in the next room. Better get out of here. And take that Weasel-girl with you!”

”NANI!? DON’T CALL ME ‘WEASEL’!!” Misao growled, grabbing him by the collar. She stopped suddenly, “Nee! Is that sake you have there?!” Yahiko nodded his head slightly, it dropping but unable to lift back up – he was so drunk already. “Kaoru-san! Kore!”

”Eeh?” Kaoru gasped, as she was handed the bottle, “Demo! If I drink this now, I’ll have ‘sake breath’!”

Misao grinned. “That’s the point! Tough guys like Himura really love their sake! So if you taste like sake – surely Himura won’t be able to resist you! He’ll be all over you in a second!”

Kaoru turned red, steam coming out of her ears. “HONTO?!!” she cried, clutching her face, “Just one sip nee?” She put her lips to the bottle and took in a little. Handing the bottle back to Misao, she gazed across the room, finally spotting her beloved rurouni, ‘Aaaaa, Kenshin! How much longer do I have to wait~!!’

In a split second, a bottle of sake came flying across the room, colliding with Kaoru, sending her crashing to the floor. “K-KAORU-SAAN?!” Tsubame cried.

“Ch! Missed!” Sanosuke growled at the smug Hiko who had ducked his attack, “Let’s try again!!” He hurled another bottle across the room, this one barely missing Tsubame and Misao. “YAKUSOOOOO!!!”

”Sano! Yamette de gozaru!” Kenshin exclaimed, restraining his friend. He stopped to hear screams, “Oro? Nan de gozaru ka?!”

”Kaoru-san! Kaoru-san! Speak to me!!” Tsubame wailed, kneeling to the older girl lying on the ground. Kenshin came running over. There was a giant mess, sake was everywhere. “Kenshin-san, she won’t wake up!”

”Daijoubu, sessha will take care of her.” he replied, lifting Kaoru up, “Don’t worry de gozaru. Yahiko, will you please clean this mess up de gozaru?”

”Fine.” the drunken kid uttered, “Help me, will ya, Tsubame?” She nodded quietly, but turned to see that Misao had vanished. Apparently, going to look for Aoshi.

As Kenshin was going for the door, he passed by Sanosuke, “Oro, sessha doesn’t know what happened.”

”Ehehehe… me neither!” Sanosuke stammered, hiding the bottle of sake he was about to throw behind his back, “Maybe she had a little too much, na? Ehehehehe!” Hiko was able to object, but Sanosuke hit him with the bottle to shut up, “Sou sou, Kenshin! You should bring Jou-chan to her room!”

”Aa, hai de gozaru.” Kenshin uttered, carrying her out of the party.

Hiko patted Sanosuke on the shoulder, “Bet ya my baka deshii doesn’t know what to do with the girl once he gets her alone in the room.”

”Of course Kenshin knows!” he snapped, slowly frowning, “Then again… kuso! Ano baka yarou ain’t too bright when it comes to Jou-chan. Oooh hell, this ain’t gonna be pretty! Better go watch!”

Yahiko got up off the floor, his hands soaked in sake from wiping it with a cloth, “Yakuso! This is Busu’s mess, why can’t she do this herself?! I’m trying to enjoy the party!! KUSO!!!”

Tsubame got up as well, “Dakara, Kaoru-san got hurt, Yahiko-kun. I’m worried about her. Aren’t you?”

”Like hell I am! I told you and her to get outta here, but you didn’t listen! This ain’t a place for girls you know!!” he hissed, “You’re ruining all my fun! Some New Years!”

“Y…Yahiko-kun… I-I can’t believe you!” Tsubame gasped, staring at him. He just idly turned to her, not noticing her astonished face. “How can I possibly spend the year with someone who only cares about himself? Sumimasen…” she cried, running away from him.

“Tsubame…?” Yahiko asked, but was cut off by a crowd of Sanosuke’s drunken neighbors, “Chikuso! Why’d she have to run? What did I do?” he grumbled, crossing his arms in confusion, “I don’t understand girls at all.”

* * *
Kaoru finally came too. She was soaking wet in sake and her head hurt. As her room came into focus, she realized that she was lying in someone’s arms. “K-K-K-Kenshin?”

“Aa,” Kenshin uttered, staring down at her worriedly, lifting a hand to move some hair out of her face, “Sessha is glad you’re okay. How do you feel de gozaru?”

A smile appeared on her face as she gazed up at him, “So… happy!”

“ORO?!” Kenshin blinked as she lifted her hands to his gi and tried to pull herself up to him, “K…Kaoru-dono…?! What’s gotten into you?! Orororororo…!” She was now on his lap, her arms around his neck, her face inches from his, “K-Kaoru…!”

”Hai?” she uttered, leaning forward, reaching for him, “Kenshin… I’ve waited so long for…”

”DAME DE GOZARU!” he cried, raising his hands to release himself. He scooted to the other side of the room, his face in a nervous wreck, “Dame…” he panted, catching his breath.

“Kenshin?” she asked, getting up and trying to stand. She felt dizzy to walk and found herself back on her knees. “Itai! Mou, why’d you move away?! I can’t kiss you if you’re over there!”

”K-KISS DE GOZARU?!!” he stammered, fear in his eyes.

She nodded her head, “Hai! That’s what I said! Now come back here!” He slowly got up and stumbled forward, still with the same look in his face, “There! That’s better!” she chimed, “Now, let’s…!”

”Kaoru-dono,” he uttered, taking her hand, “Sessha thinks you better lie down…”

”DEMO…!” she cried, blushing, “Isn’t that rushing it? I mean, I just want one kiss!! Kenshin, I’m not ready for –that-! But if you really, really want to, I suppose… ohohohohoho!”

Kenshin smacked himself in the face, “Oro, that’s not what Sessha meant de gozaru! Sessha thinks you better rest. You’ve had just a bit too much sake for the evening…”

”Nani!? I only had a sip!! Are you saying you think I’m drunk or something to be proposing these types of things?!” she exclaimed. He paused for a moment to think, the nodded his head. “KENSHIN!! I’m telling you that I want to kiss you! That I want spend the New Year with you! Kenshin – I love you!”

Kenshin stared at her, then backed away. “Yup, you’re drunk de gozaru.”


Outside, Sanosuke and Tae had been eavesdropping. Then Kenshin came flying out the room past them. They moved away as Kaoru stormed out the room, steam coming out her ears, “I’ll show you a real drunk…” she growled, disappearing down the hall.

As Sanosuke went to check on his friend, Tae tapped her chin thoughtfully, “My, this isn’t working as I planned out…”

”TEME!” Sanosuke cried, “It’s all your fault!!!”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Ken-han is the one who wouldn’t kiss her!”

Hiko was behind them, chuckling, “I knew my baka deshii didn’t know nothin’!”


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