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Fanfic Notes: Minna, I thought I might just add a bit more on this fic, because people asked me too. Ehehe, also I plan on writing one about the infamous 'party' where Kaoru got really drunk & did some inspeakable things. Saa, this takes place where i left off. hopefully, you'll like it as i developed more of an ending. i haven't decided if i wanted to add lyrics. (revised 2/1/1) Jill

Classic - "Special!"

That evening, Sanosuke stood outside Dr. Genzai’s clinic. It was late, but Megumi was still working. It was about twenty hours ago when she said she had loved him. Megumi and him argued most of the time, so who would have guessed that behind all this, their feelings were of love. Sanosuke felt like dancing on air.

Suddenly he heard the door open. Megumi came outside, all dressed up in a fresh kimono, her silk shawl and long black hair wavering in the wind. He blinked at her. She was so beautiful; he wanted to pull her into his arms and hold her close. Waiting out in the cold wasn’t very fun. It had been four hours since he had come.

Megumi was very surprised to see him. “Sanosuke… what are you doing here… at this hour?”

He started rubbing the back of his head, stammering at the night sky. “Aa… just wanted to see if you wanted to get a bite to eat… You know… like in a date sort of thing…”

”Gomen, I have plans tonight.” she replied, crossing her arms, “You see, an old colleague of mine is in town and I promised to meet him for dinner…”

Sanosuke’s brown eyes flashed. ”Yamero! What are you trying to pull, Fox! Didn’t you say you loved me 24 hours ago? And now you’re two-timing me already?!” he exclaimed, waving fists in the air.

“When I said I loved you, I meant it, Tori Atama.” Megumi replied, turning to leave on the solitary dirt road towards town, “But it’s not like we’re in some big commitment. Well, I have to get going. Excuse me.” With that, she walked off, leaving him behind.

Pissed off, but broken-hearted, Sanosuke punched a tree over. “KUSO!!!”

* * *
Time had momentarily stopped at the dojo. From the closed door, Kenshin turned around. As he slowly approached the futon, he became trapped in Kaoru’s taunting gaze. Her blue eyes were curious, waiting for an answer. The words came stumbling out. “Aa… sessha will stay.” he uttered. A happy smile appeared on her face as she pulled back the sheets and waited for him to come. “Oro…”

He admitted he couldn’t sleep without her, but all of a sudden he was full of nervousness. Kaoru was inviting him into her futon. At this thought, he felt overjoyed, then again… shy. He hadn’t been close to a woman not since his gallivanting days as Battousai. But Battousai was more of a free spirit, full of impulse. The Rurouni on the other hand was more restraint and modest. He stopped moving, thinking how this was more than a simple step forward in their relationship.

“Kenshin, are you changing your mind?” she asked.

He shook his head, looking over the futon. It wasn’t a very large one. How was this going to work? Even more so, he was getting cold standing around in his yukata. He wanted to hurry up and get into the blankets, get near Kaoru. Still, he felt too nervous to move.

Kaoru got up and walked towards him. “Daijoubu?” she asked, feeling the cold as well, “Aren’t you freezing? I know I am. We’ll be warmer together.”

“Aa… it’s just sessha… sessha wants to be with Kaoru-dono… demo…” His face lined with sweat, “Sessha can’t move.”

“Here,” She put her arms around him and pulled him to her. “Let me help.” He nodded, leaning his chin down on her shoulder. Again, that warm feeling burned inside, that feeling when he was near her. Sighing, he closed his eyes, taking in her scent. Meanwhile, Kaoru was slowly moving backwards, bringing him with her. They stopped at the futon. “Okay, let’s see… do you like the right or left side?”

”Oro… sessha doesn’t know if there’s even enough room for it to matter.”

The two of them knelt down on the floor, looking it over, “Ano… Kenshin… I kind of have an idea… Lie down first… on your back.”

He blinked. “Sessha…? Demo, there won’t be any room for Kaoru-dono… unless…” He stopped, holding his breath. “Masaka…!”

”It worked last night.” she retorted, “But I want to be on top tonight!”

Kenshin rubbed his head wearily, taking in the context what she had just said. “Kaoru-dono… oh… all right…” He then slid into the futon, lying on his back, his eyes moving to the ceiling. “Oro…” he uttered, his heart pounding. The futon was more than warm, Kenshin was sweating. Closing his eyes, he waited. And waited. The violet eyes flew open to see Kaoru pacing the room.

“Now I can’t do it!”


Her face was bright red, “It’s too much! I mean, just yesterday we were only… and now… we… and… you know… I just…”

Kenshin laughed, “Sessha’s glad you also feel nervous. I’m not used to it yet myself. But we both can’t deny that we want to…” She nodded, coming back to the futon, “Kaoru, come on, let’s get some sleep.”

”Hai.” she said, climbing into the futon. He remained still as she rested herself over him and found a cozy position. “Ne, are you comfortable Kenshin? I’m not too heavy am I?”

”Iya…” he whispered, relaxing. He nestled his face into her hair, “Oyasumi…”

* * *
Sanosuke threw aside the bottle of sake. “Ch! Women…” he grumbled in the dim lamp light. He closed his eyes, remembering what had happened when he followed Megumi to her so-called innocent dinner with an old colleague. First of all, the colleague was a dashing young man in a western suit, his black hair slicked back and professionally treated.

“Ohohoho! You’re so sweet, Yuuichi-san.” Megumi laughed from the candlelit table, her dark purple eyes dancing. “Aa, the usual.” she said when they took her order.

Sanosuke was watching from the entrance of the restaurant, behind the hat stand. ‘How come she never took me here… kuso! Why does she have a night-life?!’ he cursed from his hiding spot. ‘I wonder how many other men she’s had? This Fox really gets around. How could she possibly love one person?!’

“Megumi,” Yuuichi said from across the table, “You know, we’d love for you to come work with us at the hospital. Someone like you should be in a better establishment. I mean, you could do a lot better.”

Sanosuke frowned. ‘A lot better? What’s wrong with Genzai’s clinic? That place is the best! She doesn’t have to go anywhere! I’m gonna f—king kick that pansy’s ass if he goes on like this!!!’

Megumi smiled, her sly fox smile. “Demo, Yuuichi-san, everyone would be devastated if I left, after all, there’s never been a more beautiful doctor in this town than me! Ohohohoho!”

“Sou desu ne. You are the most beautiful doctor I’ve seen.” Yuuchi chuckled, “Well, think about it. It’s a really good opportunity. I don’t want you to fall short of your potential.”

‘That’s it!!!’ Sanosuke grumbled, going to burst out from his hiding spot. But at the last minute, he stopped. He could see Megumi’s eyes in the candlelight, the look of deep thought and seriousness. Perhaps, it was her wish to fully reach her potential. ‘People like me are holding her back.’ He lowered his head, then turned and left the restaurant. Afterwards, he went home and drank anything in sight.

* * *
In the middle of the night, Kaoru woke to find that she was face flat on the floor. Sitting up, she turned to see Kenshin sprawled out on the futon, blankets and pillows tossed and the unsheathed sakabatou in his hand. “Dreaming about battles again.” she grumbled, and wearily crawled over towards him. “Kenshin…”


“Gaaah!?” She ducked the sakabatou coming at her. She then sat on his stomach and tried to pry the sakabatou from his hand. “Baka, you could’ve sliced my head off! You have such strange dreams!” He started mumbling again. “Kenshin, what is it now??”

“Oro… Kaoru… oh Kaoru… yes… YES YES KAORU!”

Kaoru’s eyes widened. “Ano… K-Kenshin… ?!” With that, she smacked him across the face. His violet eyes popped open to see her embarrassed expression. “Kenshin no baka!! You’re such a… a pervert!!!!”

“ORO?” he gasped as she got up and ran out of the room. Sitting up, he saw the mess he had made. He threw his sakabatou aside and started gathering up the blankets and pillows. Suddenly she came back. “Kaoru… ?”

“This is MY room! I don’t have to leave! Get out!!!”

“Demo… sessha doesn’t understand. Sessha wants to be with Kaoru-dono.”

”Yeah, I know! But… NOT IN THAT WAY!!” she cried, “I can’t believe you’re thinking about THAT already. I mean… we’re … you … I can’t… this… I’ve never… so…”

Kenshin rubbed his head. Nothing was making sense. Kaoru looked confused herself. “I’m not rushing you or anything. We can take our time.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just I don’t even know how you feel about me, or how I feel about you. All I know is that I have to be near you… it’s strange, but I can’t be away from you.” she sighed, “You’ve stayed at my house for over a year… we’ve always been so distant. I disliked it. I wanted more. So much more, but I don’t know how much.”

“It was the same with sessha.” he admitted, “I thought it would be wrong… considering our age difference and our circumstances. I mean, you were allowing me to stay in your home, I didn’t want it to look like I was here to take advantage of you… demo, I wanted to get closer…”

Kaoru shook her head. “We’re so stupid… it can’t be wrong if it feels right, ne?” She stopped and stared into his eyes, timidly stepping forward. “Kenshin… will you… kiss me?”

Kenshin panicked. “Eto… sore wa… d-demo…s-sessha…” He stopped to remember when Sanosuke told him that he had kissed Megumi. How happy he was. More than anything, Kenshin wanted to, but again, he felt nervous and scared. “Oro…”

Kaoru looked heart-broken. “I know… it’s too soon. Gomen. I was asking for too much.”

“It’s not… I’m just so… so clumsy at this. Please forgive sessha.” he uttered, not wanting her to feel bad for anything. It was out of her control if it was him who wasn’t able to give her affection. He dropped his head and stared at the floor.

Suddenly, he felt her breathing over him. Kaoru took his face into her hands and stared into his eyes again. “Kenshin… I…” She stopped and turned bright red. “I can’t either!” she laughed, “I don’t know how!”

Kenshin chuckled, “I should teach you then. But I’ll need your help.” She nodded, full of cooperation. Her eyes slightly widened as he put her hands on her waist. “Daijoubu, it helps to have something to onto, oh… you can put your hands on my shoulders. That’s where they usually go.”

“Honto? Where else can they go?” she asked innocently.

Kenshin just cleared his throat and continued with the demonstration. “Okay, it’s better to close your eyes. That way, you won’t get so nervous…”

”Demo… how will I see you?”

”I’ll come to you, Kaoru.” he assured her. She nodded and obeyed, eyelids shutting. He moved towards her, sweat running down his face, ‘Okay… don’t mess this up… she’s waiting…’ He took a deep breath, thinking about how much he wanted this, how long he had waited. How long she had waited. At last, he had her where they both wanted…

“Kenshin…” she whispered, “Hayaku…”

“Aa…” he uttered, inches away from her. Slowly and shaking, Kenshin covered her lips with his. The fear of protest momentarily came and went. He felt her hands clenching tighter on his shoulders as if encouraging him. So, he deepened the kiss, sweetness filling his mouth.

‘Kenshin!!’ Kaoru thought, losing her balance while he continued to taste and explore. He caught her, holding her to him so close, their hearts beating as one. She hadn’t a clue on what to do, but everything was becoming so natural. She felt so safe and relaxed in his embrace, her arms wrapping around his neck on instinct.

”Dai…jou…bu…?” Kenshin asked breathlessly as he pulled away, looking at the unusual expression on her face. Frowning, she shook her head. “Oro?”

“You stopped …” she pouted, opening her eyes, “Mou, I didn’t feel like stopping yet.”

“Gomen, Kaoru.” he sighed, with a humored smile. He then pulled her down to the futon with him, “It’s late. We should really get some rest de gozaru yo…”

“Demo, I don’t want to go to sleep.” she uttered, “I’m afraid that when I wake up, this dream will be over…”

“Kaoru, this isn’t a dream.” he told her, pressing a kiss on her neck, “This is real. I’m really here with you.”

As Kenshin went on to kiss her anywhere he wanted, Kaoru held onto him tightly, savoring every touch and caress. ‘Still… in the morning… I know…’

* * *
The ticking of the clock filled the room. Kaoru opened her eyes and rolled over onto her back, focusing to see the ceiling above her. She then turned to see that she was alone. ‘Kenshin?’ Sitting, she smoothed out the blanket and remembered watching his cute sleeping face as she tried her hardest to stay awake, to prolong her time together with him. But she lost the battle to sleep, only to wake and find him gone as she predicted.

There was a small purple wild flower lying on the edge of the pillow. She picked it up and held it up to her face. ‘Maybe I’m wrong… maybe it wasn’t just…’ Still worried, she got up and pulled her door open.

“About time you woke up!” Yahiko sneered, swinging his bokken outside, “Get your lazy ass out of bed, Busu!”

“It’s already like ten o’clock.” Sanosuke grumbled, leaning against a pillar, a fish bone in his teeth, “I ate your breakfast by the way, Jou-chan. That’s what you get for being so slow.”

Kaoru frowned a little. Everyone seemed like in a bad mood. “Kenshin wa?”

“Sessha is here!” Kenshin called, waving his hand as he swatted by the laundry basin, “Ohayou, Kaoru-dono! Sessha can make more breakfast for you…”

“Iie, daijoubu.” she said, glad to see him, but sensing something was still off, “Ano… Kenshin…” she uttered, gripping the flower in her hand, “Arigatou for…”

“Maa maa, sessha has lots of work to do! Sessha will be right back de gozaru yo!” he chimed, walking off into the kitchen. Kaoru stared after him, her face frozen. It was just what she thought would happen.

“What’s with Busu?” Yahiko asked, “She’s looking uglier than usual. She’ll need a years worth of beauty sleep to make a difference, if you ask me. But that won’t even do any good.”

Sanosuke nodded. “Ch! Damn women are only good for *#@$ … Jou-chan, can’t you try any f—king harder?! I don’t feel like looking at some trashy tomboy.”

”Eh? What’s gotten into you?” she asked, “You two are being meaner than usual.”

Yahiko crossed his arms, “I’m just saying that we’re sick and tired of seeing your ugly face every morning. You got to be more considerate of the other people in this house you know!”

“Hell yeah!” Sanosuke said, nodding, then rubbing his sore head, “Jou-chan, you should be ashamed to call yourself a girl!”

Kaoru clenched her fists, ready to pound their faces in. But she stopped, seeing that Kenshin was there the whole time, watching and listening, his face a calm smile. ‘As always.’ She then hurled Yahiko and Sanosuke into the wall, then turned for her room, “I’m going to get ready to go to Maekawa’s dojo so you jerks don’t have to complain anymore!!”

“Teme Busu!!” Yahiko cursed sorely as Sanosuke flipped her off.

Kenshin walked over, waving his hands, “Maa maa. It’s too early for this. Yahiko, could you go to the market and buy some tofu. Sano, could you take your hangover else where de gozaru?”

“Only if you give me money.” they both said, holding out their hands. He sighed and dropped his head.

After the two had left, Kenshin went up to Kaoru’s door. “Eto… Kaoru-dono…?”

“GO AWAY!” her voice inside boomed. He pulled the door opened and stepped inside. She was sitting on her futon, gripping the sheets. “Last night was a mistake…”

“Oro? What are you talking about, Kaoru-dono?”

“I knew this would happen. Even after last night, you still are going on as if nothing had happen. How can you just stand there and let those guys hurt my feelings… Like you always do.”

“Kaoru… sessha didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay. I’m asking too much.” she uttered, dropping her head, “It’s just in my dreams, you leave me, regardless of what I did to plead you to stay. Whenever morning came, you’d be gone from my grasp. Things went back to normal. You were the rurouni, and I was… nothing to you.”

“That’s not true!” he cried, kneeling down, “I didn’t want to shock everyone so I left. And what happened outside with Sano and Yahiko… I know I shouldn’t let those guys push you around. But you know how terrible I am at confrontation.”

“Still,” she murmured into his shoulder, “You never oppose. It’s like you’re agreeing with them or you don’t care. I know they’re just teasing, trying to get on my nerves, but it hurts when they say those things.”

“Kaoru, suman. I’ll talk to them. I’ll get them to stop. Please, please, believe me… what happened last night… I …” He took her face in his hands, wiping a tear away with his thumb, “I don’t regret any of it. I want to keep on being with you. I won’t ever leave you… I promise.”

She sighed happily and tightened her grip on him. “Kenshin… arigatou!”

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