Cleaning the Woodshed

Now we have to clean up the woodshed. Boy, Kaoru has a lot of junk. This will take a group effort! They even dragged Sano and Yahiko over to lift the heavy things. Eheheh, if you want to eat, ya gotta work. Sou desu ne??

Still, nothing really new on this page, sorry! So far, I have a couple books & things, even the video game. I also have yet to put up the nishiki e I got awhile ago, and maybe some sound files, etc. I'm still looking for rare shitajiji, especially the "Oniiwabanshuu group" one. Have you seen it?? If you have a shitajiki and are willing to sell it to me, contact me soon, ne? Also, please feel free to take a look around!


You can access the great series of Ruroken through a variety of ways; its manga or anime.
Manga Anime Movie News on 2nd OVA! New!


Lots of Ruroken info/art books out there. You can find a majority of this online or at a Japanese Bookstore.
Kaden Hiden Artbk1 Artbk2 Artbk3

Video Games

Currently I just have the RPG game. I'll still gather some info on the Fighthing game which I will soon own. Both are for PSX & are Imports. Very very fun!!
RPG Fighting Game


RuroKen has an excellent soundtrack, loaded with theme songs, instrumental BGM, and image songs. I really like all of it. I've collected a bunch of their CDs. Here are information and reviews on them.

RK Theme Collection RK 2nd Vocal Collection

If you wish to listen to RK music, I recommend you visit this site: Rurouni Kenshin Discography. This site requires a Realplayer.

Shitajiki & Posters

Shitajiki are pencilboards; thin flexible plastic with writing surfaces. Since the series has been over for a while, RuroKen shitajiki are mostly out of print, making them rare and kinda expensive. I have a few so I'll put them up.

#1 Kenshin & Soujirou #2 Kenshin-gumi #3 The Men

3/27/1: Lookie what came in the mail! Mite mite!! I got them from Anime Castle. They got lots more too.


This was a set of character pins of all the handsome men of Ruroken. Drooling, eh? My favorites are Sano & Aoshi. (But my sister stole my Sano pin! MOU!) I got them all in one set from V.O.E., but I think there's a limited stock. I'd hurry up and buy them before they run out. Does anyone know where I can find Kaoru & Misao character pins?? picture courtesy of Vengence Of Excalibur