Yes! This is where this pic where. oh, you see, Kenji-chan is falling asleep easily with that little bit of 'juice' Kenshin has been slipping him before going to bed. (Oro, don't tell Kaoru ok?) So as Kaoru teaches her classes and brings in the en - let's help Kenshin with the endless quality time with his less-than-loving son ... he needs all the help he can get.

This page may seem a bit silly or without a point... but it is where I will put up skits, parodies, musings, etc... that me or friends have written out of sheer boredom or for fun! (call us the 'ruroken emeiru-gumi'). Who knows, someone might like them. I will put any that come along. But here are they are thus far:

wai wai, you should know 'me' by now. i'm the one who owns this site remember??? yatta, here's more warped & crazy stories:
Two Little Angels
Sano & Sayo UPDATED!
Kenshin vrs. Kenji
Slaying a Demon
"one day in a life"
short stories about the Himura Family
"precious life"
"worrying over nothing"
"the wait is over"

Myoujin's Revenge! NEW!
a story inspired by Emily-san!

Carolina's "The Return of Battousai" Finished! updated 2.8.2!
Blurb: new skit series! Caroline's story is very interesting. Check it out.

Judith-san is one of my persistent readers... with a wild imagination! She always comes up with great freedback and her own reaction to fics. Gawd, she's funny!
In Lala Land 1
In Lala Land 2
Battou skit 1
Battou skit 2

"Chronicals of the New Battousai" by my talented friend, Mar-san. You can see her lovely works in the fanart section. ^_^ Her story too, it's so orignal & disturbing - I LUV IT!!
part 1
part 2

There is no censorship on this page. Therefore anything goes - and there is a lot of profanity & downright stupidness. Please view with caution!! (Poor Kenji...)

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