rurouni kenshin is by watsuki nobuhirou (c) shueisha jump, sony, fuji tv, anime works
"kaede", performed by 'spitz'; words by kusano masamune; translated by ryuichi-san
notes: here's the finale. i hope you enjoy it. sorry to those who wished for a '10 or 11 part' series. next time ok? look forward to another series. eheheh. ^o^ also, complete ending song & a special at the end. matte ne! jill 4/25/1

A Summer's Wait

It took a while for the backup to arrive. The cops immediately took arrests and searched for Touru’s body. The young man had hung himself in the woods after he learned that Sanosuke had caused a ruckus. Saitou finished filing his report to Ishida and walked over to the four who were sitting on the beach.

“Hmp, not badly done.” he said, going for his cigarettes. But then he realized he was out and sadly threw his empty pack aside, “No one died, except the bastard who took his own life. You happy, Battousai??”

”Aa,” Kenshin replied, sitting next to his wife on the sand. She had a blanket on her shoulders, the inner layer of kimono stained with blood. He had finished bandaging the wound on her head. He, on the other hand, only had a few scratches. In contrast, to his friend, Sanosuke, who was being covered with bandages. “Heheh, guess Sessha lucked out de gozaru.”

”Sou ne. This 'unworthy one' came in time.” Kaoru replied sweetly, hugging his arm. Kenshin’s face turned bright red as all the cops were now staring at them. “Nee, Kenshin, want me to kiss your ‘owie’??”

”I-Iya! D-Dame!” he gasped, “Koishii, now isn’t the best time…!”

While Tsubame wounded more bandages around his arm, Sanosuke laughed, “Kenshin, looks like Jou-chan is ready for a little samurai love… ahahahaha…ow ow!” He ended up, flinching with pain.

“Mou, stay still.” Tsubame sighed, “You really should go to the hospital for these wounds…”

”Nah, I wanna have my Foxy doctor do it for me.”

”Ara?” she gasped, “You and Megumi-san are…?!” He nodded, a bit grin on his face. “Yokkata! I’m so glad!” she cried, hugging him. Again, he went into a surge of pain. “GOMEN!!”

Kaoru turned and lifted her head over to the crowds, frowning a bit. “Where’s Shizuka-san?”

Saitou crossed his arms. “Talking with the police. Her testimony will help prove Yamagashi’s innocence, and that these men were not really the Reisengumi, but Igarashi Touru’s henchmen. The Reisengumi will be cleared of all crimes.”

”Yokkata,” Kenshin said. He then turned to his wife, pulling her into an embrace and kissing her passionately.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and just stared at the kissing couple. They then all started cheering, except Saitou. ‘Hmp, show-off…’

* * *
After everything had been settled and Takeru and his wife were released, not to mention the explaining of what had taken place, there was a great big party at the dojo in the evening.

“YATTA!!” Genzai exclaimed, already drunk, “Let’s drink and dance till sunup!”

”You don’t want to have a hangover when we handle our patients tomorrow.” Megumi grumbled, Sanosuke’s arm around her, “Hmp, and why were you encouraging the old guy?!”

”Saa, don’t be a party pooper! We’re here to have a good time!” he snapped, the two breaking out into a glaring contest. It of course ended with them going to smother each other with kisses. “ITAI!!” Sanosuke cried, his injuries waking up again.

Kenshin just laughed, being surrounded by his nephews and nieces. They were playing with sparkles in the yard. He could see Kaoru talking with Miki inside the dojo, his wife ducking as Miki attempted a bokken swing, only to knock over everything. In the end, Kaoru had to confiscate it from her.

“Eto… if you really want to learn, ya might want to start with basics. And also wait until I’m back to teaching. I’m supposed to be taking it easy for now.” she explained.

“Sou desu ne.” Miki said, “I wonder if it’ll be all right if I come back anytime with my husband. We hadn’t really looked around Tokyo, but we got to head home soon. Can’t leave the shop for such a long time.”

”Demo, I’m really glad to see you again,” Kaoru replied, bowing her head, “Oh!” Miki held out the bouquet. Bright smiles shined on their faces as they gave each other a hug. “Arigatou, Miki-san…”

* * *
Meanwhile, Yahiko stood outside the gates, gazing into the lively atmosphere. Sanosuke had invited some of his rowdy friends, while there were also the usual Akebeko gang and Kamiya Dojo family. He was still wearing the bloodstained hakama, his face also still splattered with blood. He still could hear the screams in his ear.

‘I know I was wrong… I know now, I was a jerk… a real selfish bastard… demo…’

He stared out towards the house. Tsubame and Yutaro were sitting together. Yutaro looked better, a bandage woven around his head, his right arm back into a sling. ‘Demo… I can’t face them right now…’ He turned around and walked away, the shame burning in his face.

‘Someday, Tsubame… please wait for me…’

* * *
“Hah?” Tsubame gasped, astonished, “You’re leaving, Yutaro-kun?!”

”Aa,” he replied, sipping his tea, “I’m going to continue my studying in Europe. I really had postponed it but I want to become a doctor at all costs. I won’t give up on this goal so easily.”

”Demo…” she stammered, her face becoming sad, “Atashi... we'll miss you.”

He smiled briefly. “Sou yo. I’ll miss you all too. I wanted, before I left, to at least accomplish something… I wanted to find a way to make Yahiko quit kenjutsu… he quit, I thought, he would give you the attention you deserved. I wanted to see Tsubame-san’s smile before I left.”


He lowered his head. “But I went too far. I stole the plans from Keisuke-san's journal to learn his moves. Then, I took opium to numb the pain in my arm so I could still fight… and then my plan backfired and turned Yahiko even more obsessed. I really didn’t solve anything at all…”

Tsubame lifted her hand to his cheek. “Demo, your efforts really made me happy. For someone to do all this for me, I…I feel special. Yutaro-kun, you’re such a good friend.”

”Aa… “ he said, looking into her happy face, “Arigatou… for that smile.” He then turned and picked up a bouquet of flowers and piece of paper, “Please give the plans back to Shizuka-san... and give one flower each to my girlfriends. The yellow one is for you of course.”

She nodded cheerfully. “I’ll do as you wish. Arigatou, Yutaro-kun, for everything.”

* * *
On the lone road, Shizuka gazed at the sign that read Kamiya Dojo. She traced the engraved letters and lowered her head, “After all this time…”

”Yo,” said a voice. She turned around and saw someone leaning against the wall. Sanosuke was biting down on a fish bone and hold a large bottle of sake, “You’re Jou-chan’s friend… why don’t ya join her party? She’ll be glad to see ya.”

”Sou dakedo…” she stammered.

“Saa, I’m sure the two of you have made up. Forgiving and moving on – that’s the atmosphere around here.” He chuckled, “Of course, it takes time I suppose.”

”Uhn… time to heal…” she uttered, her hand sliding down to her side. She was in kimono instead of the European business suits. She looked like an ordinary woman, regardless of her stature. All the same, Kaoru knew her when she was just a woman, without a title or money. She admired her still.

Sanosuke walked up next to her. “She really is something, isn’t she?”

”You don’t meet someone like her everyday. I know now what a mistake it was to direct all my hatred towards her. To want her to disappear. After reading Keisuke’s words, I remember how I cared for her, as much as he did. After all, she was the one who linked us together. And yet, I wonder… if Kaoru-san would ever finished reading the journal, would she realize just how much Keisuke loved her…”

Sanosuke smiled. “I don’t think it’ll make a difference. She continues to pour all her love and belief into Kenshin, regardless of everything. Those two clearly belong together. I’ve never seen two people love each other so much.”

”Sou desu ka.” Shizuka replied, smiling too, “Jaa, I should be heading home at this hour. Please give her my regards.”

”J-Jotto.” he blurted out, touching her shoulder. She turned around to see the giant sake bottle in her face, “Take this with ya. I know it ain’t appropriate for a distinguished lady as yourself, but it’s the least I can do. Just don’t drink it all at once.”

”Hai.” she said with a nod. She then turned and walked away, down the empty road.

Sanosuke stood there for a moment, but then felt a smack to his head. “Oro…” he uttered painfully, swirly eyed.

“What was all that about?!” Megumi snapped, “You weren’t flirting with that hussy were you, Sanosuke?!?! Nee! Answer me!!!” He recovered and went to take his revenge, pulling her into an embrace, the fireworks going off above.

* * *
Tsubame and Yutaro were now playing with the kids, so Kenshin was able to get some time alone. He sat on the other side of the house, far from the crowds, reflecting over the events that had taken place. Behind him footsteps were heard. Turning around he saw his sister. “Aa, Onee-san!”

”Shinta,” Serika replied, smiling and sitting next to him, “Everything turned out okay after all de gozaru.”

”Aa, demo… something tells me it won’t always be peaceful. Something will come up. Kaoru and I… we’ll always be fighting, if not enemies, then each other. This time though, I was so scared that I actually lost her feelings…”

”Nee, Shinta, you don’t remember our parents de gozaru ka?” Serika asked, taking his hand, “They argued a lot too. Sometimes, watching them made me cry. It was over silly things, like you wetting the bed or when Okaa-sama let you sleep with them, and you wet the bed de gozaru yo.”

Kenshin turned bright red. “Oro… Sessha…?”

”Demo ne, they truly loved each other. The good moments always overshadow the bad. And even till the end, they loved each other. Dying together, lying in each other’s arms.” Serika uttered, squeezing his hand, “Even now, I know they’re together, still deeply in love.”

”Sou de gozaru yo…”

Kaoru then came walking around the corner with Miki and Takeru, “Ne, Kenshin, is it all right if they stay the night? I want to show them Asakusa tomorrow before they leave!”

”Aa, daijoubu da yo.” he replied.

Serika let go of his hand and walked over to the couple. “Would you like me to help set up a room for you. I can also get some clothes for you to change into? Just follow me de gozaru.” The three then left, leaving Kenshin and Kaoru alone.

“Ano…” Kaoru uttered, sitting next to her husband, “I really am sorry for how childish I acted. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, Kenshin, nor make you feel less loved. That time, I just was so confused and kept blaming myself, I ended up pushing you away and saying things I didn't mean.”

”Koishii,” he replied, sliding his arm around her. He turned to press a kiss above her bandages, “I'm okay; I realized that couldn't be your real feelings. But today, I really felt all of your love. And I'm sorry for saying things I didn't mean too. I really do want the baby, I was just nervous. And I so want to love you, I just need to know when it's okay..."

"You don't have to ask. I'm yours and nothing will ever changed that. I'm the one who acted terribly. My own actions I can't even remember; I blocked them out and started blaming you, when I was the one who caused the problem." she sighed, staring at her feet and frowning, “This whole time, I even doubted you. Since the beginning, I was afraid of you leaving me.”

”You had every reason to believe that. I’m not exactly a stable person and have let you down before. Those times, I truly regretted and I didn't mean to break any promises. I didn't mean to you hurt you then and I fully deserve any mistreatment you give me. Still, on those occasions I let you down, you were strong and came after me.”

”Demo! I did all of it out of selfishness. I didn’t care what you felt, I just wanted to be with you… and I continued to be selfish, wanting to take over the fighting on my own. I didn’t want to feel ‘helpless and ungrateful'. I just kept thinking about those times I could have lost you."

Slowly, she leaned against his shoulder, tears coming out of her saddened, blue eyes. Kenshin, longing to comfort her, as well feel her, shifted to his side, wrapping his arms around her.

"Koishii," he uttered into her hair, "I won't leave you alone, this is a promise I want to keep... and even if something happens and this promise is broken, somehow, I'll find my way back to you..."

"Kenshin," she sobbed, though she was happy, "I believe in you and your words. Today, I remembered this. That I can't do things on my own... I have to rely on you too, that I need you. But I can't suffocate you, I have to let you go at times...”

”Aa, I have to let you go on your own too. But that doesn't mean we are separate. Even if we're apart, we're still strong with each other's feelings.” he uttered, tightening his hold, “There’s no reason to fear anything if we're together, that’s what you taught me. It may seem wishful, demo I believe in it wholeheartedly. Because of you…”

Kaoru tearfully nodded and covered her face into his chest. “Stay with me, Kenshin… love me forever.” Smiling, he whispered his answer into her ear, the two of them kissing under the starry sky.

‘I have nothing to fear… because Kenshin is with me…’

Ending Theme

performed by Spitz
words by Kusano Masamune
Translated by Ryuichi

Wasure wa shinai yo, toki ga nagaretemo
Itazua na yaritori ya
Kokoro no toge sae mo kimi ga waraeba mou
Chiisaku maruku natte ita koto
I won't forget, even as time flows by
How our mischievous exchanges of words
And even the thorns in my heart, when you smiled
Would become small and soft

Kawaru gawaru nozoita ana kara
Nani wo miteta ka naa?
Hitorikiri ja kanaerarenai
Yume mo atta keredo
I wonder what you could see?
From the hole we took turns peeking through
Though we had dreams
That we couldn't fulfill alone

Sayonara, kimi no koe wo daite aruite iku
Aa, boku no mama de dokomade todoku darou
Farewell, embracing your voice I'll keep walking
Ah, I wonder how far I'll get as I am

Sagashite ita no sa, kimi to au hi made
Ima ja natsukashii kotoba
GARASU no mukou niwa mizutama no kumo ga
Chirakatte ita ano hi made
I'd searched for it, until I met you
Those words that would even now bring back memories
Beyond the glass, the water droplet clouds
Had scattered, until that day

Kaze ga fuite tobasaresou na
Karui tamashii de
Tanin to onaji you na shiawase wo
Shinjite ita noni
With spirits so light
That they seem ready to be blown away by the wind
I had believed in
Happiness like other people had

Korekara kizutsuitari dareka kizutsuketemo
Aa, boku no mama de dokomade todoku darou
From now on, even if I'm hurt or hurt someone else
Ah, I wonder how far I'll get as I am

Mabataki suru hodo nagai kisetsu ga kite
Yobiau namae ga kodamashi hajimeru
A season so long it makes me blink has arrived
The names we called each other start to play pranks on us
Can you hear me?

Sayonara, kimi no koe wo daite aruite iku
Aa, boku no mama de dokomade todoku darou
Farewell, embracing your voice I'll keep walking
Ah, I wonder how far I'll get as I am

Aa, kimi no koe wo daite aruite iku
Aa, boku no mama de dokomade todoku darou
Aa, kimi no koe wo...
Ah, embracing your voice I'll keep walking
Ah, I wonder how far I'll get as I am
Ah, your voice...


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