rurouni kenshin is by watsuki nobuhirou (c) shueisha jump, sony, fuji tv, anime works
"kaede", performed by 'spitz'; words by kusano masamune; translated by ryuichi-san
notes: minna-san, remember miki&takeru from "no reason"? if not, go ahead & re-read about them. oh, two other past characters step into the light. yatta, i'm going to go enjoy my Easter now. jaa ne! jill 4/15/1 (edit 4/17)

A Summer's Wait
Part 4: "Hope"

The morning seemed to come all so quickly. Megumi gazed at her reflection in the washtub. ‘Baka, it’s so obvious you were upset last night. Surely Sanosuke noticed it. Dammit, why does it have to be this way?’

After giving her face a good scrub, she started to move back into the house, drying herself with a small towel. Coming into the room, she saw that breakfast was set and her roommate was enjoying a cup of hot ginseng tea.

“Ohayou, Fox!” Sanosuke chimed, hair flying everywhere, his red headband still folded on the table. “Sleep well?”

”Ara?" Megumi blinked, turning her head side to side. “Where’s the bimbo, er, I mean your new friend??”

”Sent her home last night.” he uttered, going to sip, “It’s too soon for me to get mixed up in that sort of thing.” He then smiled at her astonished face, “Dakara, you were a bit jealous when you saw her, naa Fox??”

She crossed her arms. “Chigao yo! I wasn’t the least bit! You’ve got it all wrong, Tori Atama!”

He chuckled a bit, warm eyes focusing on her. “Kawaii ne… mada, I know you all to well to see through this act. Heh, daijoube, I don’t plan on having any relationships anytime soon. I’m not going to leave you alone.”

”Sanosuke…” Megumi stammered, her cheeks heating, “Watashi…”

He simply placed his cup onto the table and grabbed his headband, “Yoshi! I gotta go to Tae’s and pay her my tab since I got the money now. I’ll bring home lunch ok?” he said, turning for the gate, “Eto… Megumi…”


After a pause, he rubbed his head. “I-I forgot… jaa!” He then took into a run and hurried down the deserted road.

Megumi gazed at the ‘bad’ letters, smiling after him. ‘Maybe… still…’

* * *
Kenshin stumbled down the street home, his eyes red and tired. Catching his breath, he clung to the wall of a building. ‘I’m so worn-out. How do I get talked into these things… and somehow, I feel everything was pointless…’

He then remembered what had happened at the station that took over the entire night. When he and Saitou arrived, the questioning had already re-started, this time taking a violent turn of events. Yamagashi was already so beaten he could barely speak.

“You bastards!!” Miki screamed, throwing punches at the officer, “Leave my husband alone! He’s innocent and didn’t anything wrong! Where do you get off, you damn corrupt government!!”

“Your husband is a traitor! He’s the one damned!” the officer said, smacking her across the face, then grabbing her wrists together, “And you’ll be damned too if you support him! Now get out of here!!”

The guards lead her away to another cell, her screams echoing through the basement. “IYAAA! TAKERU!! DON’T TAKE ME AWAY FROM HIM!!”

Kenshin pushed his way through the guards, glaring at the officer in charge. “D-Dare de gozaru ka? These measures were not necessary de gozaru yo!”

“Who the hell are you?” he replied, grinning at the shorter, but angry, young-looking samurai, “How did this bum get in here??”

”I let him in.” Saitou said, stepping out of the shadows, “Ishida, meet Himura Battousai.”

Ishida looked him over. “For some reason he doesn’t look like the legendary kenkaku. But I’ll take your word for it, Saitou. As for the questioning, this loser wouldn’t tell us anything.”

Saitou rubbed his chin. “You’d think that since we have their leader, the Reisengumi would make an effort to get him back. Since he’s stubborn not to talk, they don’t worry about silencing him. Still…”

Kenshin knelt to the broken man, covered with blood. “Takeru-dono… do you remember Sessha?” Slowly the swolen eyes opened at that voice, him staring up at him. “Sessha wants to help you… only you have to answer me: ‘naze’… why did you go back to your old ways after all…?”

He tearfully shook his head. “Ore… ore wa…” he stammered, struggling immensely, “I just wanted to bring my wife on a vacation… she wanted to see a dojo…”


But his strength had given way and he passed out. Kenshin stared at him, his hand resting on the bloody forehead. He then lifted his voice so that the conversing cops could hear him. “Somehow Sessha thinks this man is innocent de gozaru yo!”

”And what do you know?” Ishida asked, “We didn’t ask your option!”

Saitou simply replied, “If that’s your feeling, Battousai, it’s your responsibility to investigate that. Our only concern is the Reisengumi and who are they after next.”

Kenshin slowly nodded. “Hai de gozaru.”

* * *
Back on the street, Tsubame was on her way to pick up some things for her father. She then had caught view of Kenshin from behind. ‘Hah? What’s Kenshin-san doing? Something seems wrong…’

Still leaning against the wall, he clutched at his head, breathing with much trouble. He finally noticed Tsubame when she came into view, her face full of worry. “Aa, ohayou de gozaru, Tsubame-dono.” he said, trying to sound cheerful and act as if nothing was wrong.

“Ohayou, Kenshin-san… demo, doushita da no? You don’t look well this morning.”

”Eto, it’s just an old injury of Sessha’s. Daijoubu de gozaru yo. Shikashi, Sessha ought to head home now de gozaru…”

He smiled and bowed his head, getting balanced on his feet. Turning to go, he suddenly felt her grab his sleeve. “Matte, Kenshin-san!”

“Oro?” he said with a blinking eyes.

“About Kaoru-san… I think you should know…”

* * *
Megumi arrived at the clinic, staring at the new line of patients. ‘For some reason, I feel a bit up to this.’ she said to herself, cheerfully going into her office. “Aa! Ohayou!”

”O-Ohayou…” Yutaro gasped, sitting on a stool, his face a shade of red, “Eto, I thought Genzai was going to check me today…”

”Do you mind?”

”I-Iyaa!” he stammered, rubbing his head. He then paused to pull at his tie, nervously fidgeting, “Demo, you seem very happy this morning. Did something happen, Megumi-sensei??”

She smiled a bit and took the seat opposite him. “Kind of… it was something that doesn’t happen everyday… something that gives hope.”

”Hope desu ka?” Yutaro’s eyes shined a bit, “Must have been something really good then.”

She nodded, going to unravel the bandages on his left arm. ”What do you hope for, Yutaro-kun?”

“B-Boku? Jaa… a date with a pretty girl.”


“Soushite… a chance to …” His voice drifted off and Megumi stopped and stared at his serious face, gazing off into the clouds. He then blushed and laughed, “Gomen! I started daydreaming!”

Megumi giggled, “Kawaii nee!” As he blushed away, she continued to examine the injury, sighing to herself, “We shouldn’t waste our time daydreaming…”

* * *
Kaoru’s eyes slowly opened. “Eh? Kenshin?” she stammered, him kneeling beside her, the blanket gone. His hands were on her stomach, gently rubbing, his lips brushing against her cheek. “Ken… shin…”

”Ohayou de gozaru.” he uttered, going to kiss her, “Suman – I just got home… not only that, but I acted like a jerk, forgetting your birthday…”

”Iie!” she gasped, as he nuzzled against her neck, “It doesn’t matter. I’m not mad about that…”

He then smiled, taking her face into his hands. “Get dressed. I’m going to take you out today.” He pressed a kiss on her nose and watched her fill with happiness, “Saa, anywhere you like. Just say the word.”


* * *
As soon as Kaoru was ready, she saw that Kenshin had dressed up too, wearing the white hakama set she had bought him. He even tried to comb his hair, but it continued to stick out. He blushed a little and took her hands, “Saa, iku de gozaru?”

From there, they went into town, finally deciding to go to Asakusa. Stopping at the temple, they threw in their coins and said their prayers, smiling as they left. On the way to Kaoru’s favorite o-sashimi restaurant, they paused at some shops. They ended up buying a baby blanket.

”Oishii!” Kaoru sighed as they walked out of the restaurant, after a fairly large lunch. She hugged her husband’s arm as they steered through the afternoon traffic, “Nee, Kenshin, arigatou for this wonderful day!”

”I’m glad you enjoyed it.” he uttered, smiling a bit, “It’s been a while since we’ve been on a date. Eto, is there anything else you want?”

Her face went red. “A-Ano nee… tonight… could we…”

But as she turned to say her needs to his face, there was a loud noise. All around, people started running around in panic. “What’s going on?!” Kenshin gasped, climbing up onto a lamppost to see over everyone. “Masaka!!”

There was a band of samurai attacking a single carriage, the driver and escorts already down and injured. Already, the cops had arrived, attacking the rebels with swords and guns. Saitou and Ishida were there, sending them down in heaps.

“I’ve got to help!” Kenshin said, leaping down in front of her, “Stay here, away from the danger. I’ll be right back!”

"Kenshin! Be careful!" Kaoru cried out, as he pushed his way through the crowd.

Kenshin yelled towards the fighting herds. “YAMERO!” He then took down ten men with his DOU RYU SEN, Reisengumi and cops, “Stop killing each other de gozaru!”

”Battousai!” Saitou snapped over his shoulder, “Now’s not the time to make a peace demonstration! Protect the one in the carriage!”

While the cops had pushed the majority of the rebels away, two lone men were able to slip away and were charging the carriage. Everyone in shock, but then Kenshin leaped out of nowhere, attacking from the sky.

"HAAAAAAA!!!" His RYU TSUI SEN sent them into endless pain. There was short-lived relief, as he realized that Kaoru had come close to the battle-lines. “KAORU! GET OUT OF HERE!!”

She was helping a little girl who had got pushed into the street. “Daijoubu, let’s go back, nee?” she said, going to lift her off the ground. She then felt someone behind her. “EH?”

”Hmp, I’m going to be a hero too – by how many people I kill… women and children included!” He then sent his blade at her, but she caught into in her palms, gritting her teeths as he put more force on it. “Heh, looks like this Nee-chan has some spunk…”

”TEME!!” Kenshin had ran over from across the street to bash the rebel’s head in. As he collapsed onto the ground, Kenshin yelled, “Kaoru! Didn’t I say to stay out of trouble! Just go back over there!”

”H-Hai!” she stammered, taking the girl with her, ‘Kenshin… he was so angry…’

As Kenshin turned around, he realized that a man had already reached carriage, climbing inside. “YAKUSO!!!” he cried, breaking into a run. Within seconds they heard the sound of a gunshot.

"IYAAAA!" Tsubame cried, pushing her way through the crowd. But the man fell out, clutching a wound. "Hah?!"

An elegantly dressed woman stepped out of the carriage with a gun. She lifted her sunglasses and gazed down at the rebel. "KI-SAMA!" he said, spitting at her, "You shot me in the foot!! If I could stand, I'd...!!!"

"You'd walk to the police station yourself." she replied, taking out a cigarette as the cops came running over to control the remaining rebels. She watched them, but was steered away by an open match. "Arigatou," she said, lighting up.

"Iya, my pleasure." Saitou remarked, he and Kenshin at her side, "Tsukigata, where on earth did you get that gun??"

"It's my little brother's. I kind of took it out of his office." she said, "Honto ni, these Reisengumi are troublesome."

"Shizuka-san!!" Tsubame and the others were running over, "Daijoubu desu ka??" She stopped as she noticed Shizuka was looking past her. She turned and saw Kaoru with the same look on her face. "Aa... ano..."

Kaoru looked earnest, "Shizuka-san, daijoubu?"

"Uhn," Shizuka replied, with the same expression. "They didn't hurt me. I don't let anyone."

"Ee, sou desu. It's good to see you again."

After that no other words could be said. Except for when Shizuka was being escorted away, she turned and stared back towards Kaoru. An exchange of silent understanding passed through them.

"Ki o tsukete, Kaoru-san!"

"Aa! I will!"

Tsubame walked to Kaoru's side, the two of them watching the carriage drive away. "Honto ni gomen nasai. I met with Shizuka-san a few times before and I didn't tell you." she explained, "I wanted to convince her to be friends with you again first... demo..." Kaoru just put a hand on her shoulder, a faint smile on her face. "Kaoru-san...?"

* * *
Later, Kenshin and Saitou were in the dojo, talking about the matter, "Why Shizuka-dono?"

"Tsukigata is the only woman to own such a thriving overseas business as well as a good portion of Japan's stocks. Not only that, but she has many allies outside the country. To have her side with a politician would make things complicated - and the government a bit stronger. Daga, I don't know if that'll happen."


"She's a real bitch."

Outside, the day was coming to an end. Kenshin stared ahead at the house to see Kaoru sitting outside, smiling towards them. "Oro..."

"Aa, that's typical of the wife of Battousai. Tell me, shall I be invited on your auspicious day?"

Kenshin's eyes glinted. "Don't talk about it."

"I wonder if you're going to make her fight your battles as the other times..."

"Iya!" he snapped, his hand moving towards his sword, "My battles are my own! And I'd finish you right now...!"

Saitou merely grinned. "At least now, there's more to think about." he said, hand also on the hilt, "Especially now that it's 'two for the price of one'."

"Saitou, get the hell out of here."

"Heh," he chuckled, turning down the road. "See you tomorrow, Battousai!"

* * *
Once Saitou was gone, Kaoru pulled Kenshin into the house, embracing and kissing him. “Ororororo…” he gasped as she started grabbing at his clothes, “C-Calm down!!”

”Mou… look at the injuries you got today!" she cried, peering into his gi, his face turning red, "Who were those people anyway? Why were they attacking Shizuka-san?”

He just sat on the floor, holding her firmly, “Don’t worry about it. I have it under control. Tonikaku… ” He suddenly ‘konked’ her on the head.

“ITAI!!” she cried, turning SD teary eyed and rubbing the new bump on her head, “KENSHIIN!? What was that for?!!?”

”Dakara, you got yourself in danger today when I specifically told you to stay safe… Kaoru no baka!” he scolded, “You made me so worried!”

”Gomen, Kenshin.” she said, back to normal and leaning against him, “Demo, nothing was going to happen…”

”How do you know? As usual, you weren’t thinking about the danger. Kaoru, what if something did happen – it wouldn’t have been just you who would be hurt, but also the baby.”


”Please try to listen to me… sometimes I wonder if you hear me at all.” he sighed into her hair, “Kaoru, you have to believe in me…”

”I do!” she exclaimed.

He shook his head, “Then why do you insist fighting every time and risk your life, then not let me protect you when you need it? You used to tell me that I was ‘human’, well so are you! And if this reckless behavior continues, it won’t just be you who pays the price!”

”Kenshin!” she snapped, “Don’t think I know that! And if you want to protect some helpless girl, then you married the wrong person! As for the baby, I know what responsibilities I have!”

Kenshin suddenly blurted out, “Why are you pregnant anyways?!”

Kaoru stopped at stared at him. “N-Nani?” she gasped, “W-What did you say??”

His face went blank. ”Aa… eto… ore… a-ano…”

”Kenshin… you don’t want the baby, do you?”

He shook his head frantically. “Iya! Chigao yo! That’s not what I meant! Let me explain…!”

Kaoru clenched her fists. “Is that why… why you’ve been distancing yourself from me? Why you hadn’t made love to me in over a month??”

”Iya, you’ve got it all wrong!” he stammered, taking hold of her hands, “That’s not why… dakara you said…!”

”Kenshin, iresai!” she cried, “I don’t want your excuses! I don’t want to hear it anymore!! Why am I even married to you?!" She looked into his face, her lip trembling, "I… I’ve had enough…”

His eyes widened. “K-Koishii??” he uttered, “W-What do you mean??” She just pulled away from him and ran off. Kenshin dropped his hands and sighed at the floor, ‘Kaoru… naze…?’

* * *
The next morning, Kenshin woke with a start. He had been staying in one of the guest rooms, because when he tried to get into his own room, Kaoru wouldn’t let him. The shouji slamming onto his fingers and her jumbled yells ringing in his ears. Gazing up at the ceiling, he frowned.

‘I’m so stupid… why did I say that… is it because…’ He lifted his shaking hands, ‘Because… it’s my real feeling?’

He then got up and changed, rubbing his eyes, remembering his argument at the end of a day that contained so much happiness and hope.

‘And Kaoru… was that her real feeling too…?’

But as he came to the room, to check on her and see if she was still angry, he saw the drawers ripped open and empty. “ORO! K-Koishii?!”

Running out, he checked all over the house, the kitchen and the dojo. But didn’t find her. “KAORU!!”

Coming to the entrance, he saw a note pinned to the welcoming screen. ‘Masaka…!’ he cried, moving towards it, the letters becoming clearer. Stopping in front of it, he looked at her handwriting, the strong, dark strokes:


“Iya…” he uttered, ripping the note off and falling to his knees. His hair fell into the tear-filled eyes, as he gripped the paper in his hand, “Kaoru…”

Meanwhile, behind him, a group had arrived, staring towards him curiously. “Ara, Shinta!!” chimed his sister, Serika, “Nan de gozaru ka??”

Sagashite ita no sa, kimi to au hi made
Ima ja natsukashii kotoba
GARASU no mukou niwa mizutama no kumo ga
Chirakatte ita ano hi made
I'd searched for it, until I met you
Those words that would even now bring back memories
Beyond the glass, the water droplet clouds
Had scattered, until that day

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