rurouni kenshin is by watsuki nobuhirou (c) shueisha jump, sony, fuji tv, anime works
"kaede", performed by 'spitz'; words by kusano masamune; translated by ryuichi-san
notes: minna-san, yokuso! here is the continuation from the last series, 'senjou'. this one will contain many past characters, so i hope you can remember, or jus flip back to old series to refresh. new image song! fortunately there's already a translation by ryuichi-san from j-seek. sore jaa... jill 4/11/1 hajimaru!

A Summer's Wait
Part 1: "Night"

The full moon shining brightly above, it's light seemed to touch the ground - all in a painful glow. Yahiko couldn't admire its elegance, the scene becoming a dizzy blur as he collapsed onto the grass in a reluctant defeat.

"Uhg... who the hell...?" he gasped, lifting his sweating head. Adjusting his eyes, he glared at the figure before him, the young swordsman's face concealed in a woven scarf. "Dare ka?! Answer me!!"

The mouth smiled beneath the cloth. "The number one student of Kamiya Kasshin Ryu."

"USOU!!" Yahiko snapped, pulling himself up by the shinai, "Ore wa... I am the number one student of Kasshin Ryu! And you, those moves you used - that was NOT Kasshin Ryu!!"

"And what about you? Those moves you used were not Kasshin Ryu either." was the sly remark.

"TEME!!" Yahiko growled. But the opponent had a point. He had been using his own variations of Hiten Mitsurugi and other techniques he had been studying. 'Why can't I beat this guy?!'

He found his second wind and attacked, shinai coming strong. The other came at him with equal speed, striking him down with an attack he'd never seen before. "OUGI MUJINKEN!!!"

Yahiko collapsed again. His body was aching all over and starting to go numb. "Iya... I can't lose..." he gasped.

The swordsman grinned and turned to leave, "When you are stronger... we will fight again..."

Yahiko watched him disappear into the woods, curling his fists. 'Koitsu... who in the hell...?!'

* * *
Meanwhile, at Kamiya Dojo, Megumi was having her own dilemma. "For goodness sake, Kaoru-chan, calm down!" the doctor cried, trying to restraint her friend, "It's not good if you get all worked up like this!"

But Kaoru hadn't heard her, still stomping around the room, "MOU!! KENSHIN NO BAKA! DOES HE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?! WHERE THE HELL IS HE??!" she yelled, tears coming out, "BAKA BAKA BAKA!!!"

"Relax, Sano is with him so..."

"SANOSUKE?!" Kaoru exclaimed, "Like I trust Sanosuke!! He's the one dragging my Kenshin off to gambling halls and bars, and other evil places!!"

Megumi scratched her head. "Well, if you put it like that..."

"Megumi-san, aren't you at all worried either??! It's so late! They could be lying dead in a gutter some where!"

The older woman crossed her arms and chuckled slightly, "I may live in the same house as that Tori Atama, but he's a grown up and can fiend for himself."

Kaoru paused and stared at her friend. It was true, ever since the trip to Kyuushu, Sanosuke and Megumi had broken up. However, awkward as it was, remained to live in the same house. It has been two months from then.

"D-Demo..." she stammered, "How can you two..."

Megumi cut in, "Sanosuke and I have a mature relationship. Even if it's over, we're still on friendly terms. And on occasionly after a couple of drinks, a bit intimate." She pauses to watch Kaoru face-fault onto the floor. "Demo, it's better we're nothing more."

Kaoru got up and shook her head, "Demo...! Surely, nothing is really over... I mean, your feelings...!"

She turned away and moved towards the door, gazing out into the starry sky, "It's only a matter of time before he finds someone else. Watashi mo... we'll long forget how it was. That's just how it is."

"Megumi-san..." Kaoru uttered, worriedly.

But she cheerfully looked back at her, sadness gone from her voice, "Of course you never had to deal with this. It's always been Ken-san, ne? Really, your life is too easy, Kaoru-chan. Demo, I wonder if that's true."


"Kaoru-chan, tell me the truth - have you EVER desired another man other than Ken-san. Hmm???"

Her face went red, her eyes in a scary slant, "M-Megumi-saan!! Of course I've never! I hadn't even considered... not before I met... MOU! What kind of question is this?!

Megumi grinned, fox ears popping up. "Ara, that can't be so... what about Genzai-sensei's grandson. From what I hear, you were very fond of him. Hmm???" Kaoru just started cursing, waving her fists in the air. This only amused Megumi a bit more. "Ohohohohoho! Daijoubu, Kaoru-chan, it isn't a crime."



Kaoru glared at her laughing face. But slowly she dropped her head and let out a sigh. "Anyway, Kenshin wouldn't care if I did have an affair..."

"Still hasn't touched you??" Megumi asked, turning serious again, "Kaoru-chan, it's already been over a month... you've got to say something. Just tell him what you want, and if he doesn't give it, you'll beat the crap out of him. And if that doesn't work, tie him down to the floor and..."

"IYAAA!!!" she exclaimed, red-faced, "I-I can't ask... it's so embarrassing. Datte, I think the reason is because I'm so big and unattractive ... He just doesn't want me right now." Again, the water works started up, Kaoru wallowing into self-pity.

Megumi sighed, patting her on the head, "Don't do this to yourself. Ken-san, if he were home more often, he'd adore you as always. I’ll have a talk with Sanosuke, ne?”

"Demo, isn't the reason Sanosuke has lots of spare time is because you dumped him?" Kaoru uttered, now lifting her face, "Aa! This is all YOU'RE fault!!"

"NANI?!" Megumi snapped, "Don't blame me! You're the one who can't keep your husband home!!"


Before another yelling fest could continue, both realized just how late it really was. Megumi decided to head home, but not without a smile towards the one she had called her ‘rival’. Since the trip to Kyuushu, she couldn’t help but feel a bit impressed by her. “Honto ni, you’re very worthy.”

”Hah?!” Kaoru uttered, a goofy confused look on her face.

“Hmp, worthy, but still simple-minded as ever. Ohohohohoho!”


* * *
Yahiko limped down the deserted street. Already the neighborhood had gone to sleep and he wanted to do the same – bury himself in his blankets and feel sorry for himself. He didn’t feel any of the sores from the fight, but an ache in his heart.

‘After all these years of training… I couldn’t beat this opponent…’

Upon opening his door, he saw her, sitting up against the wall, her hands tucked away in her sleeves. After a pause, she lifted her bowed head and smiled towards him. “Yahiko-kun!”

”Aa?!” he stammered, blinking at her cheerful face, “Tsubame… what are you doing here in my apartment at this hour…?!?”

She frowned a little, “Datte, you said you wanted me to cook you dinner…” She turned to the set table, where the food had already gone cold. “It might not taste as good…”

”Iya,” he said, sitting next to her, his hand on her shoulder, “I’m sure anything you make is wonderful. Daga, I feel bad… you waited for me…”

She shook her head frantically, “I-iie, I didn’t wait too long… and I don’t mind at all. Please help yourself!”

He smiled at her, and then turned to chilled dishes in front of him. Already she had started to make tea, acting as a happy housewife. He stared past her, in his mind the swordsman he couldn’t beat again taking up the space. ‘Naze? Why couldn’t I?!’

“Yahiko-kun, oh no!” Tsubame cried, rushing to him, her hand lifting to his temple, “You’re bleeding… what happened?!” While she applied first aid from the mini emergency kit she got from Megumi, she continued to fuss away, “Mou, were you doing something dangerous again?”

He remained silent, gazing into her brown eyes. ‘I don’t want to worry her. This is my problem. Demo… she’s already… so…’

“Kore!” she chimed, finishing up the bandage. “Please tell me, Yahiko-kun. Maybe I can help if you talk to me.”

Yahiko’s face became firm. “It doesn't concern you." he replied, sounding a bit annoyed. "Ya been hanging around Tae so much - getting a bit nosy are we?? It's really a man's business - so forget about it!"

Nodding, she frowned. “Gomen nasai. I guess I shouldn’t have…” She lifted her head towards the now boiling pot. “Aa! Tea’s ready!” She quickly rushed over to the miniature store, without a second look at him. Standing over the pot, she sadly gazed into the water. 'Regardless of what I hope for, it's always the same... '

* * *
Late as it was, the night was still young for some. In the lively Shibuya district, places were still open – welcoming drinkers, gamblers, and those who felt lucky. One fighter in particular was feeling extremely lucky.

“YOSSHA!!” Sanosuke chimed, carrying his latest winnings, “Heh, didn’t I say this was good idea?? Let’s go to that club over there next. I hear they have an even bigger jackpot.”

Kenshin yawned a bit, “Oro, isn’t it a little later than usual. We should head home, Sano. Plus there are too many cops around here. What if they make a fuss about my sakabatou?"

“Daijoube. Gambling is illegal too but these cops don’t care. They’re being controlled by the businesses in this area. Saa, if we go down, so does everyone else!”

”Sano, I thought you were against ‘corruption’ de gozaru??”

Sanosuke grabbed him over by the collar, “Oi, quit sounding like a morality-preachin’ jiji! If I get ya some dinner would ya stop yer whining! I mean, the night is still so very young!”

”Hai hai…” Kenshin sighed, following his friend into a fancier looking club. Inside was a restaurant and already his mouth had started water. He hadn’t ate much all day or all week. Considering the stress he had been feeling. ‘Oro… is it really already nighttime…?’

Sitting at their own table, Sanosuke pointed his attention to the private dice rooms in the club. “Once we get a name, we’d be playing for the REAL money. Heheheh… you can buy Jou-chan a buncha clothes and pay for yer kid’s future.”

Kenshin moped a little. Sanosuke just had to mention the root of his predicament. ‘Kaoru… a child… and I… a father?! Iyada, this can’t be happening!’ he sighed, eating the food placed in front of him, ‘And Kaoru… she and I… ‘

A scream interrupted his thoughts. Lifting his head, he saw a woman being carried out of the club, her yells gaining much attention, “MOU!! PUT ME DOWN! LET ME SEE MY HUSBAND!!!”

”Hmp, forget it Nee-chan.” the bodyguard said, “Your loser husband has done enough… you ought to jus dump him.”

”IYAA!!! LET ME GO!!!”

Kenshin gasped, “That woman needs our help! We should do something!” He paused to notice that Sanosuke was flirting with the waitress. Sighing, he rushed off on his own, charging the larger man and headbutting him.

“KI-SAMA!” the bodyguard hissed, “What’s yer problem!!?”

”The lady said to put her down de gozaru. You best do as she says.” Kenshin replied, his hand on the hilt.

“HEY! I’m just doing as ordered! The cops will be here any second to take the criminal and I have to make sure this broad doesn’t disturb the customers, being loud as she is…”

”I AM NOT LOUD!!” the woman growled, biting his hand. Screaming in pain, he released the woman who stumbled to Kenshin side, “Dare desu ka??”

Kenshin was about to reply when the cops did arrive. They went right past him and into the club, moments later dragging out a man in gi and hakama, polo underneath. “Sou na…!” Kenshin gasped, recognizing his face.

“TAKERU!!” the brunette woman in purple kimono started yelling after them, “GIVE BACK MY HUSBAND! HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!”

Some cops stayed behind to restrain her, “Someone shut her up, please??”

”Oi, Kenshin!” Sanosuke called, walking out to him, “Whatcha doing?? Dinner’s on me, remember? And we still got some business in back.”

”Oro, oro!” Kenshin stammered, his hands starting to shake, “S-Sano… I feel a bit numb… MASAKA! Fugu de gozaru!”

Sanosuke simply patted him on the shoulder, ”Relax, someone ‘unordinary’ like you won’t die from blowfish poisoning!”

”Are you s-sure?!” Kenshin uttered, the shaking becoming more prominent. All the while, he stared towards the woman, who was looking after the carriage, which had her husband. Already her face was filled with tears and despair. ‘That truly was Takeru-dono from the seaport town of Wakana… demo, what’s he doing in Tokyo and what had he done…?’

He stopped at the smell of cigarette smoke. Turning, he saw him – the one from his past who he couldn’t defeat. The one forever Shinsengumi, forever taunting him. “Saitou Hajime…”

“Aa.” the cop replied, standing behind him, “Battousai, long time no see.”

A glaring contest persued, but in the end, Kenshin fell over, paralyzed. “Orororororo…”

Sanosuke, Saitou, and the woman stared over him. “Whatever is wrong with him?!?” the woman gasped.

Sanosuke kicked at him, “Oi!! We’ve still got a jackpot to win!! Kenshin, get up yer ass now!!!”

Saitou grumbled, “Kono ahou… he never changes…”

* * *
It was about 3am when Megumi heard the door being open. Purple eyes flickering open, she sat up and listened to the sound of footsteps continuing across the hall. Sighing, she crawled out of her futon and peered outside her room. "Sanosuke, it that you...?"

"Oh, tadaima!" he chimed, still very energetic. He was carrying the snoozing swordsman on his back, while also holding onto a bag of his wining. "Sorry about being late. Didn't mean to keep you up."

"Iie, I wasn't waiting up for you. It's just you made a loud noise coming in at this hour. How rude." she replied, crossed her arms, feeling a little cold in her pink yukata, "Demo, what's wrong with Ken-san?"

"Oh, he had a little fugu-poisoning..." Sanosuke replied, watching her face-fault, then panic, "Daijoube! He's fine... just a little sleepy."

"DEMO!" Megumi cried, "Poison from blowfish are deadly! A person can die after 3-5 hours of consumption!!"

Sanosuke placed Kenshin on the tatami mat and scratched his head. "He did experience some discomfort earlier, but he's all right. You can examine him if you like. I mean, the guy's been fugo-poisoned before; it ain't new."

Megumi knelt down to their friend. As Sanosuke said, everything was fine. She found odd, but decided to not bother herself with the details. After a moment of silent relief, she lifted her head to her roommate.

"Your 'luck charm' has a wife, y'know. Kaoru-chan was worried sick for him."

"Cheh, that's marriage for you... people wastin' their time." Sanosuke grumbled, turning for his room, "Oyasumi!"

Megumi got up from the floor, nodding to herself. "Honto ni!" She then paused to pull a blanket onto Kenshin before going back to sleep in her room. 'A big waste of time... '

Wasure wa shinai yo, toki ga nagaretemo
Itazua na yaritori ya
Kokoro no toge sae mo kimi ga waraeba mou
Chiisaku maruku natte ita koto
I won't forget, even as time flows by
How our mischievous exchanges of words
And even the thorns in my heart, when you smiled
Would become small and soft

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