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Have You Forgotten?
Part 4

Meiji 2 - the beginning of an era and also…

‘Otou-san died during the Bakumatsu. He left me all alone. I didn’t care much though. I guess, we weren’t close. He was always absorbed in his kenjutsu… Still sometimes I caught him smiling at me, showing those small signs of feelings. It’s never a good feeling when people die…

‘It’s been already a year or so. Living on my own isn’t easy. I’ve received a letter from my grandfather on my mother’s side, whom I’ve never seen before. He lives in Tokyo and is doctor. He somehow heard about my living state and wants me to come stay with him. Should I go?’

Miyamoto Keisuke arrived in Tokyo, meeting his grandfather for the first time. Genzai’s mustache wasn’t as long and he seemed a bit taller. The old guy insisted on helping with carrying the bags. “You sure? Ya might break something.” Keisuke uttered, worriedly, “So what kind of things do you want me to do around the clinic? I’ve got no medical background and I didn’t get far in my studies…”

”Oh, I’ll find things you can help me with. You’re a strong boy, you can lift things and help with the patients.” Genzai spoke as they walked down the familiar dirt road, “You might even pick up the trade by watching me… I can see it now! You’d make a fine doctor!”

Keisuke shook his head, “Iyaya! Not happening! You see, at the sight of blood I …” He paused, looking very embarrassed. “I might not be a lot of help after all…”

Genzai smiled, “I’m sure that’s not the truth at all. You’ll see soon…” he said, the two of them walking together towards the clinic.

At the moment, Genzai was the only doctor at the clinic. His daughter had married and moved out, leaving him by himself. This fact only made Keisuke feel more obliged to come. Although content living on his own, he couldn’t stand the thought of someone else struggling. The first couple days were difficult. Keisuke didn’t know his way around Tokyo and often got lost when sent out for errands. Also, he didn’t know exactly how to help in medical situations, so was utterly useless when emergencies came.

“Suman, Ojii-san…” he sighed one evening, “I just don’t fit in around here. Maybe I should just go home…”

”Keisuke,” Genzai uttered. He paused to pick up a package, “Tomorrow, could you do me a favor? There’s a dojo not far from here. I want you to go there and deliver this package for me.” Keisuke lifted his head and stared at him, then at the package, “There’s a little girl there and it’s her birthday tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to go out of town to check one of my patients and I will be gone all day. Keisuke, will you do this favor for me?”


The next day, Keisuke walked down the road, entering the main business area. “Kuso! Where am I gonna find this dojo?!” he sighed, looking at the map drawn for him, “Ojii-san said I had to cross at least two bridges before I got there and I don’t know any of these streets… !!”

Very upset, he stormed down the street, making growling noises and people stare his way. After hours of walking in circles, he finally found second of the bridges. “Yosshi!” he chimed, holding the package of his head and steering through the traffic, “Outta my way! Coming through! Yaaaahaaaaa!!!”

Besides being a weirdo, he was pretty quick and made it down the rest of the road in no time. Stopping in front of the main gate, he read the sign: Kamiya Dojo – Kamiya Kasshin Ryu. “Unfortunate, isn’t it? Seeing this place still up makes me laugh. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch it burn to pieces?”

Keisuke lifted his head at the voice behind him. “Who the hell are you?” he questioned the man, long black hair and wearing traveler’s clothes. Their eyes met and for a moment, words couldn’t be spoken.

Finally the traveler just chuckled and turned to walk away, “Trust me, boy… don’t get involved with them. Otherwise, someday surely… ”

“Hm…” Keisuke glared at him, clutching the package in his hands, ‘Do they know they have weirdoes walking around this neighborhood. It might be dangerous for kids… I better tell someone.’ Turning back to the gate, he knocked and waited for someone to answer. A man, about the same age as his father, answered the gate. “Eto… sumimasen, Ojii-san sent me to…” he stammered, holding up the package, “I have to give to this…”

All of sudden, a voice called from inside, “Sensei come quick!!”

”Come inside. I’ll be right back.” the man said and went off with his one of his students.

Keisuke stepped inside, looking around. The ground was lightly sprinkled with fallen pink flowers, sunlight filling the warm atmosphere. ‘Kora wa…’ He saw the training hall before him, sounds of practicing heard inside. Walking over towards it, he was hit head on by a crowd of students rushing out, “Yaaaah?!”

”Let’s go!” the sensei said, leading everyone out of the dojo. Keisuke sat up on the ground to see that everyone had left. Very confused, he dusted himself off and picked up the package, shaking it, hoping nothing was broken. Deciding he should wait until they come back, he got up and walked around.

‘What a nice place,’ he thought, walking through the yard, a small garden kept, the laundry up and drying. He paused to see a shinai lying on the ground. ‘Eh… one of those things…’ He kicked it up with his foot and caught it with one hand, ‘Otou-san gave me one when I was little. I was a brat and threw it away. I didn’t want to do anything he asked me…’ He dropped the shinai back on the ground and uttered, “I wonder if…”

Walking over to the house, he stopped suddenly. He saw the door slightly opened and the figure of someone sitting inside. Going closer, he saw that it was a young girl, dressed in a blue kimono, her black hair down and her eyes trying to concentrate on the book in front of her. Slowly, he approached the house, hoping not to make a sound. But as he became within a few feet, the girl felt a spark and lifted her head, knowing of an extra presence.

“K…Ko…ni…chi…wa!” Keisuke uttered nervously, staring at the fear-stricken looking in her face, “D-Don’t be scared or anything – I just came to…”

”KYAAAAAAAA!!!!” the girl screamed, jumping up on her feet. She then hurled the book at him, it hitting him in the head sending him to the ground. She then ran off, still screaming.

‘Oh shit, look what you did…’ he thought, rubbing his head and staring up at the sky, ‘I must look like some kind of assailant…’ He sat up and again checked if the package was broken. Then he got up and looked around, “Where did she go?” His eyes moved over to the dojo. “Hm…”

Walking inside, he stopped and gasped. He had never been in a training hall before. Gazing up and down the walls, Keisuke couldn’t believe how many students there were. Also, the place seemed to generate a strange feeling within him. He didn’t understand it but he felt drawn to all of it.

“Who are you?!” a voice asked from behind. He turned slightly and saw the girl, holding a shinai at him, “Tell me! Why are you here?!”

”I… uh… uh…” he stammered, sweat running down his face. Sure she was just a little girl, but she really looked scary. And that shinai looked dangerous in her hands. He backed away from her until he ran into the wall, “You see… I came to deliver…” All of a sudden, he realized he wasn’t holding the package anymore. Rubbing his head, he couldn’t remember what he did with it. ‘Shimatta! It must be still outside!!’

The girl had lost patience and sent swing at him. Keisuke closed his eyes, feeling the rush of wind coming at him. A couple of seconds passed. He slowly opened his eye and saw that the shinai had stopped inches from his face. “I’ll ask again… what is it that you want?”

”I don’t know what I want!” he exclaimed, “I came to Tokyo because I was bored with my life and I didn’t want to live by myself anymore and I didn’t want to pass this life doing nothing and not meeting people so I …!” He quickly got a hold of himself and covered his mouth. ‘Where did that come from all of a sudden?!’

The girl stared at him, taking a moment to gather all those things that had been blurted at her. Slowly, she lowered the shinai and smiled, “Onii-chan, doushite… of all places - why did you choose to come here? Did you want to learn my Otou-san’s kenjutsu?”

“Iya,” he uttered, “My father played with swords and look where it got him. I won’t do any such thing.”

“Demo ne, you can make a lot of friends in this dojo.” she explained, “You might not become the best swordsman, but at least you can meet people.”

“By the way,” he said, finally relaxing a bit, “Why are you by yourself? Isn’t today your birthday?” She stared at him in surprise. He rubbed his head, replying, “A little bird told me so…”

The girl stared at the floor, “It’s not an important thing. Otou-san has to teach his students and I just get in the way.” she uttered, “I think if I just work hard on my training, I won’t be such a bother…”

”Training? What training do you have to do for such a young girl?”

”Oh… I’m taking some etiquette classes. Shizuka-san is a very good sensei. Demo… I’m just not good at these types of things. I’ll never a be a ‘lady’.”

”Eh?” Keisuke gasped as the once-threatening girl had been reduced to tears. Not knowing what else to do, he knelt down and took out his handkerchief, “I’m sure that isn’t the truth. You’ll be a fine lady someday.” The girl wiped her eyes, and tried to stop crying at his comment. “Jotto matte!” he said, running outside all of a sudden.

‘Ano hito… dare wa?’ she wondered, after he left, while clutching the handkerchief. He came running back inside holding out the package in front of her, “Eh? Atashi ni?”

”Hai! From Genzai-ojii-san and me, of course.” he said, placing it in her hands. “Tanjoubi omedetou!”

“Ano…” she uttered, as he urged her to open it. The two sat on the floor and she ripped open the packaging. Inside there was some Osaka pastries and also an indigo ribbon. “Wow!!! This is a wonderful gift!!”

Keisuke grinned, “Glad you liked it. Why don’t you try the ribbon in your hair? I’ll help you.” She nodded slowly and turned around as he went over and tied her hair up into ponytail with the ribbon. “Kirei na…”

“A-arigatou gozaimasu!” she replied, turning around, her smile sparkling, “Onii-chan, you’ve really made my day!”

”Glad to hear that.” he said, getting up, “But since I’ve done my errand, I really should be going…” He paused to feel a tug on his hakama. “Hm? Nan de?”

”Kore,” she said, handing him one of her pastries, “In thanks for delivering this to me, I want you to have this, Onii-chan.”

”Arigatou.” he said, accepting the manjuu, “By the way, namai wa Miyamoto Keisuke desu.”

“Keisuke…san…” she uttered, “Wakkata, atashi… Kamiya Kaoru desu! Douzo yoroshiku!” She bowed her head, then slowly lifted it, “Ano, will you be visiting the dojo again?”

He looked around and took a deep breath. Grinning, he replied, “Perhaps I might.” he chuckled, turning to leave, “Jaa matte, Kaoru-chan!” She nodded and waved after him. Walking out the gate, Keisuke gazed up at the blue sky…

‘And so, that’s how I decided to begin my training as a student of Kamiya Kasshin Ryu…’

* * *
“Oro?” Kenshin paused as Kaoru let out a yawn, “Is the medicine kicking in already?” he asked her as she snuggled into his shoulder, “Kaoru…?”

”Fuwaaaa!” she yawned again, turning inward to him, “I am a bit sleepy. Should we stop for now?”

They hadn’t gotten far reading, but it was late to begin with. Also, Kaoru looked as though she was ready to fall asleep any moment. Kenshin put the book aside and moved over to blow out the lights. By the time he came back, Kaoru had already dozed off. He lifted his hand to her forehead, feeling the heat slightly gone. Then lying down, he held her to him, staring off into the darkness. Listening to every breath and every heartbeat.

* * *
In the morning, Kenshin decided to prepare himself. After all, Kaoru wasn’t going to be leaving the dojo anytime soon, making it a perfect opportunity for Yashiitomo to attack. The only problem was…

“NO FOOD?!” Yahiko cried, “I knew it! That bastard, Sanosuke, ate everything in this place!! Kenshin, you gotta go grocery shopping!”

”I… eto… dakara…” Kenshin stammered. He really didn’t want to leave and Yahiko couldn’t do all that by himself. Thinking fast, he tried to come up with an idea. Nothing came to mind. ‘What am I gonna do?!’

“Yo! Kimi-tachi!” Hachi called from the gate, ”Came to see the sickly Kamiya girl. She awake??”

Kenshin grinned, “Aa! Hachi-dono, could you do me a favor de gozaru???” Even before a response could come, Kenshin took out a list and handed it to Hachi, along with his wallet, “Go into town and get these for me de gozaru yo.”

”WHY ME?!” Hachi exclaimed. Kenshin quickly put out his reasons, Kaoru being the major one of them all. Reluctant and defeated, Hachi about-faced and turned for the gate, Yahiko following him down the snow path.

Now that they were gone, Kenshin relaxed. But now he was on his own - to fight both Yashiitomo and Tsueng on his own. ‘I don’t mind it though.’ he thought with a grin, ‘I’ve been wanting to get a piece of them since. It’s up to them if they dare to attack now. But if they do… I’ll be sure to kick the shit outta them de gozaru yo!’

”Kenshin,” Kaoru was suddenly at his side, wearing his robe over hers to keep warm. She pinched his cheek playfully, “What are you thinking about? You have the most mischievous look on your face.”

”Oro… I, uh… was thinking about… you of course!” he replied, putting his arms around her waist, “Oooh, Kaoru… aishiteru! Let’s go inside and…!”

She looked him in the eye, “Mou, I don’t think so. You surely were thinking about something else! Something ‘Battousai-ish’ … Are you fighting people behind my back??”

Sweat rained down his face, “S-sore wa… chigao!” he exclaimed, laughing it up, “I wouldn’t do such a thing! I mean, I’d consult you of course… ahahahahahah!!” This behavior was only making her more suspicious. Thinking quickly, Kenshin lifted her up over his shoulder, “Yosshi! Back to bed, Kaoru-dono!”

”Put me down this instant!! Kenshin!!!” she cried, kicking and struggling with him. “KEN – SHIIII -N!!!”

He merely slapped her on the butt, “Now don’t act up. It’s doctor’s orders – you have to stay in bed until we’re sure you’re okay de gozaru yo. I’ll make you some hot soup and perhaps a bath later. Just don’t worry yourself too much and rest de gozaru.”


Kenshin smiled, walking inside and carrying her like a bag of rice. ‘Don’t worry about a thing…’

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