Rurouni Kenshin was created by Watsuki Nobuhiro, all rights reserved to Shueisha JUMP, Sony, & Anime Works.
Fanfics Notes: This is sort of my sequel to "No Reason At All". Please note, that this story totally disregards the certain filler episode in the anime, the "Tanabata episode". Gomen, I have a warped personality. Please enjoy the fanfic. Jill 10/18/00, revised 2/2/1 - hajimaru hajimaru!

Part 1: Proposals

In the dark room, Kaoru sat up gasping. Clutching her yukata, she closed her eyes hard, her memory of the dream fading. ‘Please not now…’ she told herself, ‘Don’t think about those times…’ Kenshin was at her elbow, staring at her worriedly. “Kenshin, did I wake you? Gomen.”

”Iya. It’s fine. But did you have a nightmare, Kaoru?” he asked, wiping away the sweat on her face, “You were tossing in your sleep and kept calling out…”

She blinked. “Ano, what exactly did I call out?”

“'Gomen nasai' - That’s what you said.” he told her. She dropped her head and stared at her hands sitting in her lap. This was the fifth time this week she had been having these nightmares. Kenshin didn’t like to see her like this. She was able to soothe his nightmares; he wondered why couldn’t he do the same for her. “Kaoru,” he whispered as he encircled his arms around her. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Only if you stay the whole night.” Kaoru replied, moving aside to make more room for him. The futon wasn’t big enough for two people, but they managed to solve this problem by having her lie over part of him. Content, she snuggled against his chest. “Don’t go away like you always do. Stay…”

”Kaoru,” he uttered, being mindful of her remaining injuries from their last mission. “Still we have to be careful. Megumi-dono won’t forgive me if you don’t recover correctly. Also, you know I have get out of here before Yahiko wakes up. If he were to find us together like this…”

It had always been the same argument. Ever since he started sneaking into her room, to hold her tight at night, the fear of getting caught had gotten to him. Yahiko lived at this house too; something like this would surely upset him, or everyone else for that matter. Kenshin realized that although he and Kaoru were getting used to the changes, the others would probably be shocked.

“It’s not fair to burden them like this… I mean, somehow we have to let them learn about ‘us’ slowly.”

“Kenshin, would you stop worrying? Just once, think about what you want.”

‘What I want?’ A smile curved on his lips as he gazed her. “You’re what I want. Nothing else in the world… just you.”

”Honto?” she whispered. He nodded. “Then stay with me, Kenshin…” Giving him a shy kiss, she smiled, “Itoshi hito... oyasumi nasai.”

Kenshin had to admit; they were as close as most married couples were, but they were not married. Even when he was actually married, he wasn’t this intimate, this overwhelmed with happiness. “So, this is what truly being in love is like…” he sighed gladly, as more snuggling ensued.

* * *
Falling asleep in her arms was easy, but getting out of her hold was the difficult part. Kenshin didn’t want to leave this place, her entire self blanketed over him, her peaceful face against his. He wished he could just stay like this forever, listening to her slow breathing and feeling her close. But it was already dawn. It was a matter of time before Yahiko came out for his morning exercises. He couldn’t take the chance. ‘Gomen, Kaoru…’

The moment he attempted to get up, Kaoru’s eyes flew open and she tightened her grip on him. “Where are you going? It’s too early to get up… Just a bit longer…?”

He gently broke free from her arms and started to scoot towards the end of the futon. Her blue eyes were glassy as he moved away from her. ”Suman. I can’t stay here. Not right now. I have to go…”

“But we’re not doing anything wrong!” she cried, clinging to his yukata.

Kenshin stroked back her hair and kissed the top of her head, just above the bandages. “I know, but other people might think otherwise.”

”I don’t care about what other people think…” she muttered, “I just want to be with…”

“Kaoru, I have to.” he said, prying her hand off his yukata and sitting up. “Oro…” She suddenly threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around one of his. “K-Kaoru…!” he uttered, falling backwards, her landing on top of him.

“Iya, I won’t let you go… I won’t!”

Chuckling, he realized how he was now in her control and she could’ve taken advantage of this if she knew. But he could tell that Kaoru had never been in this type of a relationship… that all this was new to her. She was learning as she moved along. He didn’t want to rush her, but he wanted so badly to see where this relationship was leading. So many things beyond his dreams had happened, what could possibly be left.

‘Still… I can’t let Yahiko see us… especially like this!’ he told himself. Smiling, he suddenly a brilliant idea.

* * *

Kaoru’s scream had wakened Yahiko. He leaped up with his bokken, running towards her room. “Kaoru! Kaoru! You okay?! What happened?!”

She was sitting up in bed, her face red with sweat, her hand clutching her yukata. Not a word came out of her.

“Oiii!!” Yahiko exclaimed, “Do you know what time it is?! Fantasize about Kenshin on your own time, Busu! You woke me up for nothing!!” He lifted his head, thinking that it was taking Kenshin a sure long time to get here. Whenever she screamed, he’d always come running.

Suddenly, he stumbled backwards and bumped into Kenshin. “Oro, what’s the matter?” he uttered innocently, rubbing his eyes, “Na, Kaoru-dono?”

At this, she snapped out of the weird trance and broke into giggles. Nowadays, whenever Kenshin called her with ‘dono’ it was like a bad joke. Yahiko shook his head and left, mumbling about going back to sleep. Kenshin eyed her over with a grin.

“You really almost blew our cover. Next time for sure…”

She pointed at him. “Only because you…!!!” she cried, blushing hard as she couldn’t find the words to describe what he did. She timidly noted, “Ne Kenshin, could you do that again? I promise I won’t scream…”

Now he was the one blushing as he thought about the way she had screamed his name. “Ororo… iya, I think there’s been enough excitement to last us the entire morning. You should be getting ready for your appointment with Megumi-dono today. I’ll go make breakfast…” he stammered, going for the door.


Her voice made him stop and turn back to her, “Hai?”

She got up and gave him a sweet smile. “Arigatou for staying the whole night.”

“Iya. I wanted to.” he replied, “Aishiteru, Kaoru.”

The smile brightened. “Aishiteru, Kenshin!”

* * *
After breakfast, Kaoru left for the clinic. Kenshin handled the dishes while Yahiko practiced. It was a bright sunny day outside. Kenshin gazed off into the clouds through the window, thinking about his plans for tonight. He had been planning this already for weeks. He hoped it would work out.

‘Kaoru… I can’t wait to see your face.’ he sighed, his hands soapy as he washed a cup. Closing his eyes, he imagined her near him, the sweet smiling face he watched from morning to night. Soon, that smile, those beautiful blue eyes, and that passionate spirit of hers would belong to him. And only him.

“Kenshin,” Yahiko called from the door, “Tae’s here to see you.”

“Aa! Sou ka!” he said, rinsing the soap off his hands and unrolling his sleeves as he rushed outside. He bowed his head towards Tae, who was standing next to the well, “Tae-dono, arigatou for coming de gozaru. Please, let’s go talk over there.”

Yahiko eyed them over suspiciously as the two walked over to the safe distance where he couldn’t hear them. ‘What the hell are they up to?! Dammit, I hope he’s not convincing her to make me work at the Akebeko again. Shit! That was hell! I was her f--king slave! Busu probably put him up to this, dammit! She’s gonna get a good whacking when she gets home.’ He then proceeded to swing his bokken faster and forcefully, motivated by his anger.

“Ken-han,” Tae said, looking down at the red-headed samurai, “So you’re gonna go through with it?”

”Hai de gozaru. I think I’ve kept Kaoru waiting too long.”

She smiled. “I’m so glad. Here, just as you asked, I’ve brought the one you asked me to hold onto.” she said, handing him a small pouch. Kenshin took a deep breath and opened it. Inside was a ring, the jewel sparkling as the rays of the sun reflected off it. “Kaoru-chan is going to be so happy.”

”Aa…” he uttered, staring at the ring. He wasn’t sure if it even fit. He had done a measurement while she was asleep, but still wasn’t sure. He wanted it all to be perfect. “Tae-dono, one more thing.” he said, reaching for his wallet. “Could you go into town and buy the finest wine you can find? I want it to be served at dinner.”

“Ken-han,” Tae uttered as he handed her his entire wallet. She could tell how serious and determined he was. Nodding, she replied, “Anything for my best customers. Your reservations are at six o’clock. I’ll make sure your table is ready.” Smiling, Kenshin bowed his head and thanked her.

* * *
Sanosuke was walking towards the clinic, a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Whistling, he walked right in. Slicking his hair back, the spikes popped right back up. ‘Ch! Who the hell cares!’ he muttered as he continued on his way. He stopped just as he was in front of the door. ‘Hm… wonder if she’s got a patient.’ With that, he pressed his ear against the door.

“Ohohoho! Yamada-san, have you been working out? Your arms are so strong.”

”Heh, Megumi-sensei, do you like men with muscles?”

”Oh yeah… especially muscles like these...”

Sanosuke’s eyes went slant, the fish bone in his mouth breaking and a piece falling onto the floor. Without another thought, he kicked the door opened. “YAMERO!! WHAT THE F--CK IS GOING ON HERE!!!” Megumi and Yamada-san stared at him. He grabbed the strapping young fellow by the collar and held him up to his face. “TEME!!! YOU’RE DEAD!!”

Yamada-san only screamed out in pain. Megumi got up to protest, “Sanosuke!! Put him down! He’s injured!!!” Sanosuke growled and threw the man down, leaving him to whimper and run out of the room screaming. Megumi sighed and dropped her head. “How brainless are you, Tori Atama!”

“NANI?! You were the one flirting with him, Fox!” he yelled at her, “Yakuso! You’re supposed to be my woman now! You can’t go around throwing yourself at losers like ya used to!!!”

”I am insulted by that comment!” she yelled back, “What am I?! Some sort of property to you?! And I was NOT flirting!!”

”You were too!!!”


By now, they were in each other’s face, their eyes big and scary. Slowly, the looks on their faces soften as they gazed into each other eyes. “Gomen.” Sanosuke uttered, “I just came by to give you these…”

Megumi held the bouquet up to her nose. “They’re beautiful… and they smell wonderful. I’ll go put them in water.” As she went to get a vase, Sanosuke sat up on the operation table. Grinning, she walked over to him. “Ne, did you come by just for that?”

“Nope.” he chuckled, “I wanted to see you… You left my apartment much too soon last night.”

She crossed her arms, “Only because of how disgusting it was. Don’t you know any thing about hygiene? As a doctor, I really can’t stand being in a place like that.”

”Then…” He lifted his hand to stroke her cheek, “Let’s go get a new place.” Her eyes widened and looked towards him. “A place for the two of us. What do you say, Megumi?”

“Sanosuke…” she uttered as he moved to kiss her. Megumi climbed up onto the operation table with him, their lips melting in heated passion. They didn’t seem to notice when the door had opened as someone was watching with surprise.

“A-ano…” Sanosuke and Megumi lifted their heads. Kaoru stood in the doorway, her face red with embarrassment. “Gomen, I…I…should’ve knocked.”

Megumi pushed Sanosuke off of her. “Daijoubu, Kaoru-chan. I forgot I had one more appointment before lunch break.”

Sanosuke’s eyes went slant. “So I’m ‘lunch break’?”

“Hai.” she replied, “Go wait outside for me.”

“Quit bossing me around!” he exclaimed, staying put.

“Fine, be a child.” Megumi grumbled, “But face the other way while I check Kaoru-chan.” Grumbling, Sanosuke faced the wall and closed his eyes. “That’s better. If you behave, you’ll be rewarded. Now, Kaoru-chan, let me take a look.”

Kaoru nodded and looked over to the back of Sanosuke’s head. Hesitating, she removed her kimono. There were bandages around her right shoulder and around her waist. Megumi removed them and started looking over the wounds.

“Well, your shoulder’s almost completely healed. I’ll have to clean it. I think your bruised ribs are just about healed too. Let’s see… does this hurt when I do this?”


Megumi nodded, writing things down. “I’ll continue your prescription. Stay away from kenjutsu just a bit longer.” Kaoru let out a heavy sigh. “However… there’s something else I’ve noticed.”

“Eh?” Kaoru lifted her head as Megumi pointed to her neck, “What is it??”

“Kaoru-chan, do you know what this is?” Kaoru shook her head. “It’s a hickey.”

”A what?”

Sanosuke exclaimed, “NANI? Jou-chan has a hickey?! Can I see!?” Megumi sighed and helped Kaoru back into her kimono, then called him over. Megumi pulled at her collar and showed it to him. “Heh, someone likes to use his teeth.”

”W-what are you talking about?” Kaoru stammered as the two examined her neck, finding other marks as well, “Is it a bug bite?”

”Iie, it’s not.” Megumi replied, “Kaoru-chan, as your doctor, you must tell me the truth, for the record: have you and Ken-san been… you know… sleeping together?”

Her eyes went wide. “A-ano… h-how did you know?!”

Sanosuke exclaimed, “MASAKA! She admits it!!! W-when did this happen?!”

Kaoru rubbed the back of her head. “W-well… Kenshin and I have been sleeping together every night for last month...”

“YAMERO!” he cursed, “Did you hear that, Fox?! Every single night!!! You won’t even give me one! That Kenshin is so damn lucky!!”

Megumi shook her head at him, then turned to Kaoru, “You and Ken-san?” Fox ears popped out her head, “Ohohoho! Well, I have to say I’m impressed with this girl, or should I say, ‘this woman’.”

“Eh?” Kaoru blinked. They gave her very amused looks. Suddenly, it all came to her. Her face turned bright red. “NO!! THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!! KENSHIN AND I AREN’T…!!!!”

Both Sanosuke and Megumi sighed with disappointment. “Figures, I knew this girl couldn’t go through with it.” Megumi muttered.

Sanosuke nodded. “No way in hell Jou-chan would let it happen…”

”You’re wrong!” Kaoru cried, “I love Kenshin… whatever he wants, all he has to is ask. If he ever asks…”

”Jou-chan, all ya gotta do is get him drunk.” Both Megumi and Kaoru glared at him. “Ch! You women think too much about it. If it happens, it happens!”

* * *
Kenshin was in the woodshed, cleaning. It had been a long-term project for Kaoru; he figured he could give her a hand. The shed was full of tools, Kaoru’s family heirlooms, and absolute junk. They had wanted to sort it all out and sell as much as they could.

Suddenly, the stacked pile of boxes landed on top of him. “ORO…” he uttered, crushed underneath. He shoved the heap off of himself and sat up. He suddenly noticed a chest in the back. “Hm??”

Engraved on the front were the kanji for ‘Kamiya’. He went and stood over the box. ‘What’s in here de gozaru?’ He pried off the lid and looked inside. His eyes widen. What was a beautiful kimono doing in the woodshed? As he held the silk to his face, he could smell jasmine flowers. Sighing, a smile curved on his face.

Suddenly, he felt a strong battle aura. Outside. Putting the kimono away, he rushed out, out the gate, where he saw Yahiko surrounded by swordsmen. “Kenshin! Good timing!”

”What’s going on? Who are these men, Yahiko?”

“The hell I know? They just showed up and tried to shake things up! Let’s show em not to mess with the two top samurai in Tokyo!” he replied, gripping his bokken as Kenshin gripped his sakabatou. With that, the two charged.

“AAARG!!!” one guy said as Yahiko hit him in a very sensitive spot, then finished him off by leaping on his head and giving him a good jab in the mouth. He turned around to see Kenshin finish off the remainder with his Dou Ryu Sen. A group of other men showed up to pick up the wounded. Yahiko was going to go after them, but Kenshin stopped him.

“Iya, daijoubu de gozaru.”

”DEMO! We don’t know what they were up to!” Yahiko cried, “Shouldn't we at least tell Kaoru that these losers were hanging out in front of the dojo?”

”What exactly were they doing?”

”Don’t know.”

Kenshin bit his lip and looked around. He thought he saw two spies, but they ran off. Shaking his head, he replied, “Let’s not worry about it yet. Not today…”

”Kenshin?” Yahiko uttered, looking at him. There was an usual expression on his face. Sighing, he too let it go.

* * *
Kaoru walked home, swinging her purse in one hand, the other rubbing her neck. ‘Kenshin… so much for secrets…’ she giggled to herself. She had gotten comfortable talking with Sanosuke and Megumi about her relationship. She didn’t see any need for all the sneaking around anymore. She paused to frown. She lifted her hand up to the bandages on her forehead, remembering when Megumi was checking the stitches right over her eye.

“Kaoru-chan,” she said as she was cleaning it, “I’ll say one more week. Then we can take the stitches out. Hopefully it won’t leave a scar.”

”Doesn’t matter.” Sanosuke replied from behind her shoulder, holding back Kaoru’s bangs as Megumi worked. He was becoming a helpful assistent. “Jou-chan, no one would see it, it’s covered by your hair.”

”Hm?” Megumi had noticed something. She ran her finger just above her left eye. “Seems you already have a scar over here…”

Kaoru froze. “Oh… that… it’s… nothing really.”

”Let me see.” Sanosuke said, peering at it, “It’s not too big, Jou-chan. Hardly anyone could notice it. Where’d you get that from?”

”A long time ago…” she uttered, her voice somewhat serious as her eyes fell to the floor. Sanosuke and Megumi exchanged looks. They knew when they had to back off. Sadness filled Kaoru’s face as she clenched a fist and closed her eyes.

‘Even now… I still have that awful feeling…’ she sighed, looking at the dojo in the distance, ‘I’ll feel better as soon as I see Kenshin…’

* * *
Meanwhile, Kenshin was sweeping up the mess in front of the dojo. He stopped to see Kaoru coming at a distance, swinging her purse as she walked. Grinning, he leaned against his chin down on the broom and watched her. He wanted her to hurry up so he could steal a kiss before they went inside where Yahiko, Ayame, and Suzume were. “Oro?” There were two katana police officers on her trail, slowly approaching her, their hands on the swords at their waists. ‘Those bastards…’ he thought, reaching for his sakabatou. All of a sudden, one of them walloped her on the head with the sheath like it was a bokken. “ORO?!”

“Itai… YOU’RE DEAD, YAHIKO!!!” Kaoru sneered, rubbing her head and turning around, her face scary as ever. The two officers were in a fit of laughter. “OH!” she cried, “It’s you two!!”

It was strange. The three of them suddenly started talking together. Normally, Kaoru wouldn’t even bother with katana police, considering that whole Saitou event. Kenshin watched from under his long bangs, not making a sound. He thought her heard her laugh. Going closer, he could make out what they were saying.

“Baka, it wasn’t my fault!” she cried, playfully elbowing the tall officer, “You’re the ones who thought it all up!”

“But you’re the one who went through with it, Kaoru-chan.” the short portly officer replied, “You were such a bundle of trouble.”

The three of them started laughing again, but an extra presence seemed to come into knowledge. “Who’s this, Kaoru-chan? Someone you know?” the lanky cop asked.

She smiled, taking hold of Kenshin’s arm. “Guys, this is Himura Kenshin. He’s… well… a boarder at my house.”

“Something tells me he’s more than that, Kaoru-chan.”

“Shut up, Hachi!”

Hachi just chuckled. “My name is Ameno Hachi. And this is my partner, Tsukigata Kuma. We grew up with Kaoru-chan.”

Kenshin looked relieved as he smiled and bowed his head. “Aa, sou de gozaru ka. Sessha is a rurouni called Himura Kenshin.”

“Rurouni?” Kuma repeated, “Himura…Kenshin…?”

Hachi elbowed him. “Wait, wait! You mean to tell me that you know this rurouni??”

“Iie, I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I’ve heard of that name before. But I can’t seem to…”

Kaoru cut in, “Ne, Kuma, Hachi… Kenshin and I have to get going. Why don’t you stop by the dojo sometime and we can all talk.”

Kuma nodded. “Yeah, we’ll do that. Not right now though, because we’re on duty. Nice seeing you, Kaoru-chan. Nice meeting you, Himura-san.”

With that, the two walked off. Kenshin looked over at Kaoru. There was a slight expression of reminiscing. “A lot of good times?” he asked, rubbing her back. She didn’t say anything. After a moment, she lifted her head and kissed him. “Kaoru…?”

“Let’s get going, ne?” she said, taking him by the hand.

“By the way, Kaoru.” he said, “We’re going to have dinner at the Akebeko tonight. Does that sound good?” She nodded. “Then, I have just the thing for you.” He led her off into the woodshed, shutting the door behind them. “Okay, close your eyes.”

”Kenshin, what’s this all about?” she asked. He simply lifted her hands to cover her sight. While she waited, he took the kimono out, spreading it out on top of the chest. He then told her to look. “All right… what is it…?” She stopped and stared at the kimono.

“Well?” he said with a smile. She slowly started to back away. “Kaoru? What’s the matter?” he asked, walking towards her.

”A-ano… where’d you find that?”

“In here. This old chest.” he replied, putting his arms around her waist, “What do you think? Will you wear this tonight?”

Her eyes still looking over his shoulder towards the kimono, she stumbled over her words, “That…? I can’t... Not someone like me.”

Kenshin blinked. ‘Someone like me?’ He looked her over as tears filled her eyes, “Kaoru…?” She then buried her face into his chest. He could feel the moist tears running down his skin. Confused, but wanting to comfort her, he tightened his hold on her, “It’s all right… I’m here.” He watched as Kaoru gripped the fabric of his gi, unable to control herself from crying. ‘Why all of a sudden… why…?’

* * *
That evening, at the Akebeko, the Kenshin-gumi met and got their regular table. Tae made sure she was the server and sent Tsubame to the back to wash dishes, much to Yahiko’s dismay. Tae hurried over, making complete eye contact with Kenshin. ‘Oh! I have to see this for sure! No way am I gonna miss this!’ she giggled to herself.

“Ano, Tae-san…” Kaoru uttered, “That’s all our orders.”

Sanosuke added, “Aren’t you going to get the food started. I’m hungry.”

Megumi sighed, “Honestly this person…”

Tae chuckled, “I just wanted to see if there was anything else Ken-han was going to add to the order.” Kenshin’s eyes popped open. “You know… like any specialties for special occassions…? Hmm??”

“Tae-dono,” he whispered, “Cut it out. You’re going to give it away.”

”Heehee! Just don’t take too long. I’ll be within ear’s length. I have the wine ready, whenever you’re ready.”

“Not now—“

Kaoru showed up between them. “What are you two talking about?”

As Kenshin turned pale, Tae let out a laugh, “Ken-han was wondering what the most expensive thing on the menu was. But I told him that if he wanted to spend a whole lot of money tonight, all he had to do was pay for Sanosuke-han’s tab.”

Sanosuke twitched. “EH?! I… was gonna pay it… soon.”

Megumi sighed, “Another reason why this Tori Atama is an idiot.”


Finally the orders were made. While eating, Kenshin looked over at Kaoru with worry. She had refused to wear that kimono. She still was beautiful without it. But, it bothered him, those words: ‘Not someone like me.’ The nightmares, then this. He wanted to ask her, but he knew she would never asked him about his past. It wouldn’t be fair to make such a demand. In his heart, he knew within time, Kaoru would tell him everything, as he was starting to do. Within time… they had all the time in the world… he wanted them to spend it together.

“Kaoru…” he uttered lowly. She looked over to him, her mouth full of food. Laughing, he handed her a napkin. As she cleaned up the mess on her face, he started to reach into his sleeve, “There’s something I…”

Yahiko’s voice interupted, “YOU TWO! QUIT MAKING MUSHY FACES! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!” Kaoru and Kenshin stopped and stared at him. They realized he was yelling at Sanosuke and Megumi. “HELL, GET A HOTEL!!!”

“TEME!” Sanosuke growled, grabbing the kid by the collar. “DON’T TALK ABOUT THINGS YOU AREN’T OLD ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND!!”

”BAKA!” Megumi yelled, smacking him on the head with her purse, “QUIT MAKING A SCENE, TORI ATAMA!!”

By now the entire restaurant had turned in their direction. There was silence all around. Kaoru suddenly spoke, “What were you saying, Kenshin?”

”ORO…” His face was red with sweat as he reached into his sleeve and took out the pouch. “Kaoru, in front of all these people-dono of the Akebeko… will you…” He opened the pouch to reveal the ring, which he placed in front of her on the floor, before, bowing down, “Will you be my wife de gozaru!”

Everyone was quiet. Sanosuke, Megumi, and Yahiko all were frozen. Tae was the only person leaping up and down happily, “Finally! He did it!!”

Kenshin hadn’t heard a response yet. He lifted his head slightly to see Kaoru’s face. She knelt before him, her eyes closed. “Kaoru… ?”

“G… Gomen nasai.” she whispered, “Gomen nasai, Kenshin…”

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