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Happy Tomorrow
Part 4

Kenshin carried his wife into the room where everyone else was, the table already set. Megumi looked their way as they settled onto the floor, Kenshin supporting her up with his arm looped around her, while reaching for their bowls and utensils. “Kaoru-chan, I could’ve brought you your food…”

”Iie, it’s better if we all eat together.” she explained, “Besides I need to talk about our strategy and how we’re gonna teach those damn dumbass cops a lesson.” Sanosuke, Yahiko, and Tsubame lifted their heads and smiled towards her. The old Kaoru was back.

“Ara, looks like Kaoru-chan has returned to her vulgar ways.” the fox doctor sighed, serving their plates, “I truly hope you don’t forget you have a baby to tend to, which you’ve haven’t done so for the last three hours since you’ve been disposed… fighting to your body’s limit, you can barely move now... that was really smart!”

Kaoru was about to say something to counter, but Kenshin shoved some rice into her mouth. As she chewed, he took the chopsticks and waved them at Megumi, “Daijoubu de gozaru, Megumi-dono. She just needed to get back her fighting spirit so that Sessha could be sure that the baby is safe when we start going out at night, doing a guard watch over the town de gozaru.”

”Eh? Nani? Who’s ‘we’??”

Sanosuke grinned and lifted up his chopsticks, “Oh! That would be me and Kenshin! If the cops are useless, surely two bastards like us could stop this killer!”


”And I want you to stay here at the dojo on those nights I’m out.” he said, eating as he spoke, “It’s too dangerous for you to stay at the house by yerself, Fox. And someone should be here to help Jou-chan with the baby while Kenshin’s out. So everything is settled!”

Megumi glared at him. “It is not settled, Baka! Don’t you see how dangerous this is?!”

”We’re aware of the danger.” Kaoru replied, “But we just can’t do nothing… someone has got to take a stand against this bastard before more people are killed!”

”Sou yo!” Yahiko chimed in, “I went around the neighborhood, and already the cops are harassing the students of this school. I heard Tomo and Setsuma’s father got beaten up and that Hoshi was taken in because he wouldn’t cooperate! These damn cops are pissing me off!”

Tsubame nodded, “Instead of looking at other possibilities, they’re putting the blame on the school. We’ve got to act fast before someone is falsely accused and the real killer gets away.”

Megumi cleared the table as the group started looking over a map, discussing the killer’s latest jobs. Shaking her head, she carried the dishes out of the room. ‘This is crazy… don’t they see, they could get killed as well…’

“So far, the murders have been random, in serveral neighborhoods.” Yahiko explained, drawing ‘x’s in the districts, “He doesn’t seem to hit the same place twice, but gets more than one person at a time.”

Kaoru stared at the map, “You say his first murder was up in here? In this northern suburb?” Yahiko nodded. She then turned to her husband. “Didn’t you once say that when a serial killer starts, he usually begins in a place close to home?”

”Aa,” Kenshin uttered, “That’s how the mind of a serial killer works. Something had to trigger this impulse in him and now he can’t stop. When he snaps or starts killing people, he usually is in a place familiar with familiar people de gozaru yo.”

”This neighborhood is very close knit. I’ve gone there many times to work at the Maekawa Dojo and know some of the people there.” Kaoru noted, “The houses are next together and within ear’s length. Surely if someone was being killed, someone would have heard or seen something, especially if it was done in the middle of a public street… but there aren’t any witnesses??”

Yahiko shook his head. “Iya. The police have already interviewed all the people, and they all claim to have not witnessed anything.”

Tsubame stared at the floor. “Maybe they’re scared, because of how the cops approached them… or maybe because they did witness it…”

”Or know the asshole.” Sanosuke uttered, before sipping his sake, “Someone must be covering for him. And now all the people being interviewed in other towns are saying it’s the doing of Kamiya Dojo. Bullshit! We can’t let this go on!”

”HAI!” everyone chimed, arms in the air. Megumi stood in the doorway, sighing. The baby just laughed at them.

* * *
Later, Tsubame and Yahiko were walking to the neighborhood in northern Tokyo. “Kaoru said to try to gather up some info by talking with the townspeople.” Yahiko uttered, “We’ve got to find out if there was something the cops missed or if they’re hiding something…”

”Eh, and then when Kaoru-san is better, she and Kenshin-san are going to talk with Maekawa-sensei and ask him if he has noticed anything strange lately.” Tsubame said, as they arrived in the neighborhood, “This is it! Shall we split up?”

”Iya, it’s better we stick together.” he replied, “It’s not smart for a cute girl to be walking by herself when a serial killer is loose. Daijoubu da yo, Tsubame… I’ll protect you no matter what!”

“Yahiko-kun…” she gasped, blushing. She was about to say something when they heard yelling. “EEH?!”

”OI MYOUJIN!!” chimed a cheerful voice. A teenager with tan hair and dojo clothes came running in their direction, “MYOUJIN!!!”

Yahiko covered his face. “Chikuso! It’s kono baka yarou, Terada Mikyo… he’s from the Maekawa dojo. He and his friends are these dirty bastards, who are always drooling over Kaoru and finding ways to get her to put her hands on them.”

”Kyaa, I didn’t know Kaoru-san had fans… er, dirty fans. I understand it though; Kaoru-san gets pretty worked up in practice… she could be a bit careful by keeping her clothes fitted and maybe not sweating so much. Demo, these peeping toms… don’t they know she’s married now??”

”Heh, sure they do! Still, they continue as before. Even in front of Kenshin, who sometimes came to practice. Of course, he doesn’t even notice these perverts hitting on her. Nor does Kaoru at times, she’s such a flake.”

Mikyo had finally arrived, panting and clutching at his knees, “Yaaa Myoujin! Long time no see! So, when is Kaoru-san coming back to teach, hmmm???”

“Dunno.” Yahiko replied, crossing his arms, “Especially now she’s got full classes to resume at her own school, and you guys just got some new teachers. I don’t think she’ll be going back to Maekawa dojo for a long time.”

”Usou!” he cried, “The only sexy female teacher in the whole town – iya, in Japan - and she ain’t coming back to our school?! IYAAAAAAAA! SOU NAAA!” Both Yahiko and Tsubame face-faulted. Mikyu grabbed at his hair, fretfully, “I’ve got to let the other dudes know! This is the worst news I’ve ever heard!!”

“Baka yarou!” Yahiko exclaimed, “Didn’t you hear about the serial killer in town?! That’s worst news ya know!!”

”Oh, right… that is terrible…”

”Ano,” Tsubame said, bowing her head, “Do you happen to know anything about the murder, Mikyo-kun?”

”Iya, on the night of the murder that took place in this neighborhood, all of us from the dojo were doing a special training in the mountains. When we came home, it was all over the news and the cops were going all over the place.”

”Sou ka.” Yahiko uttered, “They still do that annual mountain training ceremony in the autumn…”

”Eh?” Tsubame asked, staring towards him. But he looked deep in thought. She then turned back to Mikyo. “Domo arigatou for you information. But we’ve got to get going now…”

”Aa, wakkata.” he replied, turning to go, “Matta ne, Myoujin!”

After he had gone, Yahiko told Tsubame the story he had heard from Kaoru. “Maekawa dojo and Kamiya dojo used to be rival dojos… Maekawa and Kaoru’s dad were friends, because Kamiya-sensei had been a student of Maekawa when he was younger. However, their students hated and competed with each other… their strong rivalry existed inside and outside the training hall. There was a great vengeful war between them that ended when Kamiya-sensei died in the Southwest War. Maekawa had a shortage of teachers and Kaoru didn’t have any students, so she started working for him, creating a peace between the two schools. The styles are similar, so it was easy to convert and teach, daga…”

There was a pause. Tsubame looked at him worriedly. “Doushita no, Yahiko-kun?”

”Kaoru didn’t agree with some of the rigorous training, such as the mountain training ceremony. It’s a bit harsh and dangerous… her father had undergone it when he was younger, and had lost three friends in the ordeal.”

”Sou na… what kind of things go on in it?!”

”I don’t know…” Yahiko uttered, his face pale, “Demo… what if…”

Suddenly a scream was in his ear, “KYAAAAAA! KONO MYOUJIN YAHIKO-SAMAA?!” A teenage girl was running their way. She grabbed Yahiko over and put her arms around his neck, hugging him ever so tightly, “YAHIKO-SAMAA!!!”

“Waaaah?! Who in the hell?!!?” he exclaimed, “GET OFF ME!!!”

The tan-haired girl with a shop girls’ cloak didn’t get off but remained, nuzzling her face with his, “I’m Mikyo’s younger sister, Miyako-chan – 15 years old! I’ve heard so much about you, Yahiko-sama, and I’ve always wanted to meet you! You’re soooo cool~!!!”

“OI!! OI!! LEMME GO!!!”

”Ano,” Tsubame uttered, coming into view. She didn’t like the way Miyako was glaring at her. “Sumimasen, Miyako-san… demo, Yahiko-kun and I were investigating the murder which happened in this town.”

”Aa! You mean by that serial killer - 'NightSword'?! The first person killed - she was a friend of mine!”

”Honto desu ka?! Jaa… could you tell us a bit about her…??”

”HAI~!” Miyako chimed, “I’ll be happy to talk to Yahiko-sama! Nee, let’s go to my house and talk over some tea!” She started to walk away with the boy in a headlock, before turning around and glaring at Tsubame. “I didn’t invite you!”

”G-Gomen!” she stammered. Miyako just turned away, dragging Yahiko along. “Mou… now what am I supposed to do??”

* * *
In the end, Tsubame went door to door, asking about the murders. Not one person said anything. ‘Kaoru-san is right… surely someone saw or heard something. This silence is only making the entire neighborhood suspicious. Hm… Aaa?!’

Her eye had caught the next house over. It was abandoned and boarded up. “A-ano!” she called to a woman outside in her garden, “What happened to the people living there?”

”Oh, it was a family… they left after the murders. Probably got scared, like the other families that moved.”

”Sou desu ka…” Tsubame uttered, looking towards the whole, “Demo, were the police able to interview them??”

”I think so. They got down their new addresses and paid them visits. Demo, I don’t think they found out anything.”

”Hm….” She put her hand on his chin, thinking about it, ‘So, not all of the people present during the murder are here. We’ve got to find these other people and talk with them and see if there’s something the police missed…’

She then heard a noise behind her. Turning around, she saw a tired-looking boy. “YAHIKO-KUN!”

”Damn girls…” he sighed, before collapsing.

* * *
Later, the two returned to the dojo. Dinner was ready and waiting for them. As they ate, Kaoru looked over the list of names of people who moved. “Sou ka. We’ll be sure to look them up and interview them too.”

Sanosuke took the list from her. “I’ll ask Katsu. He usually knows everything when it comes to rumors and gossip in this f--king town, because of his underground newspaper. He’ll use his network to find out where these guys moved.”

”According to that crazy girl, Miyako,” Yahiko uttered, lifting the ice pack from his head, “The one who was killed was a girl her age was just some ordinary girl...”

A silence filled the room. Everyone stared down at their plates, feeling bad over the lost of someone’s life… as well as many others. Kenshin then put down his chopsticks, “Sessha is finished. As soon as you’re done, Sano, we can leave and go on our night watch.”

”Oh!” Sanosuke chimed, going to his bowl, shoveling in the food at rapid speed, “Give me a minute, Kenshin! I’ll be done soon! *Scarf scarf*!!”

Kenshin got up and put his sakabatou into his belt then walked towards the door. Kaoru gazed after him, then turned to Tsubame, “Could you help me up, onegai?”

Tsubame nodded, standing and reaching out her hands. Kaoru took hold of her arms and pulled herself up. She then received the baby from Yahiko who assisted her to walk towards her husband. Kenshin turned around, smiling at her, “Suman, I was ready to take off without saying goodbye.”

”Iie, don’t say that word…” she uttered, “Just promise to take care of yourself, ne?”

”Aa, I promise you… when you wake up tomorrow, I’ll be next you.” he said softly, touching her cheek and smiling down at the baby, “Yahiko, watch over them while I’m gone.”

”Aa! You can count on me, Kenshin!” Yahiko replied.

Kaoru handed over the bag of medicine. “Just in case.” she said, still looking worried. He just leaned over and kissed her briefly. Anymore would be difficult, because Yahiko was right there watching them. “Kenshin… aishiteru.”

“Ore mo. Aishiteru, Koishii.”

Yahiko smiled at the two. ‘With these guys so much in love, there’s nothing stronger… with such strength, we’ll overcome all this for sure!’

Behind them, Sanosuke was waiting. “Yoshi, enough kissin', you two! It's time to go!"

"Mou, you don't have to be so rude about it." Kaoru grumbled, "Kenshin can kiss me all he likes!!"

"Ireze, Jou-chan! How can you two go on a second honeymoon already?! You've just had this little one just a couple days ago!!"

"NANI!? What are you implying!! Baka!!"

Kenshin nervously moved inbetween them, waving his hands, "Maa maa... not in front of the baby. Saa, iku de gozaru yo!"

Kaoru and Yahko waved after them from the door. Behind them, Tsubame was wiping the table. She smiled in their direction, but paused to turned towards the solemn doctor. 'Hm? Megumi-san?' The woman just got up and walked away silently.

* * *
After the guys had left, Tsubame and Yahiko helped Kaoru into her room, Megumi trailing behind them holding the baby. “Arigatou,” she uttered, as she sat down on her futon, “By tomorrow, I’ll be back to strength for sure. So I won't be a bother to all of you.”

”Daijoubu desu.” Tsubame replied cheerfully, “We’re all here… soushite, arigatou for letting me stay the night. My father left town today on a business trip to Shimabeko, north from here. He won’t be back for a while, and I wouldn’t want to stay in the house by myself.”

”The more the merrier.” Yahiko chimed, “But we better make sure everything is locked up! I’ll go double check, okay??” He then got up and rushed out the door.

”J-Jotto! I’ll come with you, Yahiko-kun!” Tsubame cried, running after him.

Kaoru giggled at them for they were being so cute. She then looked over to Megumi who was gazing at her strangely. “Ano… Megumi-san, what’s wrong?”

”Iya, nani mo nai…"

She craddled the laughing baby and gazed at her friend. She looked slightly pale and a bit sad. "Are you sure? Megumi-san, you can tell me. Maybe I can help."

Finally, the doctor agree to speak what was on her mind. Kneeling down, she uttered, "I used to think how simple you were. And now looking at you, I see someone who compliments the legendary swordsman. It’s like you’re made for each other…”

”Megumi-san, arigatou for that comment… demo, Kenshin and I will always have our differences, conflict is an important part of our relationship. I’m sure we’ll have more exciting fights in the future.” Kaoru said with a smile, “Anata mo, Megumi-san, you and Sanosuke have a lot to look forward to in the future.”

The woman just lowered her head, gazing at the floor. “Chigao yo… Sanosuke and I won’t have a future.”


”We won’t ever be together like you and Ken-san are. It will never happen.”

Kaoru stared at her with shock and concern. Her friend was absolutely serious. “Megumi-san, doushite?”

”Dakara, unlike you, I cannot…” She clenched her tearful eyes closed, her hands reaching out in front of her. She then touched the baby’s face so briefly, “I’m not able to… to give birth…”

”Megumi-san…” Kaoru gasped, not believing her ears, “Sou na…”

“It's true, that's what the doctors told me when I was younger."

"You don't know that for sure! Maybe it's different now! I mean, you've got to at least try... you just can't give up like that! It's not fair to yourself nor Sanosuke!"

As if not even hearing her, Megumi simply went on to say, "I’ve been so envious of you, Kaoru-chan. Anything you put your mind to, you can do it. First, you get the man we both wanted, then you made your relationship work, and now have his baby… I could never do that for Sanosuke… he deserves to marry someone who could give him children… I hope someday he will find her…"

“Megumi-san!" Kaoru argued, trying to get her to look at her. She grabbed her by the shoulders and gave her a good shake before the sad purple eyes met hers, "Surely Sanosuke won’t care if you can’t have children. He’ll understand, and still love you regardless! You two would be happy together if you just gave it a chance!”

Megumi shook her head. ”Iie, I won’t ever tell him the truth… and someday…”

* * *

Sanosuke rubbed his nose. He and Kenshin were walking around the neighborhoods, covering areas that cops weren't crawling all over in. It was already past midnight and so far nothing had happened. He suddenly glared at Kenshin and pointed at his drippy nose.

"Oi, that's the fifth time in a row! Your dumbass wife's talkin' about me for sure!"

"Oro! What did you say about my Kaoru???" Kenshin cried, fists curling, "Don't make me hurt you, Sano!"

"Cheh, maybe she and Megumi are discussing my amazing musculature. Heheheh, I know Jou-chan likes her meat." he chuckled, biting down on the fishbone. Instantly, Kenshin punched the ruffian into the wall. "GUAAAA!!!"

"TEME!! Don't talk about my beloved like that!!" Kenshin growled, ready to drawing his sword and go battousai on him. But an uneasy feeling caught him. "Sore wa... kenki..."

"Oi!!" Sanosuke called, peeling himself off the ground, "Kenshin! Matte!!" The samurai had already started running down the street. Sanosuke got up and started to go after him, "Baka yarou, wait for me!!"

'He's near... I feel a battle aura... and also, the feeling of hunger... a hunger for blood...' Kenshin thought, reaching the intersection.

"KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!" There were repeated screams, but as they turned the corner, they saw bodies already down and a child screaming. She was lying under the arm of one of the dead, who looked like they were protecting her. "OKAASAN!! OTOUSAN!!! KYAAA!!"

"We're too late..." Sanosuke grunted, gazing at the bloody scene, "Kono bastard works fast..."

"Too fast de gozaru." Kenshin uttered, 'Someone like this isn't normal. To finish off people in such a quick instant...'

Sanosuke went towards the traumatized kid, "Daijoube? We're here to help... little one, did you see who did this?"

"It... it was... some bad man from Kamiya dojo!!" the child exclaimed.

Kenshin gazed at the two dead bodies on the ground, the rivers of red pouring out from them. 'Dare ka?! Who could have done this!? NAZE??!'

Sanosuke was carrying the little girl to to some neighbors who had came out. Already whistles were heard and the cops were on their way. He turned around to see Kenshin clinging to the wall and shaking with pain.

"KENSHIN!!" he exclaimed, running to his friend and holding him up with both arms, "OI, OI!! What the hell is wrong?!!"

"Daijoubu..." Kenshin replied weakly, resting his head onto his shoulder, "Sano... my medicine, onegai suru... before I pass out..."

"OH!" he said, reaching in the red gi and fumbling for the bag, "Here ya go! Take it!"

Panting and sweating, Kenshin leaned against the wall. He accepted the pill, swallowing it at one painful gulp. "Arigatou Sano..." He then stared to the ground. "At the sight of the bloody bodies, I threw up over there... please watch your step."


"Daga... the one who did this crime must be..." His violet eyes closed momentarily, "Must be a hitokiri like I was."

"Eh? Kenshin, do you know who it is??"

"Iya, not yet." he uttered sadly, gazing at the crying child, "But I will soon."

* * *
When they got back to the dojo, it was already late. Everyone was asleep and not there to greet them, hear their information, nor look after Kenshin's condition. Silently, they made sure the place was secure and locked all entrances. At the house, Sanosuke offered to stand guard.

"You need your rest, Kenshin. I'll be okay up until the sun rises."

"Arigatou de gozaru." Kenshin uttered, "Somehow I strongly feel the one who is doing this is an enemy of this school or even..." His voice drifted off as he felt the beginings of another attack. 'Doushite?! Why is acting up even more?!'

"Kenshin," his friends said, still very worried, "Is your medicine not working?"

"I just need to lie down." he replied, slowly turning around and trudging down the walkway, "Oyasumi de gozaru."

Sanosuke nodded, watching him slide open the door and go inside his room. 'Hang in there, pal.'

For a long time, Kenshin just stood staring down at his wife, asleep in their futon, their baby lying on her arm. The infant was wide awake and smiling up at him, his blue eyes shining from the moonlight. Tearful, he knelt down and lifted up the baby and held him close.

"Daijoubu, daijoubu... I won't leave you and your mom alone... I promise you..." he sobbed, still shaking, "I promise..."

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