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Happy 21st Birthday!!!

October 14, 2000

My Dear Sweet Angela,

Today you would have turned 21 years old. I can remember the
day you were born as if it were yesterday. It was one of the
happiest days of my life.

Our first day in the hospital

You were a very alert baby. We wanted and loved you so much.

One day old

You were only 11 years old on your last birthday.
I can still see you as you were then.

Angie's 11th birthday

I can only imagine how you would look now if you had lived.
You were a beautiful child and I know you would have turned
into a lovely young woman. We were cheated out of so many
memories and experiences with you, but I am looking forward
to the day when we will be reunited.

When you and your sisters were little, we always made a big deal
with all your birthdays. I went all out with a cake, decorations, and
presents. I give these things to you today to celebrate what should
have been a very special day in your life. Even though I have lost
you, my love continues on. I pray that you are having fun on this day
with all the other angels.

Angel hugs and butterfly kisses to you my precious girl.

All my love to you, Mom.