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Why We Fired Our Lawyer

One doesn't fire one's lawyer on a regular basis, does one? It's hard enough to even convince a lawyer to work on one's case, let alone have the nerve to relieve him of his services. Throw in the fact that our lawyer was working pro bono, (this means for free), and that sounds even better.

Things started out good: he and we were enthusiastic about winning this case. As time wore on, however, his actions in handling our case became, and remain, suspicious. Bribery is a serious offense, especially when it facilitates the obstruction of justice of a poor family. However, be that as it may, it's a good reason for a lawyer to be disbarred, and shake things up a bit in state government at the same time.

On an educational side of things, and for those of you who don't know, lawyers are bound to follow a set of rules known here in WA state as RPC's, which stands for Rules of Professional Conduct. It's a good idea to have a copy of these handy when represented by an attorney. These rules can be found at your state's court website, try looking in the Superior Court's rules first.