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The New Civil War

The last civil war in American History involved racists against (supposed) non-racists - north against south. Wealthy landowners of the south who had successfully pillaged land from the Indians wanted to keep their stolen land and exploit the Africans who had been imported to America for the value of their free labor. The north, however, needed people to tend the machinery of the emerging Industrial Era, and were actually willing to pay something to those who had previously been forced to work for nothing.

I personally don't believe most of the idealistic reasons that were given for having freed the slaves. Why? Simply because the living conditions that the African Americans had after their "release" were as bad, and in some ways worse than what they had left down south. Police brutality, curfews, a vicious legal system, no voting rights, employment and wage discrimination, unsafe working conditions in factories. They found themselves in an urban environment that demanded money for the purchase of everything - a big difference from the agricultural life they had previously lead, where at least some of the food was for free. That was for the Blacks who moved north - those who stayed in the south continued to suffer lynchings; it was around this time that the KKK was formed, in the time after the Civil War - 1870 up to the present.

How Racists Exert an Influence Today

The thought pattern of such people, and the barbaric values they represent, are still in existence today. How are such people able to hold onto their racist beliefs and put these beliefs into practice? By seeking employment in public service. What better way to have access to the personal information of people they wouldn't normally know (or like for that matter), and at the same time, be able to make decisions that affect their lives? Such are the very sort of people that my family have been victimized by - modern racists who exert their influence by abusing the authority of their title as state employees in order to deny valuable opportunities to certain people while allowing them for others. A slap on the wrist for one and a hand amputation for another, when both committed the same offense. And the corruption doesn't stop there - state statutes are ignored as a means of "holding people down" in order to force them to accept less than what they are entitled to and deserve. These are the tactics that pit one faction of citizenry against another, within the same nation. Discrimination through the authority of administrative agencies and their employees over the people entrusted to their care. Civil War: American Style.