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Who The W.R.A.P. Are

The Welfare Rights Advocacy Pages is a non-profit public service, founded by Mr. and Mrs. ______, a mixed race couple who have been married 14 years, known each other for twenty years, and are currently on welfare. Our names are unimportant - who we are, the content of what we say, and what we're doing for the progress of humanity are what truly matters. We founded the W.R.A.P. because there is a need for others to know that the current state of the U.S. social service system is in serious need of intensive scrutiny. We believe that this scrutiny should come from welfare recipients themselves, first and foremost. The need for the poor to demand that their rights be upheld and their futures be secured, has never been greater. Therefore our philosophy is one of independence: freedom earned through the necessary activism to ensure it's existence and survival. Our legal battle has made us acutely aware of the existing dysfunction and corruption in the welfare system. Exploitation and abuse abounds. The purpose of the W.R.A.P. is to encourage those on welfare to become aware of their legal rights, and to actively challenge the system to uphold it's own laws. We are the founders of the welfare reform concept, and are pioneering the way in the political lobbying process for the poor with our landmark court case.