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Prisoners of Our State DSHS

Having a ten year felony theft charge placed upon our record by the state's recommendation to prosecute us in 1994, we have been thoroughly disqualified from being able to actively participate in the Workfirst program. Suggestions of working alongside other felons in "special hiring situations" have been rejected by us for obvious reasons. There is simply nothing to trust when a state agency deliberately pidgeonholes it's clients by withholding all other options that were and still are available. Then simultaneously demanding compliance with one dangerous, questionable, insecure option of working alongside hardened criminals. This is their solution for our family to leave welfare. This is the thanks we received for working our way out of homelessness. A fraud prosecution labeling us as theives for having supplemented our meager welfare check. A prosecution based upon our efforts to pay our electric and phone bills after having secured an apartment out of homelessness. A prosecution that involved the legal representation of our persons by the daughter of a major public official. Ms. Anne Albright, daughter of former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, was Mr. Burt's attorney, and judging from her short stay here in Washington State, we now surmise that she was probably on special assignment.

It is our full intention to see our criminal record cleared of this disgusting "smear campaign" against our family. We are the victims of a new form of racial profiling, done through administrative means by an agency disguised as being for the betterment of it's citizens. We have been brutally sanctioned of money and food for 3 years, as a result of our refusal to live with this unlawful felony conviction on our record.

Stay tuned for updates on this, the battle and search for liberty.

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