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Our Reply to Brookings Institute Article on Welfare Sanctions

The following is our reply to an article published by the Brookings Institute, located in WA D.C. If you wish to read the article, then Click Here

Update: February 11th, 2003 - It seems that the article by Dan Winstead and Don Bloom has been taken off the Brookings site. We looked all over the site for it, and it's still listed (in their "policy briefs" section), but they have chosen to run away for now on the sanction issue... which only stands to reason, because they made a promise to the public that they would publish any responses to the article and failed to do so. We intend to do battle with Brookings again in the future on their welfare policy recommendations if necessary, since our first was such a success.

Let us introduce ourselves. Firstly, if you haven't been to our site yet, we strongly suggest you pay a visit: Therein, you will find astounding truths and exceptions to all of your statistical assertions regarding economically disabled people. You will learn about the founders of the Welfare Reform Act - a married couple who remain in sanction to this very day - whose intelligence is beyond scruntiny, and is currently quite feared by the state gov't. facilities. We have been disqualified from participating in the work program by the very facility that administrates the program. With direct ties to the Clinton administration through Anne Albright, Madeline Albright's daughter, we are the unspoken but soon to be revealed secret behind the construction of the Welfare Reform Act. A felony charge for welfare fraud, which at this point in time is being questioned for it's racially biased connotations, is the true hub of this socio- economic initiative. In other words, Welfare Reform was created by people who supplemented their checks to stabilize themselves out of homelessness. People who within 5 years were up and running their own business within 3 of those 5 years before being unjustly encroached upon by gov't. entities for a supposed "theft" of funds, half of which were already paid off at the time of prosecution. As we have mentioned, we are still in sanction for our inability to participate, as the state DSHS refuses to see where they have done wrong and INSISTS that we work alongside hardened criminals in "special" places. Meanwhile, people such as yourselves are actually on the "dole", receiving gov't. grants to repeatedly exploit and enforce deprivation of the poor. When we speak of sanctioning, we also speak of tactics having been employed in concentration camps during WWII, in order to "break" people. This is simply known as deprivation. Let's examine the factors at work here:

  1. Being on welfare is an economic disadvantage.
  2. Removing resources from such a person only worsens the condition.
  3. For many who may not have the fortitude that my wife and I have gained from the knowledge, dignity is lost.
  4. Constitutionally, sanctioning raises de novo issues of double jeopardy violations never before dealt with in history, but most certainly will be with us at the helm.

Having read your statistically based one sided and biased approach, we were rather amused by the buzzword "diverse" that you used to describe the sanctioned population of people. The true word should be unfortunate. If not for the situation at hand, you would have nothing to write about and get paid for. Simple vampirism off the blood of the poor, sir - nothing new about that. Any further studies that you need can be acquired through our web site. It's currently free, because we believe that information should be accessible to even the poor. We're at the forefront of this situation, althought there are many families who have fallen along the wayside in this war, and we fully intend to provide the adequate representation that is severely lacking in the administration of all of which is noted as wanting to "help" people. Consider yourself informed for your next debate, one of which we're more than sure you wouldn't want to see us at. We'll see if you'll have the objectivity to print this. We certainly will, under the new "Our Two Cents" column at our site.

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