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Slovenian Genealogy Society International,
Pacific Northwest Chapter

You have found the website of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Slovenian Genealogy Society International.

Annual Meeting at 2 PM on Sunday, August 11, 2019
at Mountain Crest Memorial Park near Cumberland (Enumclaw and Black Diamond), WA

and held in conjunction with the Annual Pacific Northwest Slovenian Community Picnic
Click here for maps and directions, which will be updated as the time approaches.

Announcing a NEW DNA TOOL to
1) help connect families with the same Slovenian surname,
2) help connect families from the same Slovenian village or locale, and
3) explore the DNA connections between the peoples of all Venetic cultures
along the ancient Amber Way trade route between the Baltic and Adriatic Seas.

A hearty welcome is extended to Bernie Verbout from Portland, Oregon who just joined the Pacific Northwest Regional Chapter of SGSI.  However, Bernie, your email address is not accepting return mail, so I have been unable to respond to your questions and information.  Please resolve this problem and/or provide an email address that works.

AOL User Notice!!!  If you use AOL as your email provider, please realize that AOL automatically rejects most email from other providers, apparently without even informing you.  So, if you write to me, please take action to allow a response.

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with photographs of pioneer Slovenian family headstones
and links to lists enumerating those interred there.

Index to the Surnames discussed in "The Origin of Slovene Surnames" articles
by Janez Keber in the Quarterly Magazine "Slovenija"
Now covering 1,327 surnames representing 1,206 Slovene surnames!!!

1995 PROSVETA article on Pioneer Slovene Settlers

1995 PROSVETA article on "How the city of Krain was founded"

1920 Census Sheets from the Pacific Northwest

New Link to On-going Discussion of Slovenes in Washington State on Rootsweb Bulletin Board

Areas of the Pacific Northwest with Early Concentrations of Slovenes

AlaskaIdahoMontanaN. DakotaOregonWashingtonWyoming
FairbanksIvyAldridgeCarpioCornucopia Black Diamond   Zumek Market Photo
  Zumek Family Photo
Black Buttes
KelloggAnacondaNew HradecOregon CityCamasDietz
WardnerBear CreekWahpetonPortlandCle ElumDiamondville
Chimney RockFranklinGunn
CoalsvilleKrain   1935 Krain Church Photo
  Old Krain Photo
Virtual Krain Cemetery
East HelenaRavensdaleHudson
Ekalaka, Custer CountyRentonKemerer
Great FallRidgefieldOakley
Hoffman-MelroseRoslynRock Springs
KleinTaylor   Old Taylor PhotoSublet
Red LodgeWenatchee

*Identified as probably actually the McQueen Addition of Butte by long-time resident Frank Jeniker.

Arizona       California       Colorado       Nevada       Utah

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