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Seattle, Washington

Updated 8-4-2006


A True classic. The first successful World War ll assault rifle developed to fire intermediate cartridges. This reproduction is nearly identical to the original. It looks feels, weighs and operates just like the original, but cannot be converted to fire real ammo and DOES NOT FIRE BLANKS.
Features: Length:36.5", Weight 9.9 lbs. Retail price:$1,795.00 my price: $1450.

1st Model FG42 replica, as of this update they are SOLD OUT .

PHOTOS of REPLICA FG42 2nd Model
SORRY $200 PRICE INCREASE! NEW SHIPMENT OF 10 in as of 8-4-2006

2nd Model Parts Drawing


Collector's Armoury is offering museum quality non-functioning reproductions of 2nd Model, and they have recently INCREASED THEIR PRICE $200, retail cost: $1795. I am a dealer for Collector's Armoury through my company Special Weapons & Effects, and can get these at wholesale and resell them and the new MP-44 reproductions to Fallschirmjgäer reenactors/collectors for $1450. No dealers or multiple orders please.

The FG-42 2nd model and the MP-44 reproductions are built by Shoei of Japan they DO NOT FIRE BLANKS. The 1st model FG-42 version is SOLD OUT, and a new order of 10 of the 2nd Model repoduction just recently arrived at Collector's Armoury in Virginia. This is the first offering of the MP-44 from them in recent memory. I do not hold stock on these but have them shipped directly from Collector's Armoury to the purchaser.

COLLECTOR'S ARMOURY does occasionally carry the EXTRA MAGS for the replica FG42, unfortunately they are very pricey, normal retail is $149 each, I sell them at $120 each if ordered seperately or $110 each if ordered at the same time as a FG42 replica. As of this update I don't know if any are in stock.

NOTE: As of June 2003 modern firearm replicas can not be shipped to New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Kansas, Wisconsin, California, Minnsota, Puerto Rico or Canada. I do not take orders from anywhere else outside the US.

Orders have to be prepaid by money order, or credit cards via PayPal.

As soon as I receive payment I can have them drop shipped directly to you from Collector's Armoury. There is no quarantee that any will be in stock by the time I receive payment and can place an order for you, in this case if paid by money order a full refund will be made by mail. PayPal payments are made immediately but they may be minus 3% as this is their transaction fee. Contact me if you are interested and I can let you know if stock is still available.

Damaged replicas must be returned to Collector's Armoury at your expense for repair, replacement or refund. The original shipping charges from Collector's Armoury to your mailing address will be deducted from any refunds not related to damaged goods. All returns must have authorization and be arranged through me prior to shipping. Email me for availability and mailing address, messages should have a reference to FG42 in the subject line. Serious inquiries only please, thank you.

NOTE: The sling and dummy ammo shown in the parts drawing that comes in the FG42 box are not included.

Marc McDaniel
Owner, Special Weapons & Effects
2nd Fallschirmjaeger Regiment of Washington

Reproduction FG-42 2nd Model
$1450 Payment in advance by money order or Credit Card via PayPal.
Shipping and handling charges paid in the Continental U.S.

Please note FG-42 or MP-44 in the subject line.