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Evelyn, My Heart!

Champion Treasure's on the Eve O Glory

Evelyn is the Princess here at Treasure. She is a stunning, cobby little black bitch, with tons of ATTITUDE. She is a show dog in the true sense : a correct dog that shows herself off. The show lead comes out, and she is all business!!

Here is Evelyn winning a Group First under Judge Bessie V. Pickens. This was 2/12/00, the night we left for Westminster.

And here she is at the "most prestigious dog show in the world"...the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, held in Madison Square Garden, New York City.

She was Best of Opposite at the Black Match held in conjunction with the National, with a total entry of 90 Black Pugs. Mary Ortel was the Breeder judge that bestowed this honor on Evelyn.

While advertising will not change the confirmation of your dog (ie, make it better), when you have a once in a lifetime Pug like Evelyn, you are honored and obligated to do the best for them that you can.

While I finished Evelyn myself, I wanted to have a professional handler show her. When she is retired, I want to have the satisfaction of knowing that I did the very best I could for her.

Kevin and Diane Chestnut are truly wonderful people and an excellent handler team.


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