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Japanese Loanwords & English Vocabulary Acquisition

I'm Frank E. Daulton (PhD Applied Linguistics), and my research has shown that loanwords really help the Japanese to learn English. Many of the most important English words (e.g. high-frequency vocabulary) may already exist in native lexicons. Enjoy my lists of English words that correspond to well-known loanwords (gairaigo) below.

My book Japan's Built-in Lexicon of English-based Loanwords (2008, Multilingual Matters) examines Japanese lexical borrowing, clarifies the effect of cognates on foreign language learning, assesses Japanese cognates that correspond to high-frequency and academic English, and discusses using this resource in teaching. Extensive lists of loanword cognates, including Japanese equivalents, are included!

This book is a valuable contribution to SLA research. Apart from the obvious target of the book, SLA researchers and teachers anywhere in the world, it will be of particular interest to the Japanese community and to Westerners interested in Japanese language and culture. It is not easy to write a book appealing to audiences as disparate as this, but Daulton has managed to do this very well. He writes clearly and lucidly and makes good use of his teaching experience in Japan.
-- HÃ¥kan Ringbom, Abo Akademi University

Useful Lists of English/Japanese Cognate & A Joint Lectures

*High-frequency English Corresponding to Common Loanwords*
*Academic English Corresponding to Common Loanwords*
*An Economics Word List for Japanese Learners*
The Daulton & Rogers Presentation: The Potential of Cognates in Japanese to Aid Language Acquisition

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