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Customized Models

GreyStone Wahed
Breyer SM old mold Arabian stallion Cm'd by Susan Tank of GreyStone Equestrian Center. Little things have been done here and there - head resculpting, leg refinement and definition, a new tail, and then he was topped off with a stunning bay-going-gray paintjob. Brand new and unshown!! Can't wait to see him kick some serious but - perhaps against my own resin Arabs! "Wahed" means "One" in Arabic.

Springtime Harmony
CM Breyer SM Standing Foal by Jennifer Kistler to a Morgan filly.

Portrait model of the real "Matador" - a Danish Warmblood stallion ridden for Finland in dressage by Kyra Kyrklund. The real horse is stunning - and this guy represents him well! He's been captured in his almost perfect piaffe by artist Ann Harris (would you believe he started as the Breyer Hanoverian?). My Matador won a Top Ten at NAN 1999 in CM European Warmblood! One of my favorites.

I'm Impressed
Breyer SM Citation CM by Lesli Kathman to a bay blanket Appaloosa Sport Horse mare. Wonderful show horse! She's Top Ten'd at NAN in both 1995, 1997 and 2002. One of my best pieces as far as quality and workmanship goes.

Since I started collecting, the one artist whose pieces I always coveted were those by Sarah Minkiewicz (now -Breunig). Finally, the dream has come true with a stunning grade pony apptly named "Elvis". Believe it or not, I think he used to be a Breyer Misty! A huge thank you to his former owner for letting him stay with me!


Jemez Tsavo
The horse I never thought I'd own! This is the Breyer Haflinger CM'd by Lynn Fraley to a silver dun Norwegian Fjord stallion. He's been multi-champ in the defunct Model Norwegian Fjord Club as well as one of the highest point earners (always beat my "Nordfinn's Olav, a CM Fjord by myself)! He's probably THE centerpiece to my CM and fjord collections!

Jemez Tsavo

D.O. Windemere Warlord
CM'd Breyer Classic Silky Sullivan to a dapple gray Welsh Mountain Pony by Carole Hale. He is the cutest thing! An older custom, and former live show champ!

D.O. Windemere Warlord

Peggy Soo
CM Breyer Misty to a Damara zebra mare by Lee Francis. A HUGE thank you to Ann Bilon for selling her to me! She's already been really successful for us in the showring!

CM Breyer SM Scratching Foal by Diane Capwell to a mule colt.

CM Breyer SM Standing Foal by Diane Capwell to a mule filly.

CM Breyer SM Leaping Foal by Michelle Burgess to a mule foal.

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