What do you do when the hands of justice are unjust,
  if not for your country,then who can you trust?
  An innocent young man answered the call to war,
  and the course of his life was changed from before.
  the soldier was grateful that he was alive,
  unlike those poor boys that didn't survive.
 But the agony of war soon turned to disgrace,
  as he came home to protesters that spit in his face.
 His patriotism dashed,his new hope would fall,
  as "baby killer" he heard his country men call.
  He grew his hair long, wanting to blend in and hide,
  and spoke not a word as he kept the torment inside.
  searching for anything to help ease his pain,
  but found all his attempts wound up in vein.
 Then the injustice grew, that wasn't it,
  he was imprisoned for a crime that he didn't commit.
 His weakened state weakened as he was given the blame,
  tired from fighting and forced to surrender his name.
 They all knew he was innocent but someone must pay,
  it didn't matter the wrong person would be locked away.
  but he was not even freed upon his release,
  the war was not over, he had not found peace.
 Trying his hardest to forget what he can,
  a prisoner of war, of conscience, of man,
  unable to turn back the hands of injustice or time,
  as the country he loved had committed the crime.
 They'll never repay, the price freedom cost,
 or give this man back, the life that he lost.


By:   C.W.