One day a man was sent to a place called Vietnam
Had gotten the call from uncle Sam
He told his wife and kids don't worry I'll be back
stuffed all his clothes in an old torn sack
As he boarded the plane to go to war
he had no Idea what in the hell he was fighting for
as he got to his platoon #113
Dense jungle was all that he had seen
And to that young boy war was just a game
But after the first year, he could hardly remember his name
After seven years of fighting
He'd seen all his buddies die
He just sat down in the Jungle
and began to cry
They walked day and night, wherever they could roam
Then one day they got the call, that they were going home
He told them he'd been in Vietnam, they asked what for
Nobody cared that he had been at war
As he got older, looked at his past and sighed
At the age of eighty that once young man died
Eight years of fighting was all the he could bare
And when he returned home, realized his own country didn't care

By; Jay Nemeth