She went to Nam, very strong and bold.
She soon got tired and very old.
She had to become, callous and bitter.
As another man comes in on a litter.
She learns a lot, very quickly.
Sometimes in haste, it ended tragically.
Putting men behind a screen to die.
The Vietnam war was just a lie.
Evac was like a grotesque production line.
Another patient, found another mine.

Where to inject him, when he has no arm.
Try to keep cool. Try to stay calm.
After she’s done, he begs her not to leave.
Looking down at his shredded sleeve.
She promised she’ll be right back.
But he dies, right there on his rack.
Cutting off his clothes, taking off his boot.
His foot was still inside, poor young recruit.
A continuos flow of bodies come in.
All the blood, the gore and shredded skin.

The horror and the waste.
Leaves a bitter taste.
Young men, badly maimed.
She didn’t want to know their names.
Emotional numbing, putting up a wall.
As the patients lay dying, out in the hall.
People ask, how she feels inside.
She doesn’t know, it’s too hard to describe.
Working at a punishing pace.
Another bloodied soldier, another bloodied face.

Help without hassles, they used to say.
Maiming and death, day after day.
After a year of death and pain.
She never wanted to go there again.
After Evac’s emergency ward.
In a American hospital, she’d just be bored.
A horrible war, one will never forget it.
Up to her ankles, in blood, guts and shit.
The heavy guilt, leaving patients behind.
When going home, it screws up her mind.

Getting home, living alone.
Her future ahead, is still unknown.
Talking to no one, about her hurt and pain.
Trying very hard, to keep herself sane.
Not trusting people, only another Vietnam vet.
Riding so fast, in her red Corvette.
Sharing their memories and fears.
Shedding floods and floods of tears.
She hopes one day, she can come to terms with the war.
And forget all that death, blood and gore.

Go to Washington DC.
To the Nurses memorial, she must see.
On Vietnam Veterans day.
The last Bank holiday in May.
To see their monument and the wall.
A wounded soldier, and a nurse standing tall.
Looking up high, at the Medivac coming down.
Another nurse kneeling on the ground.
Trying to keep the soldier alive.
Until the help can arrive.
Many tears were shed that day.
On that May Vietnam Veterans Day.

BY: M. Stewart