The depressing walk along the wall,
seeing the names of the men who stood so tall.

They served their country and they served it well,
when they died they died in hell.

No one knew when they boarded that plane that so
many lives would never be the same.

We can only imagine what they went through over there.
The only hope they had was knowing that we cared.

The fear they must have felt in their bones knowing
they may never make it home.

Lying in the swamp scared to make a sound,
just knowing the enemy was all around.

If they got a chance to close their eyes,
they hoped they would live to see the morning sky.

Friends dying left and right,
they knew it was the Lord's will but it didn't seem right.

So when you walk that depressing wall.
Remember the men who stood so tall.

Written by: Wanda "Jus2Wicked"
On September 2, 1989.

Dedicated to the men and women and families
of all who have served and lost loved one in
the Vietnam War.