The Jewish people had to register
For the Nazis would know who they are,
Then the defenceless victims
Were forced to wear a yellow star!

Screaming and shouting could be heard
When the registeration was complete,
The Jewish poeple were forced from their homes
And driven out on the street!

Into the cattle cars they climbed
Until it could hold no more,
Then the brutal S.S.
Slammed and locked the doors!

The cattle cars were filled beyond capasity
There was barely room to stand,
The people were jammed togather
Like sardines in a can!

No private place to do their business
Most soiled their clothes,
Many died from suffocation
The number of victims we may never know!

When they reached their destination
The train came to a standstill,
And when the doors were opened
All they seen was hell!

The frightened people were then ordered
To step down from the train,
The stronger helped the weak
The elderly and the lame!

The weak, women and elderly
Formed a line to the right,
While the strongest of the men
Went to the left and disappeared from sight!

The defenceless victims
Were forced to remove their clothes,
Then walk into the showers
Beaten were those who opposed!

Inside the showers there was no water
There was only deadly gas,
The Nazis hearing their screams of agony
Waited till they breathed their last!

The bodies were then removed
All the gold teeth the S.S. did take,
To pry the bodies apart
Their limbs they had to break!

The smell of burning flesh
From the cremortiam there,
Filled the night with a stench
The remaining prisoners trembled with fear!

The smoke from the cremortiam
Came out in a steady stream,
The slaughter continued on
For miles the smoke could be seen!

The ashes of the dead
Were used to pave the roads,
The prisoners of forced labor
Felt their hearts get heavier with each load!

The German people had to know
The atrostities taking place,
But not all Germans were all bad
Some tried to save the Jewish race!

Those that tried to save them
If caught would share the same fate,
But still they were willing to help
The Jewish people to escape!

Mediacl experiments the Nazi Doctors performed
That caused the victims excruciating pain,
No mercy did the butchers show
Screams of agony could be heard time and time again!

When the Allies liberated the death camps
They were greeted by the welcome dead,
Their faces reflected the horror
Their eyes sunk deep within their heads!

They were given food and water
But some were much to weak,
Many lay there on the ground
They could barely speak!

The Allies had the German people
To view the horrors that had taken place there,
They could not avoid seeing the abomination
The sight and smell of death was everyhere!

The war crimes that were committed there
Was shown for the world to see,
The Nazis were tried at the War Tribunal
To pay for their atrocities!

May history never repeat itself
We must not allow this to happen again,
But we now know annilation will continue
Until all wars come to an end!

By: Yvonne Legge
Copyright 1998 Yvonne Legge

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