I am that which protects the realm.
I am that which fights for my people.
I am the one who serves not only my god, queen and country,
But my squad, my team, my friends, and my family also.
Though I fight, I do so for peace,
Though I pull the trigger, I do so in the knowledge that all other options have failed.
Though I take a mans life. I do so with regret and sorrow.
Though I attack, I do so only in defence.
It is with pride and honour that I bear the uniform.
It is with regret that I bear the rifle that acompanys it.
I have put my life at risk for those I love.
I have fought for that which I believe in.
Be it Marine, Rock Ape, Infantry, or other,
I fight in the knowledge that I am part of a greater body.
I have done my piece for peace.
And though I may fall, I will do so willfully.
Knowing that I will arise at the pearly gates, one more solider reporting for duty...
I am the protector.
I am the knight
I am the soldier  
BY:  Simon A. Swann  


We all go through training for
Many months and even years
We stick it through basic 
With the torment still ringing in our ears.
Were sent to distant lands to fight a war unknown
Yet them we are fighting are often trained at home
We live in a country said to be free
Yet it breeds a form of Islam that wants to kill me.
They live within our mists maybe even next door
Yet our government lets them in saying we need more.
They live in our country eat from our lands
Yet hate what we live for and the way we stand.
Iím supposed to fight for my country for queen and for land
Yet the land we are protecting breeds more fundamentalist hands.
We fight in the morning in the afternoon and the night
Shooting to kill we must keep up this fight.
When the battle is over the war not yet won
2 minutes to reflect the devastation just done
We donít fight for our country our queen or our land
We donít fight for the government who live underground
We donít fight for wives safe overseas
Nor do we fight for our mothers, fathers in another country
We fight for each other the men on ground 
So people back home can argue away from the sound.
We see the battle, the devastation first hand
Yet instead of support, no heroes welcome, no flags in the ground
We come home to arguments protestors of war
Yet early next year we go back for more.
So people at home hear this soldierís call
If it wasnít for us you would have no country at all
We have fought under this flag for hundreds of years
And if we would have stopped youíd have no future peers  
BY:  Simon A. Swann 

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