In the vast sweeping history of America's courage
                           And hard-earned glory,
          Do you ever askô Who speaks for the soldiers gone,
                           Who tells their story. . . "
               How many made the supreme sacrifice on that
                      Bloodstained freedom altar,
              Count the grains of sand on Normandy and Iwo,
                    Where their resolve did not falter. . .
             They fought on at Guadalcanal, Bastogne, Midway
                             And Corrigidor, too,
            Liberated Paris and witnessed the rigors of Bataan,
                         Seeing their duty through. . .
               Far away from home there are rows of crosses
                           Marking where they fell,
            Those who survived those battles are nearly gone,
                     Leaving no first-hand tales to tell. . .
               Oh, you brave soldiers, you saviors of liberty,
                      What say you to your country fair,
           In one voice,
When our country needed us most,
                           We were there.
               So salute them, embrace them, thank them for
                          Ensuring that we are free,
            Who speaks for the soldiers gone. . .honor dictates
                          It must be you and me. . .

                           BY:     Michael Griffin