WAR POETRY.....BY: Anthony Legge(Tony)


When lives are lost in a senseless war
Bombing your foe won't even the score,
When you kill innocent men, children and women
All you are doing is condemning.

The dear departed souls will not rest in peace
Until all wars have been ceased,
All the hatred and distrust must end
If we are to live in peace again.

By: Anthony Legge (Tony)


War is death
War is sin,
War is cruel
In war, nobody wins!

Tanks are engines of destruction
Bombs scatter the human body and soul,
Guns pump you full of lead
And knives cut out the heart within.

The Anti-Christ , Hitler started the war
He ruled Germany with an iron hand,
He murdered Jews by the millions
Along with Gyspies and many others from foreign lands.

Sleeping on the cold, hard ground
Those brave men were tired and ill,
Water and food were scarce
And their energy very low.

Always remember the sacifices that they made
The hardships they had to endure,
The bravery of all the soldiers, alive and dead,
So we can live in peace for evermore!

By: Anthony Legge (Tony)