This poem is dedicated to Sgt Mjr Bill Dahner (Ret.)CIB two with two stars

Thinking back to the mud and blood
Mortars hitting with a sloshing thud.
Sarge yelling and chewing gum
Bullets telling whose time had come.

"You sorry ****, hunker down! Get out of sight!
If you don't, we'll eat your rations tonight!"
Listen to him, listen to Sarge
Chewing gum, standing large.<./br>

"Pick your targets! Fire true and slow!
Let those other **** know
We won't move and we don't care
This is our piece of Nam we won't share."

Later when the firings done
And whatever victory that was won, won,
We sit and scrap our cans. We laugh,
Sarge standing there chewing gum and giving gaff../br>