You left home, hardly more than a boy
Yet man enough to be called a Ranger.
Your duty took you to a distant land.
With gun and guts to face the danger.

Like the legions marching through centuries
You took your place in battle and time.
We cannot know the out-come of your fight
Nor pay honor due with simple rhyme.

With hearts as heavy as the stone
Upon which we have carved your name,
we ask ourselves "Where is he now?"
And wonder still, "Who is to blame?"

Was your body broken and left a shell,
Abandoned on Koreas' bloody soil?
Have they taken you to China or beyond?
Your shackles loosened just to toil.

We'll meet again in Gods own time,
Where there will be no tears or strife.
Answers will be given then
That we do not have in mortal life.

'Til then, somehow, I hope you know
You're in our constant thoughts and prayer.
It matters not who's taken first.
Just know that we will meet you there.

By: Judith Ludgate Knight