Looking through an hourglass,
to a time where some remain,
who look upon their shatter lives,
shadows cast up their dreams,

They wander how they lost so much,
Their lives forever changed,
Some seemed to have lost sanity,
Their cries forever ring..

They saw their friends and family die,
Their cries were never herd,
And even now their faces show,
For the cause they had was great

None thought twice to give their lives,
To preserve what they thought right,
So that their children and those to come,
Might see our freedom bright..

But now as time has traveled on,
Their works are not forgot,
The battles that they fought and won,
The battles that they lost..

We Look at all you gave to us,
A reminder of our past,
That all we have It cost a price,
You paid on our behalf...

You are not forgotten...

"... To the soldiers who have fought and died to defend our country and the freedom we hold so dear..."

BY:  Mike Spears