Missing in action, the wire read
The words sent such a chill
to those of us who loved him
As we all love him still.
But that was oh, so long ago
A lifetime,so it seems
The hope died slowly in our hearts
Though it sometimes fills our dreams
Where is our smiling soldier now
Whose future was once assured?
Last seen in hand to hand combat
That's all we've ever heard.
The waiting has been endless
The out-come so obscure
In our hearts we hold the answer
We will never greet him here.
There is a place beyond this earth
Where one day we will see
This fallen sparrow of the Lord
In his final victory

Written for Ssgt. Homer I May, Mia-Korea, Hill 851, 1&2 Sept. 1951
By: Author, neice, Judith Ludgate Knight (judirue)

Vietnam War Poetry