In Flanders field those young men fell

Had they lived what tales to tell?


Young men who were really boys

Boys who thought that guns were toys


 Bayonets fixed theyíre ready to go

Through the mud and the frozen snow


Young men in a foreign land

The meaning of war they didnít understand


Adventure was all they really sought

But it never turned out the way they thought


Itíll be over by Christmas they were told

But Christmas has gone, and itís ever so cold


They sit in trenches and think of home

With hearts as heavy as a stone


Then a shout is heard from down the line

One last cigarette boys itís nearly time


Then up the ladder and over the top

Itís a terrible thing to see young men drop


The dead and wounded all around

Lay where they fell on frozen ground


All those men died side by side

A terrible death but filled with pride


They died for you they died for me

They died so we could all be free


So please letís never forget the brave

Those young men who went to an early grave




Robert Lewis Liverpool U.K.


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