Kill or be killed is the battle cry
Squeeze that trigger son and do not blink an eye
In this bloody war you do not have a choice
To kill you the enemy would not think twice
When using a grenade be sure to take good aim
Throw it quick if you do not wish to be killed or maimed
Booby traps are set everywhere
Be very alert son and step with care
Always watch your buddies' backs
Be prepared for ambush attacks
You must have nerves of steel
Any weakness do not reveal
When all is said and done
As a soldier you are expendable son
Now take your gear and do your best
From you I expect nothing less
So I fought the war in Vietnam
Survived and returned home to be damned
By the country I fought for
I did not want this bloody war
No joy, no parade to celebrate
All they gave me was their hate
They booed and spit and threw things at me
"Baby killer" they shouted repeatedly.
My family and friends were waiting there
They were the only people who cared.
Years have passed since the war
I still wonder what in the hell I was fighting for
On a black wall that have names etched in white
A Vietnam memorial recognizes our plight
It stands for the respect and understanding
That the Vietnam Veterans should have received
I will always remember the welcome my country gave me.

By: Yvonne Legge