The old man growls and shakes his head
He denies the truth the young one said
Old man lifts a finger and points to the sky
And claims the sky is gray and says all is lies

The young lad looks troubled and stares at the man
Old man just grins and speaks of the land
He then forms spit and spits at the ground
Old man takes his cane and lets it fall down

The young ladís eyes fall still at the sight of the cane
Old man grins once more then shrikes by the pain
The lad help him sit and asks why he speaks
Speaks such puzzling words, that have no value or mean

Old man looks up sweaty by the heat of the day
He then says he speaks what his eyes see and say
The lad says the sky is blue and states the crops are good
Why must he spit and point at natures good mood

Old man sighs and looks at the lad
Explains the war days and what he once had
Sure the land still blooms and the sky vividly shine
But he claims he sees dead grass and yellowish pines

He says the land is good, and the rivers are clear
But they once flowed with blood, and triggers him tears
He declares nothing will vanish from his mind or his touch
He cries his eyes have seen far too much
Then the old man falls silent and suddenly stops

The lad turns to the old man and sees his head down
He looks low and sees tears wet the dirt ground
The old man continued with a low voice this time
"My life has been grief, too see all die shuts my eyes and makes me go

"Forgive me my grandson, live your life and be kind
But if war shall stammer, step first in line
And protect this land you love the same way as I did
Just don't commit my mistake, to go blind as this land is being sold and bid
Wait until you see it flourish once again"

The young lad smiles and picks up a flower
Places it in the old man's hand and whispers...
"Papa, you are all but a coward"




I carried the fallen, gave hope to the youth
I lifted the flag, and fought for the truth
I promised the ill, they'd see the sun rise
I asked for the reason and requested the price

I stood in-front of the mirror, after unfinished war
Saw my reflection, face printed with gore
Yet honor provoke, chills down my spine
I thank for the chance, of my feeling pride

Such feelings cast light, as my tears omit
In this life I know live in, where such feelings admit
That a proud soldier I was, in such the past life
I praise those soldiers, whom in battle do rife.

By: Karla Ceja







He ran his fingers over his scar

The scar he got that day

The day he went to battle

While kids hurt and prayed


He watched himself on the mirror

And fixed his posture up straight

Remembering bombs and fires

The decision that changed al fate


The man collapsed and covered his face

Of embarrassment and shame

For killing the innocent civilians

All seemed a demonic game


He saw the faces on mirror

The cries and pleading screams

The shrieking of the helpless

And the horrific scene of a dream


He also saw himself

The man with the fire gun

Shooting with no remorse

With a smirk reflecting fun


The man hesitated and swallowed

Chocking with what was true

The truth he use to feel was strength

But now the reason heís blue


He looked uncontrollable and sick

He now saw what all had seen

He formed a tight fist and growled

And hit the mirror to break the mean


The old soldier knows he can not run

He will be reminded all the time

When he dares solute the flag

Or touches what nowís a sign


All he did was follow orders

But was guilty for the delight

How he enjoyed seeing pain

And now hides day and night


The scar will follow everywhere

And remind him of the shameful win

The win of the war he lead

That honored him a solemn sin



Again, he ran his fingers over his scar...






I live in a broken world, where war disturbs peace

Where fire fogs the beauty, of the shining morning sea

Battle feel upon my land, canít tell when hell broke loose

All I heard was singing, singing birds calling for truth


Bombs and language cannot tare, this faithful town apart

We do not listen to given orders, unless those told by the heart

We worship no idol, but the God and the soul we share

Our thoughts sin from innocence while war spurs and dares


Yet we hock up arms together and mock those who lift a gun

We need not say a word, but stand tall below the sun

Casting our shadows, in our loyal bonding town

Stomping our feet, creating a rhythm tunic sound


We do not scare them with violence, never mind all the threats

All we do is keep ourselves together, as we stand and lift our heads

We go through this week by week, yet we call it not a waste

But rather a ritual to keep this town, fluent with its pace


Soon the men leave our town, by the simple look of a sinless face

They hide there weapons and stares us down, but shrink in our gaze

Though disturbed by unfinished war, we gather our peace

Allow the families to flourish, and love forever seize.


(Not so much of war, but rather the aftermath)






Gather round this fire, sit still and listen

Iíll tell a world you wish not visit

A world where fire substituted rain

Laughter were cries, smiles were pain.


Yesterday's world, the world of today

The game of tomorrow, we now start to play

We awoke the dangers soon fed them the best

Triggered one war that fused with the rest.


Gave away weapons, took away treats

Jobs for the inept, now the ignorant lead

Our youth became old, the old fade away

White became black, all colors turned grey.


Democracy vanished, dictatorship rose

Then died the next day as revolution soon froze

Votes were a myth while facts were untold

Truths were forbidden; strength was to uphold.


This world I describe, ring any bells?

Take a look around, resemblance my tale?

Hand me some sand, I must turn off this fire.

Get up now, get up

This old man must retire


(More of a poetic story)







"Run!" I remember mother yelling with a raspy voice

"Mom!" I called after her, but the war absorbed all the noise

If I were to run, where would I run to? For I was stuck in a pathetic battle

A bloody battle taking away innocent lives while enemies feeling rattled

Followed by pleading cries while frightful things were being done

Such world created by allowing a simple man to handle a gun

Children hurting, clueless of what has consumed their homes

There is no shelter except ruins, lost memories, ashes and stones

People with open arms but nothing to grasp

Dead or alive what are hunting us are decisions made in the past

Now mother has become ashes while flames quickly extend

I see desperate people stumbling upon each other hoping everything will soon


Why? I ask myself as tears form in my tired eyes

Tired eyes that had seen death choke helpless people's cries

The reason for war may be a mystery, for peace was once known in this land

Were everyone cherished their living and everyone extended a hand

Now all of that is over as I return to this horrible scene

I look down then turn around just to bump into the same dreadful mean

Yet I'm not the only one wanting to wake up from this suffocating nightmare

For there are teens from my same generation whose eyes reflect my same


Ignorance once took over; we shall not let this happen ever again

Let's listen and be heard, start out fresh and begin

We must hesitate no longer, and rebel for what is right

End this war we stated and fix this sickening sight

Let fear not conquer us, instead let us take a chance