" Tyne Cot "

when you left
for the front
you were
living heroes
and now
you are on top
of the hill
where only
by Jan Theuninck


 " Yperite "

late at night
a mist
fills the valley.
without knowing
it suffocates
like a dark power.
on the fields
our dead bodies
and under the grass
a brown soil
by Jan Theuninck


Polygon Wood 

like a shrine
you lie
in the middle
of the wood
and  warn 
of  those
who preach
and make
by Jan Theuninck


  " Hill 60 "

poppies' blood
on the green grass
on the hills of mud
away they pass...
by Jan Theuninck


" Passiondale "

badly shell shocked
can't find my dugout
damned generals
where's my pillbox
shells rain
craters remain
insanity or death
what's the difference