This poem is lovingly dedicated to any woman who has lost her loved one in a war.

The summer's over, the winter's here
The war never ended for you
And so you let loose a single tear
Because your worst fear came true

He never came back, and he never will
The days are lonely and the nights are so long
You're cold to the bone from winter's chill
And the radio no longer plays your old love song

For a husband to be a casuality in the war
Brings hell to both the battlefield and the home
You'd love to see him come safely through your door
But the fantasy soon fades into reality's dark dome

His was a great price to pay
For the high cost to be free
Oh, you cry out in dismay,
"Why couldn't they have left us be?"

The war has taken everything from you
Other men have suffered the same fate
Your lover, friend, and husband, too
Many new widows share your state

We may have won the bloody war,
But their sacrifice was for not
We prayed that there would be no more
But soon another war was fought

The lesson was still not learned
As people still do fight
And so more lives are burned
Left as dark as night

By: Rydia

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