War and combat sometimes hand to hand.
Fought on foreign territory in a foreign land.
So much lost and so much I donít understand.
Why was I forced into this, forced to take a stand?
I see faces of my friends and my fellow man.
Simply following orders in the chain of command.
Reaching up from gravesides, extending one last hand.
Somebody please help me, will you, maybe, can?
Some taken prisoners, some held on demand.
Requests that are unreasonable as a hero takes a stand.
Refusing to give in and simply throw up his hands.
He chooses to stay and fight, to defend his motherland.

To fight for his rights and those soldiers in the grounds be laid.
Letís not forget our people, let not their memories fade.
To all a heroes welcome, let them all be bade.



BY: Tammi Lavachek