One day a soldier went to war,
He wanted to be a hero,
But he didn’t know what for

He was very excited ‘bout going,
He was having so much fun
War was just another battle that had to be won

When he got there the sky was black,
There were bombs going off,
But he couldn’t go back

He made a run to the trench,
His commanding officer was hit,
Now he and his mates were ready to quit

All they had were their guns and rations,
He took a shot and an enemy soldier went down
But there were too many to stop
He yelled “RETREAT” but that’s the last word he said

His mate’s were dying around him
With bullets screaming through the air
He was hit in the chest ……and he hit the ground hard
And that’s how our young soldier became … dead

But his family never knew what happened,
Until one of his fellow soldiers came to the door
And he handed them his dog tags and said,
“I’m very sorry but your son …… is dead.”

So this is the story of our young solider
Who went off to war so full of bliss
He wanted to be a hero
But just faded away like a cloud of mist…

Lest we Forget

BY: Greg Shellard