In the midst of the 60's
She found herself confused
She was challenged to come see and do her part

So instead of becoming a part of the problem
She became part of the solution instead
She came to make a difference

The odd thing about the Vietnam war
It makes no differenece if you are male or female
Soldier or civilian the war impacts your soul

She bore the risks of combat
Same as you and me
She served us all with fidelity

Some will say she didn't serve
I will tell them that they are wrong
She is as much a Veteran -as us all

Emily raised in Atlanta
With her charm and her grace
Became a Donut Dollie in a far away place

She became a beacon of light...she brought us hope
With her smile and round-eyes
She took us to another time and place--away from the war

She didn't carry a weapon
She came with fun and games--she did her part
More importantly she became a part of the soldiers heart

As I look back on memories of the past
I recall with a certain fondness
Her beauty with a southern voice

Thanks for doing your part
You are not forgot
You became part of our heart

The gal from Georgia-our Donut Dolly
A soldier's friend indeed

BY: Doc Kerry Pardue November 2, 2003
Vietnam 1968-1969
755th Medical Detachment--Plieku
8th Medical Detachment--Ban Me Thout
Scouts, 2/47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division--Bihn Phouc