Oh, how I miss you and really don't understand,
"why" you had to leave us, to fight in another land.
I watch it on TV, I see there's lots of sand.
Are you hiding in a hole Dad, just like the other men?
The guns look really big, Mommy says they are not play.
Daddy, please look out and don't get in the way.

You taught me to say my prayers.
You told me God was everywhere.
I know you would have told me if it were not true.
It makes me feel better to know He's there with you.
So , I will hurry and say my prayer, you say yours too.
We will put it in Gods hands, because He'll know what to do.

God, As a little boy there is a lot I don't understand.
Like, "why" there is war and not peace between man?
They needed my daddy because HE's the "best" ya know.
He will fight for his country because he loves it so.

God, will you dry my Mommy's tears?
She misses my daddy when he is not here.
Take care of all the others with my Daddy there.
They have loved ones too, who really, really care.

God, you know how much I miss my Dad,
And want him here with me.
But till he can be here, give him a hug for me.
And, God, take care of my Daddy, Please.

Written by: Wanda
January 18, 1991.

This is dedicated to the men and woman serving in
the Persian Gulf.