Dear Vet My Dad Before You Go


   You strangers, you quiet men of war
   Our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, friends
   I swore that you defined yourselves so poignantly
   By that tumultuous slice of time so long ago;
   We heard the snippets, short yarns among the men,
   Amid the sighs and wistful looks and quaffing of the beer.

   Gray haired you are today and honored to be so
   For knowing such good fortune did not come
   For many of your comrades.
   Time is your enemy now and though retired
   And with your laboring years behind,
   What have you left to tell us of that night?
   When you are gone, what legends shall I pass
   To your descendants?

   Please one more time quaff beer with me
   And share with me your memory.
   I'll write it down, I'll tape record,
   I'll make up for the yawns when I was young.
   Dear Vet my Dad before you go,
   Please tale again the horrors of that war...
   Your children, grandchildren have a need to know.

   Greg M. Stott
   Sept. 1988