Who are you?
   You...who I lived with,
   slept with,
   ate with, walked with.
   You...who I feared with,
   who I comforted,
   who comforted me;
   a brother, a friend?
   More than that;
   I cannot say the words.
   There are no words to say.
   Who are you?
   You...who I cried for,
   who cried for me;
   who I cradled
   and was cradled by.
   You...who I'd never known
   who I'll never know again;
   you...who I loved,
   through the stink,
   death and toil of war.
   You, whose face blurs
   as memory falters.
   You...who lives inside me
   ...even now.

 By:  John Kent