The papers had been signed,

The end was near,

The news of this end was soon spread,

That the war was at its end.


In battle zones the horns had sounded.

Right there and then a silence became,

For all remembered the mates they lost.


When the horns sounded it was a time for all to remember what the war had brought them.


For some the war had been a time,

Of pain and injury,

Of bombs and bullets,

Of barbed wire and imprisonment,

Isolation and starvation,

Homesickness and terror.



For others the war had been a time of courage,

Success, bravery and mateship.


One thing was obvious though,

The war had taken many lives.

It had taken them in the water,

It had taken them in the trenches,

It had taken them on the battlefield

In the fight for freedom


While the battle had ended the reminders were all around,

Where the battle had taken place all life was absent,

Except for one thing


A little red flower named Poppy.

It lay where thousands were dead,

And became the symbol of those who had died.


The symbol of Anzac Spirit.


The years have passed but one thing remains,

The feeling of the soldiers as the battle ended,

The pain, sadness and depression.

The relief, excitement and gladness,

Glad that the Great War,

The war to end all wars,

That changed the whole world,

Had finally reached a point of conclusion.

Had finally reached its end.

BY: Jocelyn Bartram