Color me insensitive
With that wide brush
In broad strokes;
I can only tell you what I see,
I don't have any insight
deeper than your own.

It is easier to dismiss my observation
When you selfishly pity yourself
And refuse the complexity of emotions.

A child is such an easy thing to be,
When you have little self worth,
When you depend on the opinions
Of other to find out where you
Are right now.

Loving yourself
By ignoring other's needs
Is the coward's way to salvation;
There are greater rewards
In this realm for those
Who learn to care about others.

An adult learns from experience.
Beware, little acorn,
Because they will put you
Where they want you to be,
Not where you want to go. Remember?

You need strength, perseverance
And determination
To climb those bars standing in your way.
They are not so impenetrable
When you realize
That they were put there
With the intention of protecting you.
Thank you, mum and da.

If you realize that the obstacle
Is merely your own self-pity
You will be free again
To do and be what you intend.

Do not reject the one
Who simply shows you how it is done.
You will thank him in your heart
long after you have moved on.
I know, because I was you once.