Poetry: English vs. Mathematics

"On it! For it! To it!"
Phrases I have attributed
to one geometry teacher long forgotten
and an English teacher not so forgotten
who pointed out the verbal aberration of the other.
Nonetheless, these are important existancies.
Either you have
one of these aspects,
even now as you read this very word
or its possibility in the future
is inevitable.

But I have more important ideas for you
about nucleic realities
and the way the future is not shaped
by the present
but by how you think
about the future.

It does matter
what you were doing
ten years ago
because that is going to be
very much like what you will do
ten years in the future.
But what you do,
effects what occurs
not ten years from that point,
but ten years further.
The clothing designers follow the same pattern
so they know
what ever they have produced
right now
won't be what they did
yesterday and tomorrow.