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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Time seems to be speeding up. I hope this is a good thing, but things in my life seem to be piling up. I know the best way to get everything done is to focus on only a few things at a time. Eventually it all gets done, but stress is the biggest deterrent. I can usually tell when I'm stressed because I have a bad habit of pulling hangnails instead of clipping them which leads to minor but consistent discomfort. I think it is a subconscious way that I remind myself to slow down and take care of myself. I find this "syndrome" will only last about a week if I pay attention to the pain and take better care of my nails.

Sunday, March 24, 2002

BBC Online - Gormenghast

Gormenghast - Welcome

On Wednesday I went out to lunch and to hang out with my friend Dennis. The whole time it snowed we kept looking outside trying to tell if it was sticking or not (I don't think he wanted to have to work the rest of the week). The buffet at Tandoor in the University district was decent and there were one or two very good dishes.

After that we visited Cafe Allegro and Dennis showed me two books, one was a reprint of a book on transvestitism that was originally published in the twenties. Oddly the reprint happened in 1954 and contained a strong pro gay rights tone. The other book was a Dover collection of piano pieces written by Erik Satie. I just had to read all the "directions" he included for proper attitudes for playing his music. Dennis suggested that they constituted a surrealist poem if they were read successively, which I had to demonstrate for myself. You must forgive me for not reproducing the absurdities as I believe I cannot do them justice from paraphrasing.

We ended up going downtown and visiting several stores in the Westlake Mall, ogling pens at Monte Blanc, clothes at Hot Topics and books at Brentanos. All in all, it was a pleasant visit.

Jason had invited me over a week ago to visit him and his partner Greg at their home in South Park. Jason picked me up early this afternoon and we drove to Queen Anne to pick up a book he'd ordered and get some supplies for supper. We talked about the idea for an Alphaville fan web page he's been dreaming up, then watched the four-part made-for-television movie BBC did several years ago of Mervyn Peake's gothic moderne trilogy Gormenghast.

It was entirely fabulous and only wished I'd been able to catch more of it when it had been broadcast here on PBS. The casting included Christopher Lee and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the costuming and sets were incredible and the screen play managed to bring this fantastic tragic-comedic story of a dynastic kingdom in decline succumbing to treachery and disregard. A must see, if you haven't yet.

Friday, March 22, 2002

It snowed on Wednesday, the first day of spring. I've been feeling progressively better and the head cold thing now feels more like a mild allergy. Still no job prospects although that has been my weekly activity for the past three months. Luckily I've been surviving very well. I've been fairly social and although I've not bothered to post the specifics here, I have to admit the thought of meeting new friends and visiting with old ones keeps me going week to week. So, if you haven't heard from me personally recently, please drop me a line, drop something in the post or just e-mail. I love that.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

So, I've decided that this year is the year of READING. In other words, I'm going to attempt to complete as many books as possible. Already I've been able to read four books from cover to cover, no small feat for me considering that I usually take a year to get half-way through a single book and often drop several books over the course of a year. I don't think I've finished reading any specific book over the past five years.

So here's my list so far:
1. Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson, seminal Cyberpunk novel
2. Peter Pan by James Barrie, seminal children's novel of the twenties
3. Hyperion by Dan Simmons, science fiction
4. Wormwood by David Levien, fictional indictment of Hollywood and absinthe addiction

I have a couple that I am in the middle of but I won't include until I've finished them. Purple tries to read around a hundred books or so a year, and although I don't think I'll be able to keep up with him at this pace, I am happy with what I've accomplished.
Purple has been lending me music CDs of Tori Amos. I've taken a fancy to her because of a cover of one of her songs by Cabaret Voltaire that I like very much. The song is "caught a light sneeze" from her Boys for Pele album. It has a chorus where she sings, "Boys on the left side, boys on the right side, boys in the middle and you're not here, boys in their dresses and you're not here..." I always think of The Sound of Music "My Favorite Things" with that line about the dresses, which I think was the intention of the lyric. I've also come across an instrumental version that is particularly sweet. Can't think of the string quartet that recorded it, but if I come across it, I'll post that eventually...
I've been trying to avoid wasting time on my computer. Having to look for work in this economic climate is bad enough without my wasting valuable time on an activity that won't pay for itself. At least it hasn't yet. I find myself playing the online games at MSN, especially Bejeweled. I also recently downloaded RealArcade, a new application from RealAudio which manages and sells downloadable "online" games. Basically these are video games without the packaging. Macromedia has a similar application that saves shockwave games on your computer.

When that isn't enough I play my single player version of Vampire:The Redemption, a 3-D role-playing type adventure game. Very cool. I've reached a part of the game where I can't advance very quickly. All my vampires are no match for the "boss" monster at the end of the level. I found earlier in the game that it took a bit of luck with some resources planning. I will conquer it eventually.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

I'm still suffering from the head cold that has kept me down for the past two weeks. The sad thing is I've probably not been my best buddy in regards to staying in and getting better. My diet over the past week has gotten worse, although the previous two weeks I was eating almost too well. The weather has been bitterly cold, which doesn't help either. All in all, the symptoms have been more of an annoyance than anything serious. I've just been given too many false indications that the cold was over, only to have it return in full force or wake up in the middle of the night with a hard cough. I've avoided drugs like antihistamines, but I'm almost convinced that may be the only way to knock this cold dead. *sigh*

Thursday, March 14, 2002

what's your queer as folk personality?

find your queer
as folk personality

I was browsing the QAF message boards on Showtime's web site and came across a link to this site. I didn't think it was such a stretch to figure out who I'd be, although I identified with Brian more during the first season. The second season hasn't been too original but it has been a little more daring. I'm beginning to think that there are no limits to the sexual positions they are going to display next. And I was responsible for picking the pictures for "A Happier Sex Life" at the Museum of Weird Books. Go figure!

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

RLStevenson pose

Panic Room

Yesterday was a busy Monday. It started by my helping a friend do an upgrade for his laptop. Then I met my friend Ronnie to get his approval on flyers I've designed for him. Then Carolyn came by with a pass to see Jodi Foster's new movie. I ate a small dinner and took myself to see the movie, which was entertaining (a bit viseral in the chopped off appendages department). I was chatting online, first on PNO then alone with my friend Tweek. Then my friend Jason called asking if I'd join him for a midnight breakfast. I figured I could stay up a few more hours, so I visited with him at the Thirteen Coins. Although the service is usually always excellent, I find the atmosphere and the food has faltered over the years, especially considering the prices they charge. All in all, my visit with Jason was enjoyable and the ice cream, although I didn't order it was very tasty. Next time I think I will order soup and salad.

Today my phone "land" line was hooked up. Qwest is very difficult to work with. I placed the order last Tuesday and was told the line would be working Thursday. Thursday there was no phone. Friday I spent all day trying to figure out why there was no dial tone. I was eventually told that I couldn't expect service until Monday. Monday there was no dial tone. I called today and requested a visit from a repairman as well as requesting a maintenance package that they'd not offered me at first (in the past it was always packaged automatically with general phone service and you often had to request it taken off). About an hour later, my phone rings and I pick up the handset to discover a dial tone. Yeah! And as I am calling Qwest to tell them to cancel the repairman, they call me on my cel phone! Well, hell...they could have just called me on the land line.

Anyway, this just reminds me that I need to update my resume with the new phone number. And I will eventually need to locate my old 56K modem, if I still have it, and sign up for dial-up service. Less convenient, I know, but necessary with the finances and all. Looks like I am busy for the rest of the day.

Sunday, March 10, 2002

Dreams of other places

Okay, there seems to be a problem with Blogger.com this weekend, because they did an upgrade, which is preventing Jason for signing on as my guest. But as I had hoped, he took the opportunity to start his own blogs!
Last night I threw caution to the wind. Purple invited me to accompany him to a party in a space above Graceland, a local tavern and music venue sitting on the edge of the freeway. I really didn't know what to expect but since I'd been out earlier with another friend for a bite to eat I felt comfortable inserting myself into a room full of strangers. In fact, I went to the trouble of taking the remaining hair I had left over from my braids and turning them into plugs for two loose ponytails. This didn't work exactly how I expected and I decided to leave it as a single long ponytail down the back. I found I could turn it into a prop by pulling it over my shoulder.

Anyway, I wore my silver pants, courderoy jacket over that and my black leather top hat (thank you, Trent). Purple is in a lime green and purple phase so he was dressed in a green satin shirt, matching lime green jeans, also matching green and purple Adidas (I haven't seen colors like that in sports shoes in some time). He's been wearing his purple velveteen frock coat this season with a furry purple "cossack" hat with a gold "flower" brooch, making him look like a character from the Wizard of Oz books.

Outside of the building we had to get the attention of the inhabitants and indeed there was a young man with a knapsack who joined us by pulling out a large cow horn and blowing on it. I knew this would not be a boring or average party. Eventually someone entered the building and allowed us all the trudge up the steep staircase. Mark introduced me around to his friends Van, Andrew, et al. There was talk of everything happening for the evening in the "Egg" room, but Andrew invited us into a room where he was doing some construction for what he referred to as the "Trojan" room. We were then lead down long narrow and dusty hallways to the end of the building into this very uniquely shaped room. Indeed it was shaped exactly like the inside of an egg, walls covered in lathe and plaster and all painted white. Around the center of the room were several couches and arm chairs, one end of the room being set up with a small platform and what seemed to be storage for sound equipment and instruments. A large heavy coffee table was the centerpiece of the room being covered with black candles and a large floral arrangement of blood orchids and roses.

The party was in honor of Van's birthday. And he was wearing clothing that Purple had apparently given him earlier in the day, a blousy shirt in blue with a delicate floral pattern and velvet pants in velvet. Being quite handsome himself, Van struck a stunning figure in these clothes looking like he'd just stepped off an album cover of the Mamas and the Papas or some other sixties band. The Man with the cow horn opened a bottle of champange and passed around this and other libations. Conversation was lively and yet there was a pleasent air of friendliness and comaradarie.

Guest began arriving and more gifts were offered the birthday boy. One guest,named Roman, brought several prints that he'd created utilizing pen and ink, computers and high end printers. Printed on shiny paper, they were very well executed and I was quite inspired by them. He stated the designs would eventually be embroidered onto t-shirts.

Purple began telling his story about the Queen of the Blackberries and even sang the song she taught him. Soon after that someone with a laptop and some video equipment started projecting visuals behind the stage area. Then Van and company got up on stage and began to jam. A man named Aaron with long dreads sat down next to me and introduced himself. One of the musicians started doing an impromptue ode. Later the musicians got the music going and drowned out the noise from Graceland below. It was a blast.

Purple took my picture...

Saturday, March 09, 2002

I'm trying something I haven't done before. I am inviting a friend who likes to send me interesting links on a regular basis to post them directly to my blog. So you will see his name posted to any entries he manages to post. Otherwise things remain the same. Email me if you have any questions about this.


Friday, March 08, 2002

chrisopher blue

chrisopher blue

My friend Max turned me onto this guy...hint: listen to his music.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

I almost can't believe it. I'm at home on a Thursday, alone. I'm not complaining really. It's just that I can't remember the last time I stayed home on a Thursday. This is really just emotional fall out from Monday when I went out drinking with two friends. Not that anything terrible happened, no, we had a fine and fun evening. But I'm just emotionally exhausted and just a little disappointed that today was so cold (it tried to snow but barely made the attempt) and I somehow missed a phone call this afternoon because the cel phone has been turning itself off at inopportune moments, like when I went to reach for the phone. I signed up for a land line but for some reason it isn't connected yet. They said Thursday, I've been telling everyone Friday because I know how these things go.

Anyway, I'm going to post a new section soon: guest poets. Yup, this is the first thing that I'm posting of someone else's. Don't want to give away the secret too early, but there is a story behind it all. Anyway, I'm staying home not doing anything tonight although there were several things I could have done tonight. I'm just not in the mood. So there!