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Ultralights Are The Coolest thing Ever

Welcome to my page dedicated to Ultralights. A little bit about myself and status. I am Currently building a Ragwing Sport Parasole (RW6). So far I have building it for about 2 years. I have about 150 or so of the 300hrs. needed. (so I have a ways to go).

And the Kawasaki 340 I'll be putting on it.

And this is the fuselage with the tail feathers (only verticle and horizontal stabalizers shown) clampted to it.

And this is my tail feathers clampted together sitting in my garage.

This is a wood and fabric Ultralight, it looks more like a plane you would have seen in the 20's and early 30's. It has a cruise speed in the mid 60's. (though with my light weight it will probally a little more. It will weight aprox. 242 lbs.

And Here's a fellow Ragwinger's completed RW4 Church Mid-wing replica.

This RagWing WebRing site is owned by Jeff Erekson.

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Ultralight Flight! Home
Ultralight Flight! Home

This Ultralight Flight! site owned by Jeff Erekson.

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I also just bought a Lazair Series 2 Ultralight. Very good, and safe machine.This one is mine

These are 3 other pictures.

Runs off of 2 Rotax 185cc. Engines. They put out about 9.5 hp. each. With it's 36ft. wing span it's a very good powered glider, and can soar unde the cummulus for hours, and catch some great thermals.

Also two engines eliminate the biggest ultralight problem of all.....engine falure. This seems to kill the most (in my opinion). But here, you have a VERY slim chance of both engines quitting. (unless you run out of gas)

Ultralights used to have a bad reputation, but they are comming back. Main reason was because of lack of flight experience and design in the 80's.

All of my pics. are taken from other sites, just to get the best....(but I will have links to those sites)

This is the well Know Weed Hopper

The Weed Hopper, used to be the Weed Hopper of Utah, used a smaller engine, and was not considered the best only because of the engine.

Then after an engine change, it was very popular, and still is. It is unusual in the fact that it is a 2 axis ultralight. Meaning it doesn't have alerons. This makes it very easy to fly.

Quick Silver Landing

Quick Silvers were the first to come. This is a later version of what they came to be. They used to be a swinging harness with a 15hp. go-cart engine straped behind you!

Here's another QuickSilver moving along.

Here is one of the early Ultralights. It's the Condor, and uses a small Cuyana 430cc. engine, about 30hp.

Here's the Ragwing Special Biplane, an Ultralight version of the Pitts. Made also by Ragwing Aviation

Here's an ultalights pilots first flight (I think it's his solo).

Here are some good sites that I would recomend. Lots of info on Lazair Ultralights, and 'mabey' other aircraft. I would REALLY like it though if people would give me links to their own sites to be added here, or find some good one for aircraft. Especially those on Ultralights.
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