14 And Under 60's sleaze fest purporting to be an expose of the sexual corruption of teenagers by adults. This a definite winner in my book. English dubbed. 75 min.
1941 One of the best American Comedies ever made. This is the 146 minute version off the laserdisc. LBX 1979 146 min.
A Better Tomorrow Ths film that started it all. John Woo, Chow Yun Fat and double fisted, cap peelin', bullet riddled bad ass action. One of the greatest love stories ever told. Off the Laserdisc. Cantonese with English subs. LBX 95 min.
Aliens The Criterion laser disc verson with 20 min. of extra footage. 154 min.
Army of God: The Prophecy Workprint version with differect titles and opening of the Christopher Walken heaven/hell thriller. LBX 98 min.
Bad Girls Dormitory American made cheesey as hell WIP film but still entertaining as they always are. 94 min.
Bamboo House of Dolls Chinese WIP from producer Run Run Shaw. Good and sleazy with one of the best opening credits scenes I've ever seen. LBX with English dubs. 1974 85 min.
Bare Behind Bars This film is the epitomy of the Women In Prison genre, pure sleaze. BBB goes onto my short list of must see, must have movies. English dubbed with German(?) subs. 90 min.
Big Doll House American WIP film starring Pam Grier. One of America's best. 1971 93 min.
Big Lebowski Workprint with time code. LBX 1997 97 115 min.
Blade Runner Directors cut LBX 117 min.
Boogie Nights Screener. 1997 150 min.
Bullet In The Head John Woo's take off of The Deer Hunter. Lots of good HK style action. Cantonese with English Subs. 136 min.
Caged Heat 2: Stripped of Freedom 1994 Philipine production WIP film. One of my personal favorites. Amanda goes undercover on the dreaded Rock to rescue King Lim's daughter from guard rape and lesbian prisoners. English language. 72 min.
Caligula The long assed, uncensored and hardcore version. Those Romans new how to party. 148 min.
Cannibal Holocaust Considered one of the greatest gorefests around. A doc. film crew meets a just end at the hands of jungle savages. From the Jap laserdisc. 99 min.
Chained Heat Another excursion into the wonderful world of Women in Prison. This one stars Linda Blair as the naive new fish and Sybil Danning as the tough leader con. 1983 96 min.
Charlie's Family Workprint video transfer of Jim VanBebber's new film. 1997 70 min.
City On Fire Directed by Ringo Lam and starring Chow Yun Fat this is a masterpiece of Hong Kong action. See where Tarantino borrowed the idea for Reservoir Dogs from. Cantonese with English Subs. 105 min.
Corrupt Italian made cop thriller starring Harvey Kietel and Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols). 1983 99 min.
Dazed And Confused Workprint with many, many different scenes. A must have for anyone into this already brilliant film. "That's what I love about these high school girls, I get older... they stay the same age." Word! LBX 110 min.
Deported Women of the SS Special Section Italian made sleazy WIP film. This has been added to the short list of must see WIP's. English dubbed. 90 min.
Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness Part 3 of Raimi's unholy trilogy. This workprint version has 19 min. of extra footage. 104 min.
Fantastic Four Unreleased film produced by Roger Corman. 1995 90 min.
Freebird: The (Lynyrd Skynyrd) Movie Retrospective of Ronnie Van Zant and the other Skynyrd members killed in the 1977 air crash. Current interviews with surviving Skynyrd members and lots of live footage of Skynyrd fucking shit up in their glory years. 103 min.
Forbidden Zone One of the strangest and most surreal films I've ever seen. Completely twisted and starring Tattoo from Fantasy Island to boot. B&W 1980 73 min.
Good Will Hunting Screener. 1997 LBX 126 min.
Hard Core Logo The Canadian punk rock Spinal Tap. One of the funniest films to be released in the last couple years. 92 min.
Heartbreak Beat Low budget, great production from Seattle area first time filmmaker and local punk rock star Matt:07. Starring many well known Seattle PR musicians, scenesters and bands. John Hughesish love story for modern kids, love fucking sucks. B&W LBX 1997 83 min.
Heavenly Creatures Workprint of this incredible Peter Jackson film that includes more lesbian action than actual release. Kate Winslets first feature. Quality is poor. LBX 104 min.
Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Shieks Great exploitation sleaze that has Ilsa brutalizing young girls for her towel-headed masters. Another Jap laserdisc copy, see below. 1976 85 min.
Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS Exploitation classic with Ilsa as the Sadistic kommondant of a nazi prison camp. This is a great film but this version is from the Jap laserdisc and all the genitals are blurred which is FUCKED! English language with Japanese Subs. 1976 96 min.
Kung Fu Rascals Low budget, but excellent effects and production, campy Kung Fu comedy from American special effects artist Steve Wang. This is hilarious. LBX 110 min.
Leon: Version Integrale' The uncut version with 26 more minutes of Luc Besson's The Professional. This version is so much better and looks amazing in Letterbox. 1995 LBX 130 min.
Mr. Nice Guy The new Jackie Chan film. This has a March '98 US release date. Cantonese (?) with English subs. 1997 LBX 94 min.
The Mysterious Monsters aka Mystery of Bigfoot This is the most incredible Docu-Drama ever made. Touches on various creatures but spends most of its time with the king of kings Bigfoot. I first saw this film in elementary school and it still scares the hell out of me. Pure camp acting by narrator Peter Graves who truly sets the tone for this celluoid masterpiece. Especially touching as Graves asks a psycic detective to psychomatrize the Bigfoot phenomina. You can not go wrong with this one. 120 min.
Nekromantic 2 Part 2 of Jorg Buttgereit's classic necrophile series. "Nekromantic 2 is a horrific journey through one woman's sexual desires as she is torn between two lovers. One too dead and one too alive. German language with English Subs. 100 min.
Prison Heat American's in a Turkish Prison WIP film. All the standards are included. 1997 90 min.
Pulp Fiction LBX edition with narrration by Tarantino and extra footage. 164 min.
Red Film Threat's Chris Gore puts the classic Tube Bar prank phone call tape to film starring ultimate badass Lawrence Tierney. 35 min.
Replacement Killers Workprint, missing some music and sound effects. LBX 1997 100 min.
Return of the Street Fighter More Sonny Chiba ass kicking fun. 88 min.
Scream Unrated version from the Laserdisc. LBX 1996 111 min.
Spinal Tap 4 1/2 hour workprint! My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo, gonna sink her with my pink torpedo. 4hrs 30 min.
The Street Fighter Sonny Chiba's ass kick classic. This is a weird Canal Street bootleg of the English dub CBS home video version that cuts to Japanese LBX for all the action scenes. Poor Quality but Sonny is the real deal. 87 min.
Terminator 2 the Criterion laser disc version with 20 min. of extra footage. 165 min.
Thundercrack This is the 120 min. version. I'm still looking for the 158 min. version. 1975 120 min.
Titanic Academy Members Special Widescreen Edition. Hail Kate Winslet.Update 3/11/98. Just got a much better, low generation copy. 1997 LBX 194 min.
Triads: The Inside Story HK ass kicker starring Chow Yun Fat. Straight off the Laserdisc. Cantonese with English subs. LBX 1989 95 min.
Wag The Dog Screener. LBX 1997 100 min.
Womens Penitentiary 4 aka Violenza In Un Carcere Femminile, Emmanuelle in Hell and about 10 other titles. 1982 Italian made Women In Prison sex romp with all the lesbian action, guard beatings and prisoner rapes you've come to expect from the WIP genre. Which is one of my favorites by the way. This baby is a classic. English dubbed. 100 min.
Zombie: Dawn of the Dead The George Romero classic, this is the Spanish version. English language with Spanish subs. 125 min.
Zombie 2: The Dead are Among Us Italy's Lucio Fulci takes on the living dead with this classic piece of Mayhem. English language. 91 min.